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: Actual multiple monitors ignore deactivation - Crack Key For U

Actual multiple monitors ignore deactivation - Crack Key For U
actual multiple monitors ignore deactivation  - Crack Key For U

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Can organizations within the same ownership structure use the same key to deploy a product.

License compliance and Asset Management are independent of key activation. Customers do not have to use the keys provided under a specific Licensing ID (agreement, enrollment, affiliate, or license) for use only with the licenses specified under that Licensing ID. If a parent organization (which owns a chlld organization) has an individual agreement, it can use the same key to deploy a product across both parent and child organizations. This flexibility allows customers to centrally manage their deployment image by either using keys specific to agreements / licenses, or one set of keys for all.

Can I use my Volume License Keys to exercise my re-imaging rights

Yes. Re-imaging rights are granted to all Microsoft Volume Licensing customers. Under these rights, customers may re-image Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Full Packaged Product (FPP) licensed copies using media provided under their agreement as long as copies made from the Volume Licensing media are identical to the originally licensed product. As a Volume Licensing customer, the Volume License Keys you need can be found on the Product Key page. You can also request your keys through a Microsoft Activation Center.


If you are an Open License customer, you must purchase at least one unit of the product that you want to re-image to obtain access to the product media and receive a key.

For more information on Re-imaging Rights, see article on this page about reimaging rights.

How do I download my keys to a local file

The VLSC offers an option to download your Product Keys to a local file for later use. When downloaded from the Downloads and Keys page, the file contains all Volume License Keys associated with agreements in your VLSC profile. However, if you download keys from the Licensing ID specific view on the Relationship Summary page, the file contains only the keys associated with the Licensing ID you are viewing.

A downloadable Product Key file is in a tab-delimited format and can be opened in Excel to sort and view keys. You may also view the file using any text editor. The columns included in the file are: Licensing ID, Parent Program, Organization, Product, Product Key, Type, and MAK Activations-Used/Available. To open a downloaded file in Excel, complete the following steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click File and then Open - select the downloaded CSV file.
  3. Select Delimited (the default) and then select Tab-separated (to prevent the display of all data in a single column).
  4. Click Finish. The .CSV file opens in Excel and the data is displayed in separate columns.

Where can I find more information about the topics covered in these FAQs

Contact Assisted Support

VLSC customers may also Contact Us by phone or by Web Form. Microsoft will respond to Web Form submissions within 24 hours.