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Disclaimer Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

Disclaimer noun a denial or disavowal of legal claim relinquishment of or formal refusal to accept an interest or estate. a writing that embodies a legal disclaimer.

The denial, refusal, or rejection of a right, power, or responsibility. A disclaimer is a defensive measure, used generally with the purpose of protection from unwanted claims or liability. A restaurant may disclaim responsibility for loss or damage to a customer's Personal Property, or a disclaimer clause in a contract might set forth certain promises and deny all other promises or responsibilities. A disclaimer of Warranty, which is provided for in the Uniform Commercial Code, limits a warranty in the sale of goods. 1) denial or renunciation by someone of his/her title to property. 2) denial of responsibility for another's claim, such as an insurance company's refusal to admit coverage under an insurance policy. ENGLISH Notice: This message contains information which is confidential and protected by copyright or which may contain any other intellectual property rights.

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