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Arquivos PODCAST — Brazilian Wave

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Arquivos PODCAST — Brazilian Wave
Welcome to The Viall Files, the podcast that talks about relationships.Nick has a lot of dating experience (on TV as The Bachelor and off), so he likes to think he knows what he's talking about.On Mondays, listeners call in for a live version of the popular Instagram series "Questions with Nick." On Wednesdays, Nick sits down with an inspiring guest who challenges the way he looks at the world. We hope you subscribe and join The Viall Files Family.Today we are joined by media presenter and Tik Toker, Tefi Pessoa.You’ll know her from her You Tube talk show Tefi, or from her Tik Tok content @hellotefi.Hello and welcome to our Portuguese Basic Tips (in English) called Portuguese past compound subjunctive tense On today’s podcast, we’re going to speak about Portuguese past compound subjunctive tense. Portuguese past subjunctive tense Hello there and welcome to our Portuguese Basci Tips number 49 called Portuguese past subjunctive tense.Listen to the first episode of this series called Portuguese present subjunctive tense Listen to...Hello and welcome to our Portuguese Basic Tips in which we called about informal ways of using the verb dar (to give) in Brazilian Portuguese On today’s podcast we’re going to speak about Brazilian...

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