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Court orders to seizure of domains, bank accounts, more for DVD ripping software company DVDFab

Court orders to seizure of domains, bank accounts, more for DVD ripping software company DVDFabDVDFab, the once popular DVDripping software company, will be completely wiped off the mapby a new court ruling.

New York federal court Judge Vernon Broderick ruled in favor of the AACS-LA, a group that includes behemoths Disney, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, Warner Bros., IBM, Toshiba and Sony. AACS is the DRM used on DVDs and Blu-ray media, an encryption that has been cracked since 2006.

DVDFab, one of the more popular DVD ripping software, was sued by the AACS-LA, with accusations that it violates the DMCA's anti-circumvention clauses in relation to DVD encryption. "The DVDFab Group openly touts these illegal circumvention attributes of the DVDFab Software on the DVDFab Websites, advertising that, among other things, its software products 'remove all Blu-ray copy protections,' and 'can remove ... all known AACS copy protections'," AACS wrote in the initial complaint.

The company, which is based in China, never responded to the AACS-LA's preliminary injunction filing, so Judge Broderick was quick to grant their request. The injunction states that the domains for DVDFab.com, DVDFab.net, DVDidle.com, 3d-videoconverters.com, 3dBluRay-ripper.com, Blu-Ray-ripper.us, Blu-Ray-Software.us, BluRayripper.jp, BluRaysbs3d.com, BluRaysoft.jp, CopyBiuRay.us, DVDFab.jp, DVDFab9.com and DVDvideosoft.jp must all be shutdown and seized.

All of DVDFab's hosting providers have also stopped servicing the company, and all of DVDFab's social media pages have to be shut down. Perhaps worst for the company, several banks and payment providers have to freeze and stop processing the company's funds and accounts. This includes Paypal, Amazon, Visa, Mastercard and more.

The Chinese company does not seem to be giving up, however, with a spokesperson writing, "Existing bookmarks for either site may not work from some locations, so temporary sites for both are being prepared and will be online shortly."


Источник: https://www.afterdawn.com/news/article.cfm/2014/03/15/court_orders_to_seizure_of_domains_bank_accounts_more_for_dvd_ripping_software_company_dvdfab

DVDFab issues statement regarding their free decryption programs

  • 15th Apr 2014 23:39#1

    Kerry56 is offline

    For those who might be interested, one of the reps for DVDFab wrote a post over at MyCE, which is supposed to clarify their position regarding the free sections of DVDFab and DVDFab Passkey.

    This is not particularly good news, especially in regard to BD+ protections.

  • 15th Apr 2014 23:58#2

    MindController is offline
    Member MindController's Avatar

    So it comes down to $$$. Does this surprise anyone?

  • 16th Apr 2014 00:03#3

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    Last edited by jagabo; 16th Apr 2014 at 00:16.

  • 16th Apr 2014 09:09#4

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  • 16th Apr 2014 09:33#5

    jman98 is offline
    Originally Posted by MindControllerView Post

    No. It comes down to $$

    I think you're both right, but people can debate which factor is more important. I suspect that the legal issues simply pushed them faster in a direction that they were heading in anyway. It seems pretty obvious to me as an outside observer that DVDFab was moving to a model where people weren't going to be able to keep leeching off them for free even before this legal challenge happened.
  • 16th Apr 2014 09:39#6

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    I like how you put it, Kerry: "supposed to clarify".

    You also put your finger on the reason for most of the updates: BD+.
    I'll repeat what I've stated before. If you use DVDFabPasskey and extract main movie with, say, Clown_BD, you can go a very long time before needing an update (done it).
  • 16th Apr 2014 18:43#7

    Noahtuck is offline
    So which of the guys that posted in that thread, none of whom seem to be to sure of anything specific, is supposed to be a
    one of the reps for DVDFabwrote a post over at MyCE
  • 16th Apr 2014 19:14#8

    Kerry56 is offline

    ^That would be signals. If you look at this page: http://club.myce.com/f62/ you'll see that signals has limited mod powers over the DVDFab forum at MyCE. And this thread is one of the "stickied" threads, which only the mods can do.

  • 16th Apr 2014 21:28#9

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  • 16th Apr 2014 22:01#10

    Noahtuck is offline
    Okay, he may be a mod, limited powers at that, over at DVDFab forum but I don't know that it makes him a "rep" of the company as he even posted he was not sure about some stuff.

    Just because someone is a mod here does not make them a "rep" of Videohelp, or a mod over at the Xbox360 forums does not make them a "rep" of M$ or Xbox 360
  • 16th Apr 2014 23:22#11

    Kerry56 is offline

    I am an administrator at MyCE and I have a bit more insight into who is and isn't capable of speaking for DVDFab at MyCE.

  • 16th Apr 2014 23:27#12

    johns0 is offline
    I'm a Super Moderatorjohns0's Avatar

    There will always be free/pay software to decrypt the latest movies,dvdfab can slide into the ocean and it will not make a bit of difference.

    I think,therefore i am a hamster.

  • 16th Apr 2014 23:54#13

    Noahtuck is offline
    Originally Posted by Kerry56View Post

    I am an administrator at MyCE and I have a bit more insight into who is and isn't capable of speaking for DVDFab at MyCE.

    Well goody tooshoo for you!!!
    You just proved my point!!
  • 17th Apr 2014 00:55#14

    Kerry56 is offline
    You just proved my point!!
    What point is that? The only obvious one is on your particularly small cranium.

    Signals is one of only two members at MyCE who issues statements on behalf of DVDFab. The other is fengtao, who you should be familiar with if you know anything at all about DVDFab.
  • Источник: https://forum.videohelp.com/


    Companies Withdraw Blu-ray Rippers Following DVDFab Lawsuit

    By Andy
    on March 14, 2014
    C: 156


    Following legal action against the company behind the DVDFab ripping software, two other companies - one of which is already designated a 'rogue site' by the USTR - have announced their immediate withdrawal from the Blu-ray ripping software market. DVDFab, meanwhile, remains defiant.

    dvdfabsmallAs reported earlier this week, a New York federal court has granted the seizure of domain names, bank funds and social media accounts belonging to ripping software outfit DVDFab.

    The decision follows legal action taken by AACS, the decryption licensing group founded by movie and technology partners including Warner Bros, Disney, Microsoft and Intel. The companies say that the Chinese company behind DVDFab violates the DMCA’s anti-circumvention clause by selling tools that can bypass their DVD encryption.

    The orders of Judge Broderick, handed down after a DVDFab no-show, will see the company lose several domains, its social media accounts, bank account funds and payment processing options. Now, several days later, the effects of the ruling are being felt by other companies offering similar products.

    First up Aiseesoft, another Chinese-based company behind a suite of video and ripping tools. The company was singled out in February’s USTR “rogue site” report for offering products that “allow users to circumvent technical protection measures and view video content in an unauthorized manner.”

    Despite DVDFab never appearing on the “rogue” list, that company was targeted first, something that has clearly unsettled Aiseesoft. As reported by a Myce user, this week following the DVDFab ruling the company began sending out emails to its users, announcing its exit from the ripping market.

    “Here I would like to represent our Company, Aiseesoft to inform all of you that as Aiseesoft settles a new product development plan, in which Aiseesoft will no longer sell software that rip or copy Blu-ray/DVD Videos,” the broken English email begins.

    “According to that, we will remove some products that are relevant to Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow (20140314), which means you and your visitors will lose the access to any products that involved. It is a hard decision for us to make. But we have to focus attention on products that are promising.”

    As can be seen from the Aiseesoft website, all DVD and Blu-ray ripping software has now been removed. While the company will no doubt be seeking its deletion from the USTR’s notorious markets list next time round, others not on the list are also seeing the writing on the wall.

    Canada-based LG Software Innovations has also announced that it will discontinue its 1CLICK BLURAY COPY software.

    Citing issues with the Cinavia Blu-ray protection mechanism, the lawsuit against DVDFab, and the apparent inability of companies outside the US to escape the jurisdiction of US courts, the company said that its forthcoming Blu-ray product will be shut down.

    “Unfortunately, in light of recent events, we will not be releasing a final Blu-ray copy product for sale,” the company said.

    “It was once thought that companies that were situated outside the U.S. could operate with impunity; this no longer appears to be the case. We do not wish to take any risks that could jeopardize our ability to continue to provide support and updates to our loyal 1CLICK users.”

    But just as others exit the market, DVDFab says it is making every effort to undermine the actions taken against it, with new domains, a new support site, prize giveaways, product discounts and even protest graphics.


    “In order to protect the interests of our existing customers, we have already recovered all the normal businesses to Welcome to the official website of DVDFab. At the same time, we promise to reverse the situation through every possible effort,” the company said on its new support site, ILikeDVDFab.com.

    “DVDFab Team as a whole, will stick to the same mission in the years to come, to better your entertainment life. We shall not perish from this earth!”

    In the meantime Slysoft, the business behind the famous AnyDVD software, remains on the USTR’s rogue list. The company, reportedly based in Antigua and Barbuda, has shown no public reaction to the DVDFab decision and continues to offer its products as normal.

    Источник: https://www.avforums.com/threads/dvdfab.1865027/

    Popcorn Time, a new streaming BitTorrent site, takes on Netflix

    Popcorn Time - a new BitTorrent-powered app available on Windows, Mac, and Linux – uses the same technology that has made sites like The Pirate Bay and Kick Ass torrents so popular. To successfully download a torrent file, a user must connect with others users known as seeds and leechers and pay attention to their upload ratio, all while hoping that they have not downloaded a corrupt file or been tracked by copyright enforcers.

    Aware of this complexity but hoping to keep BitTorrent alive, a developer known only as Sebastian told TorrentFreak’s Ernesto that he set out to take Netflix’s streaming technology and adapt it to the black market movie audience.

    Popcorn Time essentially does the work that a movie pirate already does for them. They select a movie to download and, instead of checking when the download is complete or playing a video back through an app like uTorrent, Popcorn Time simply opens its own media player while seeding the file in the background.

    The technology behind the app is very simple,” Sebastian told the website from his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. “We consume a group of APIs, one for the torrents, another for the movie info, and another for the poster. We also have an API for the subtitles. Everything is automated, we don’t host anything, but take existing information and put it together.”

    The developers have cautioned that Popcorn Time is still in beta mode, causing some video playback to appear blotchy and audio to sometimes play out of sync. That disappointment may be tapered by the sheer size of Popcorn Time’s library, which includes films like “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Gravity,” and a number of others that have yet to reach sites like Netflix or Hulu.

    Alex Tretbar, a writer for DigitalTrends.com, downloaded the software and admitted that while it is clearly in beta mode, Popcorn Time was a pleasant surprise.

    As a quick quality test, we downloaded the software and booted up the recently-released ‘Thor: The Dark World.’ Surprisingly, within 10 minutes of dialing in the Popcorn Time URL and downloading the needed software, we already had a 1080p copy of the film running beautifully (considering the quickness with which the program operates), with much of the film on the way to being entirely buffered. The movie had an impressive array of eight available subtitle language options,” he wrote.

    The interface is extremely straightforward, with a Netflix instant queue-style quilt of film cover art popping up upon startup. The only other visual aspect is along the left-hand side – a fairly comprehensive genre list with categories ranging from Animation and Biography to Film-Noir and Fantasy, and a search field.”

    The problem is that sharing copyrighted content is illegal. While all users may not be aware, a stipulation on Popcorn Time’s FAQ does indicate that a customer is in fact uploading a movie at the same time they are watching it. Hollywood executives, copyright enforcers, and law enforcement officials have spent well over a decade in pursuit of violators, and uploading content is widely considered to be one of the riskiest online behaviors a person can engage in.

    Sebastian told TorrentFreak the software developers are not concerned.

    We don’t expect legal issues. We don’t host anything, and none of the developers makes any money,” he said. “There are no ads, no premium accounts, and no subscription fees or anything like that. It’s an experiment to learn and share.”

    If Popcorn Time will ever catch on with the public remains to be seen, but the startup must already consider its stiff competition. Last year Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told reporters that piracy has dropped by 50 percent in Canada since the service was made available there.

    Netflix is so much easier that torrenting,” he said, as quoted by TorrentFreak. “You don’t have to deal with files, you don’t have to download them and move them around. You just click and watch.”

    If the case of DVDFab is any indication, Netflix’s dominance may be Popcorn Time’s smallest concern. The service specializes in removing copyright protection from DVDs and helping users rip them to their computer, where the contents of the disc may go online or to another DVD. Yet a New York federal court has ruled that the company must turnover several of its domain names, bank funds, and social media accounts to the government.

    AACS, a group founded by Warner Bros, Disney, Microsoft, and other entertainment players, convinced a judge to grant a broad injunction that may also apply in court proceedings against a torrent streaming service like Popcorn Time.

    The DVDFab Group openly touts these illegal circumvention attributes of the DVDFab Software on the DVDFab websites, advertising that, among other things, its software products ‘remove all Blu-ray copy protections,’ and ‘can remove…all known AACS copy protections,’” AACS wrote, as quoted by Torrent Freak.

    Follow RT onRT
    Источник: https://www.rt.com/usa/popcorn-time-streaming-bittorrent-netflix-234/
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    Image: Wikimedia Commons

    Hell hath no fury like a scorned movie industry. On March 4th, Judge Vernon Broderick, US District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York, ordered the seizure of DVD-ripping software company DVDFab's domains and funds. DVDFab, based in China, chose not to respond to the lawsuit filed by AACS (Advanced Access Content System, a digital rights consortium that includes Warner Brothers, Intel, Disney, and others) which factored into Broderick's decision.

    As explained by Torrent Freak, Chinese-based DVDFab sells its Digital Millennium Copyright Act-circumventing software through various domains and affiliates. By purchasing these tools, users can crack many of Hollywood's digital rights management (DRM) protections, from AACS's to Blu-Ray's copyright encryption, which is illegal under US law. To stop DVDFab's software sales, AACS sued the company in the Southern District of New York court, then filed a motion for preliminary junction against the company to stop sales immediately. Adding to its legal woes, DVDFab failed to appear in court for the hearing on the preliminary injunction.

    Judge Broderick's court order was far from a routine preliminary injunction. DVDFab is ordered to hand over dozens of domains, merchandise, electronic files, computer files, business records, assets, operations, and various other possessions. Broderick then ordered the company to cease using all domains related to DVDFab.

    DVDFab is also ordered to stop using social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, while domain name registries are required to disable DVDFab domains. Any third parties promoting or selling DVDFab products are also bound by the court order. Also, any payment systems, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, etc., are prevented from providing services to DVDFab. With one stroke of the pen, Judge Broderick exercised SOPA-like powers, virtually eliminating DVDFab's web presence before the legal process could fully play out.

    This why SOPA was such a concern back in 2011, and why activists still fight its resurrection. Granted, in this case, it's fairly clear that a Chinese company willfully broke US law, then failed to defend itself in court. They were practically begging for a lawsuit, not to mention an injunction against selling their software. Even so, such a blanket erasure from the web is extremely rare, if unprecedented. It demonstrates the power of the copyright lobby, which makes no distinctions between the various ways DRM-decrypting software is used. It's all the same to the movie industry.

    Not all DVD ripping is carried out to profit from privacy. Just as with CD ripping, some people simply want the ability to make a copy—whether physical or digital—of the product they own. One of its products, DVDFab SE, allows users to "copy, backup, burn, or clone any DVD the way you want." Say what you will, but copying DVDs to a computer hard drive is much more convenient than lugging a movie collection around in a backpack.

    f some individuals or groups use DVDFab to rip DVDs and sell them for profit, then it would seem domestic and international law enforcement should focus on those pirates instead of a software company, especially one that will be replaced soon enough in true whack-a-mole fashion.

    More worringly, the ruling shows how the defense of copyright now can mean complete erasure from the web. Judge Broderick and, indeed, Hollywood may believe they're doing the right thing. And, of course, there must be respect for Hollywood's desire to protect its copyrighted material against illegal profiteering.

    But the future repercussions of this type of legal force could prove problematic. For new companies, such an injunction would likely be a death sentence, stifling innovation in the process. While DVDFab's no-show in court isn't defensible, it's not a stretch to think the same strategy will be used again.

    Read Judge Broderick's full court order here. 

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