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Nexus VST 3.20.3 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2021
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Nexus VST 3.20.3 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2021


The Insane World of Patent Maximalism and Professor Joshua Pearce’s Case for Weakening Patent Rights

Posted in America, Europe, Patents at 5:25 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

A Case for Weakening Patent Rights
A Case for Weakening Patent Rights (shown above are the first five pages among 70 in total)

Summary: Patent scope is being broadened to the point where it has gone way too far and academics push back against this trend, warning that patents are not accomplishing what they were originally intended to accomplish

THE PATENT system in the US, notably the USPTO (one branch among several), seems to be improving. This is good news for the competitiveness of the US. Contrariwise, the EPO has become a menace/liability to Europe.

“The Supreme Court finally accepted that software patents are on abstract things and should thus not be granted anymore.”An “EPO Advertisement,” an EPO insider wrote to us, is “Another Pathetic Attempt By The #EPO @ Desperately Fishing For New Engineers & Scientists–444 …” (this link/advertisement was mentioned here before).

We still have a lot of material that we wish to publish about the EPO, but today we wish to share assorted news from the US. Some of it relates to Europe, as we shall explain as we go along.

It doesn’t matter if and when you implement something in a patent (one could be a troll with no products at all, at least not anymore). Based on this, all that matters is the filing date. “Regardless of whether the Phillips statement is correct,” Patently-O wrote yesterday, “going forward for Post-AIA patents, the court should now eliminate “the time of the invention” from its claim construction process. Under the statute, all of the focus now is on the effective filing date with invention shifted to a mere historic element of the patenting process.”

“The Battistelli-led EPO wants to replace examiners with machines, so will machines too apply?”When patents cease to be viewed from the perspective of benefit to society or practical contribution we can expect them to become little more than trophies or a tool of taxation. Sadly, a lot of systems where low patent quality prevails (e.g. SIPO) are like that, with the US only belatedly tackling quality issues and the EPO getting worse over time. Another new article from Patently-O says that “the plaintiff stipulated that Merck’s Dr. Scholl’s process did not infringe and the case was dismissed.” In other words, the only one/s to benefit here would be legal representatives. What a wasteful system.

Regarding patent exhaustion, this recent article says that “[t]he Solicitor General’s recommendations make a cert. grant highly likely in this important case, which goes to the heart of two of the Supreme Court’s favorite patent topics: the scope of the patent right and the extraterritorial effect of U.S. patents. The strategic impact on large multinational businesses, complex licensing deals and so on is potentially enormous.”

“Will machines apply for patents, in order for them to be ‘examined’ by other machines and generate billions of ‘patents’? Where does this insanity end?”The Supreme Court finally accepted that software patents are on abstract things and should thus not be granted anymore. Why does the EPO fail to see this and actively encourages software patents in Europe these days (we gave about 4 examples so far this month). To make matters worse, also in relation to computer algorithms, some believe that Battistelli now envisions replacing patent examiners with deficient computer programs, as if human judgment can conveniently be swapped with a machine. Now, bear in mind that the following news is definitely not satire [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]. Computer-generated patents are now being entertained too, along the lines of online humour where computer-generated academic papers (complete gibberish) got accepted into conferences/journals (SCIgen about a decade ago). The Battistelli-led EPO wants to replace examiners with machines, so will machines too apply? Because of the practices of hedge funds and other bankers, a lot of so-called ‘financial trading’ these days is just machines talking to other machines (algorithms drive the vast majority of trading volume). Are the patent systems next? Will machines apply for patents, in order for them to be ‘examined’ by other machines and generate billions of ‘patents’? Where does this insanity end? How can humans even keep up with such a thing and stay abreast of new patents? If the patent system becomes more like the financial sector (i.e. just a bunch of machines talking with other machines, rigging the system), won’t that render the whole system obsolete?

Here is Watchtroll, a proponent of patent maximalism, saying that “It’s Time to Fix the Global Patent System Before It Breaks Under the Weight of New Applications”. To quote:

What’s happening? Simply put, patent offices are failing to keep up with the growth of the innovation economy and the resulting increase in patent applications. Unfortunately, the problem could easily get worse in coming years. Many patent offices apparently have yet to process applications from recent years, when huge increases in applications have occurred.

It’s a problem that threatens to undermine the global patent system, but what’s both encouraging and discouraging by turns is that it’s largely a basic problem of good governance. Many of the solutions to the problem are relatively straightforward. They require the application of sufficient resources and a willingness to hire an appropriate number of examiners and share work between patent offices. These solutions are a matter of political will and effective management, rather than complex policy. Some countries have shown the will to turn things around, and we hope others will follow.

When patent monopolies become so abundant rather than scarce fewer people can actually bother (or find the time) to read them. What has become of the system? Infinite growth (in the pace of granting) isn’t indicative of faster innovation, just greater lenience and patent office greed. This system will basically kill itself unless it stops and puts barriers on patent scope so as to improve patent quality.

Here is a very recent Patently-O article titled “Bad Patents and the False Claims Act”. An excerpt:

The False Claims Act provides special incentives for whistleblowers to uncover fraud against the U.S. Government. The Act authorizes the whistleblower to file a qui tam lawsuit on behalf of the Government and then receive a cut of any recovered damages. See 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729–3733. The whistleblower here LDPFC appears to be a branch of the hedge fund Foxhill Capital.

This case involves Allergan/Forrest Labs U.S. Patent No. 6,545,040 that is listed in the FDA Orange Book as covering the drug Bystolic. The basic false claims argument is that the market price of Bystolic is high because of the patent coverage – but the patent is (allegedly) invalid. If true, this means that Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA hospitals are all paying more than they should for the drug. As stated by the complaint: “The current market price for Nebivolol (Bystolic) is a false price because the ‘040 patent is invalid.”

Although the legal theory makes sense, the facts may get in the way: Is the patent invalid (PTAB says its close, but no) and, if it is invalid – did the patentee have knowledge of the invalidity?

PTAB, as we wrote yesterday, is the best hope of the US patent system right now. It cleans up the mess left by excess. Among patents that have not expired yet, PTAB might be able to find hundreds of thousands that need to be invalidated (before they even reach the court, if ever). Sent to us from Prof. Joshua Pearce earlier this month was his new paper titled “A Case for Weakening Patent Rights”.

“Among patents that have not expired yet, PTAB might be able to find hundreds of thousands that need to be invalidated (before they even reach the court, if ever).”It sure looks like academics too are getting it. They also seem to agree with what Techrights has been saying for about a decade. Too many patents in too many domains do more harm than good.

Looking at the news, here is a very recent story about amicable resolution to a patent dispute:

LG Electronics said Miele was infringing patents for so-called steam washing machines and has sent a letter demanding that the German domestic appliance maker stop using the technology, setting an end-October deadline for a response.

Miele has been and is willfully infringing on LG’s patents, LG said in the letter, sent last week and seen by Reuters.

“In the interest of finding an amicable resolution of this matter, we are open to having an in-person meeting in November to discuss how to resolve this matter,” the company wrote.

The idea of willful infringing in the area of washing machines may make sense; after all, there aren’t hundreds of thousands of patents on washing machines, unlike software. It’s actually possible to keep track of patents pertaining to washing machines. That’s what the patent system was made for and we are not challenging patents in the physical domain (like mechanics). See also the article “Pure Storage agrees $30m patent litigation settlement with Dell” (via “this year’s highest damages awards”). This is about hardware, not software.

“It sure looks like academics too are getting it. They also seem to agree with what Techrights has been saying for about a decade.”Compare that to news about surveillance patents and patents on impossible (or fictional) things. What on Earth is that?

These patents exist “because patents are paper tigers,” Benjamin Henrion wrote, “no working prototypes required.”

Not much novelty is required razorsql license free - Crack Key For U, especially when patent offices make “production” their primary goal, choosing quantity over quality.

“The idea of willful infringing in the area of washing machines may make sense; after all, there aren’t hundreds of thousands of patents on washing machines, unlike software. It’s actually possible to keep track of patents pertaining to washing machines.”Henrion said this in response to IBM’s Manny Schecter, a proponent of software patents. “If the quantum space engine is impossible,” he wrote, “how can it be patented?”

So suddenly even Schecter realises that patent scope has gone way too far? See this new article titled “The latest patent for the ‘impossible’ EM Drive has just been made public – and it’s wild” (from Science Alert).

A patent on something which is not even possible shows what some patent systems have sunk to. Yet Schecter fails to see his own double standard. On a separate day he wrote: “US #patent 9464453 is for a themed cemetery! We need to promote software innovation more than theme innovation-software must be patentable.”

“A patent on something which is not even possible shows what some patent systems have sunk to.”Well, IBM is still promoting and lobbying for software patents while suing small companies using such patents. The above “must not be patentable,” Henrion told Schecter. “Freedom of programming is not for sale.”

Well, policy is up for sale in the US. That’s why we’re still seeing the sordid legacy of software patents there. That’s why the US attracted or created so many patent trolls. Earlier this month I had a whole (and long) article written about me, the messenger, as I criticise software patents and this upsets some people. I guess that the software patents proponents would rather not tackle the message and instead go ad hominem. It’s OK, I got used to that. What patent software proponents don’t get is, if they dislike me, then I must be doing something right. I don’t try to be liked by people whose agenda is the opposite of mine. █

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The World Comes Tumbling Down for Software Patents and Patent Trolls

Posted in America, Patents at 4:15 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: News analysis regarding the state of software patents as well as patent trolls that heavily depend on such patents and on highly biased courts which are based in Texas

EARLY in Nexus VST 3.20.3 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2021 month we wrote a variety of articles about Intellectual Ventures v Symantec, which was an important CAFC-level case that may have spelled the doom/end of software patents in the US. Today we bring together and present a potpourri of coverage related to this.

Free Software Foundation on the Effect/Impact for Free/Open Source Software

Now too long ago the Free Software Foundation (FSF) wrote about this case, saying that the judge “provides a strong case against software patent”. To quote:

Mayer lays out the First Amendment argument against patentability of certain subjects, noting that limits on the subject matter of patents are meant to protect free expression. PolyBoard Pro 7.06e Crack With Full Version Keygen Get U.S. law, 35 U.S.C § 101 (section 101) lays out the scope of patentable subject matter. In analysing this section, courts have carved out certain subjects as being outside the scope of patentability so as to protect freedom of expression. In particular, abstract ideas and mental process have been found too threatening to the free exchange of ideas to permit them to be locked up in patents. After outlining the basics, Mayer goes on to state that “Most of the First Amendment concerns associated with patent protection could be avoided if this court were willing to acknowledge that Alice sounded the death knell for software patents.”

Discussion Everywhere This Month

Recently, TechDirt dedicated a whole audiocast to the subject and titled it “Death Knell For Software Patents”. Obviously, as expected, patent law firms are still bemoaning the (almost) end of software patents and here we have Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP remarking on the second anniversary of Alice, which is actually almost 2.5 years old by now. The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s (CAFC) mea culpa, as one might put it, is admitting that making software patents possible was a horrible mistake. Here is Christine Hall’s article about it, titled “Federal Judge Says Alice ‘Death Knell for Software Patents.’”

It’s not time to break out the champagne just yet, but opponents of software patents might have cause to be hopeful. There’s now a federal judge that openly agrees with them.

This isn’t just any judge, but a judge sitting on the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC), which hears all patent appeals. He’s also not some bright-eyed newcomer to patent law. He was appointed to the Federal Circuit in 1987, where he was Chief Judge from 1997-2004.

On Friday, CAFC ruled that three patents Intellectual Ventures was attempting to use against Trend Micro and Symantec were invalid as they didn’t describe anything patentable. Although the ruling was pretty much business-as-usual and wasn’t unexpected, a concurring opinion by Judge Haldane Mayer went into uncharted waters. Alice Corporation versus CLS Bank International, he said, ended software patents.

“Alice” was the 2014 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that an abstract idea that “does no more than require a generic computer to perform generic computer functions” is not patentable. At the time of the ruling, many thought it would seem to invalidate almost all software patents, except that the Supreme Court bent over backwards to say otherwise within the ruling.

Judge Mayer spent 13 pages addressing software patent issues on several different fronts. For starters, he said they pose a First Amendment problem. “Patents, which function as government-sanctioned monopolies, invade core First Amendment rights when they are allowed to obstruct the essential channels of scientific, economic, and political discourse.”

It’s the free speech issues that led him to the conclusion that “Alice,” in effect, outlawed most if not all such patents. “Most of the First Amendment concerns associated with patent protection could be avoided if this court were willing to acknowledge that Alice sounded the death knell for software patents,” he wrote.

An article by Scott Graham of The Recorder has been titled “Software Patents on Shaky Ground With Federal Circuit in Case After Case” and it is no longer behind a paywall (a two-page short article).

Also see “Federal Circuit Finds Three Intellectual Venture’s Patents Invalid under the Mayo/Alice Framework” — an article that uses more legalese:

The Federal Circuit recently decided a case concerning three patents owned by Intellectual Ventures I LLC (“IV”). Intellectual Ventures I LLC v. Symantec Corp., Case Nos. 2015-1769, 2015-1770, 2015-1771 (Fed. Cir. Sept. 30, 2016). The district court had invalidated U.S. Patent Nos. 6,460,050 (‘050) and 6,073,142 (‘142) and found that Claim 7 of U.S. Patent No. 5,987,610 (‘610) was patent eligible. The district court had also found that Symantec Corp. (“Symantec”) infringed Claim 7 of the ‘610 patent, leading to an $8 million judgment. On appeal, the Federal Circuit held that all three patents were patent-ineligible under 35 U.S.C. § 101.

Patent Law Firms Partly in Denial

Software patents are still being squashed (we covered new examples last night), but their proponents try to find hope. “Alice/101 Patent Invalidity Rate at the Federal Circuit Is 91.4% of Patents Rendered Ineligible,” one patent attorney notes in relation to the statistics presented in Bilski Blog and “I think its the Fed. Dist. Cts. w/>50% 101 Valid Patents; The CAFC is still killing >90% of patents in 101 appealed cases,” he added. This was said in relation to Dan Barsky’s claim that “[f]or the first time since Alice the Fed Circuit has held more #patents valid than invalid @CAFCPatentDaily #intellectualproperty” (incorrect!)

They are both citing Bilski Blog (as above), which has tracked all these cases pretty exhaustively. Their problem is that CAFC and SCOTUS are a lot more potent or influential than other courts, especially those that are in Texas. Here we have Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP expressing concern about the decision and another new article about CAFC, this time dealing with the tightening of patent scope in another area:

The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has affirmed the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s (PTAB) decision to reject a patent application centring on an influenza drug.

Relenza (zanamivir) is a treatment for infection by an influenza virus, and was invented by Constantin Efthymiopoulos, who had applied for a patent relating to methods of administering the drug through inhalation.

One of the rejected claims states that zanamivir should be administered by inhalation through the mouth alone.

Has CAFC finally realised that patent maximalism is not desirable? Lawyers from Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP certainly understand that they cannot patent everything under the Sun and here is what they say in a new article about Mayo/Alice:

In Affinity Labs of Texas, LLC v. DirecTV, LLC, Nos. 2015-1845-48 (Fed. Cir. Sept. 23, 2016), the Federal Circuit affirmed a district court order granting a motion to dismiss, holding that the asserted patent, directed to wireless streaming of regional broadcast signals to cell phones located outside the service region, was invalid based on lack of patentable subject matter.

In applying the first step of Mayo/Alice—determining whether the claim is directed to a patent ineligible concept (i.e., abstract idea)—the Court held the claimed invention was an abstract idea and “entirely functional in nature.” The Court found that missing from the claims was how to implement out-of-region broadcasting on a cell phone, and the specification was similarly deficient and in fact underscored the abstract nature of the invention.

Other law firms’ pessimistic notes on the likely end of software patents are worth taking stock of. On the 19th of the month Hodgson Russ LLP published a “A Silver Lining for Software Patents” and Wolf Greenfield & Sacks PC said that “It is Still Possible to Patent Software”, even though it is a lot harder and probably too risky to be worthwhile.

Reprinted with limitations by Amanda Ciccatelli under the same headline (in the form of “news”), we now have “Is Software Patentable?” To quote:

This case could have a significant impact for tech companies and startups if courts continue to take the Alice ruling to mean that software patents are null. So, what might this mean for the future of the tech industry? Brett Schuman, a partner in Goodwin’s IP Litigation Group, and an expert in patent law for startup and emerging growth companies, spoke to Inside Counsel about these questions and other Intellectual Property issues.

Well, startups don’t need software patents; it’s what lots patent trolls sue them out of existence with. Patent lawyers’ media lies about it.

Denelle Dixon Thayer, writing about the latest major CAFC ruling, says that “Software patents preventing free expression online” (as per the decision from the judge). To quote:

Should someone be able to get a monopoly on concepts for software? What if those concepts cover the basic pieces of something as important as the Internet? These are the type of questions constantly debated in the software industry, the patent office and the courts. What is generally overlooked, however, is the very real impact that software patents can have on freedom of expression. The Internet as a software platform is the largest channel of free expression in existence today. So the question we all need to consider now is how much do software patents restrain the rights protected under the First Amendment.

The Internet isn’t a single, uniform system. Rather, it’s a massive, collaboratively created platform, a large part of which is based on open software. It relies on multiple people and companies developing numerous pieces of software that must communicate with each other to work. Because patents allow a single person or company to exclude everyone else, a patent monopolizing basic Internet functionality causes enormous damage to the core of how the Internet is built and functions – the very thing that enables the Internet as a medium for expression on such a huge scale. Both Congress and the courts have recognized this kind of tension and accounted for it in the context of copyright and trademark law. Unfortunately, U.S. patent law has few built-in protections to ensure that patent monopolies do not overreach and restrict free expression.

Last week, achieving this critical balance between patents and free expression hit a crucial milestone. Judge Mayer in the Federal Circuit (the US court that hears patent appeals cases) wrote in a concurring opinion that patents directed at software running on generic computers can violate the First Amendment by creating barriers to communication, discourse, and the exchange of ideas online. In his opinion, he recognized that software and the Internet are widely-used, basic tools for expression. Mayer went further to declare that they are “essential channels of scientific, economic, and political discourse.”

An article by James M. Singer (Fox Rothschild LLP) said that “Federal Circuit Invalidates Three Software Patents; Judge Mayer Calls For Ban On All Software Patents”. From the opening parts:

In the past few months, the Federal Circuit reversed a two-year trend of overturning software patents by publishing three decisions that outlined various parameters in which software can be eligible for patenting. In those decisions (described in previous IP Spotlight posts published here and here) the court cautioned that not all improvements in computer-related technology are inherently abstract. It also said that when assessing patent-eligibility, one must be careful to not use patent-eligibility to invalidate a claim when the real issue with the claim is obviousness.

An article by Russ White has a misleading headline, “The Future of Software Patents” — as if there’s much of a future to them now…

At this point, software patents still stand in the United States. The reasoning of the primary and concurring opinion, however, is likely to be picked up by other courts, potentially reducing (or eliminating, over time) the enforceability of software patents. Since I’m not a legal scholar, I’m not going to comment on the overall likelihood of software patents becoming less than useful. Instead, what I’d like to think through is what the reaction of the network engineering world might be.

A survey taken by patent lawyers in site that targets them says software patents are not dead. But that’s like asking about Donald Trump in Fox News. The audience is already a subsection of the population which has biases/convictions. “Responding to WIPR’s recent survey,” WIPR wrote, “100% of readers disagreed with Mayer’s opinion.”

Well, obviously this means that people who profit from patents don’t like a decision against them. “100% of readers disagreed with Mayer’s opinion,” says the article, but it does not specify the number or respondents. Could be 8. Could be 80. Anything…

Intellectual Ventures and Other Patent Trolls in the News

Dealing with the troll (not company) that caused the latest panic among law firms, Bastian Best tries to defend it by saying: “Another example of the ” #patenttroll = patent owner I don’t like” argument” (or maybe he alludes to universities that feed Intellectual Ventures).

Actually, the core argument is that a patent troll — in this case the world’s biggest (which is also Microsoft-connected) — picks up all the patents and universities facilitate it. “Well,” Benjamin Henrion responded, Intellectual Venture “has many fans among some communities.”

Found via IPRsLaw was the context of it all — an article by the EFF that cites an analysis of Intellectual Ventures. Remember that it was Microsoft that created this monster, Intellectual Ventures, and the EFF urges people to “Tell your university: don’t sell patents to trolls.” Here is their source (which contains a lot of information):

To answer this, I have scraped the names of the original assignees for each of the U.S. patents in the portfolio from patent records (see annotated patents list). The analysis shows that nearly 500 of IV’s patents originally belonged to universities, including state schools (see Figure 1 and university-derived patents list).

The EFF mentioned this chart later on as well and the EFF’s Vera Ranieri said that “Patent Forum Shopping Must End” in relation to the VENUE Act:

As we’ve detailed on many occasions, forum shopping is rampant in patent litigation. Last year, almost 45% of all patent cases were heard in the Eastern District of Texas, a sparsely populated region of Texas probably more well-known as the birthplace of George Foreman than for any technological industry. EFF, along with Public Knowledge, has filed an amicus brief in TC Heartland v. Kraft, urging the Supreme Court to hear a case that could end forum shopping in patent cases.

The case is one of statutory interpretation. Prior to 1990, the Supreme Court had long held that in patent cases, the statute found at 28 U.S.C. § 1400 controlled where a patent case could be filed. However, in 1990 in a case called VE Holding, the Federal Circuit held that a small technical amendment to another venue statute—28 U.S.C. § 1391—effectively overruled this long line of cases. VE Holding, together with another case called Beverly Hills Fan, means that companies that sold products nationwide can be sued in any federal court in the country on charges of patent infringement, regardless of how tenuous the connection to that court. TC Heartland first asked the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to revisit its law. EFF also supported TC Heartland at that court. The Federal Circuit declined the invitation.

More recently, the EFF’s Elliot Harmon said that “Patent Trolls Undermine Open Access”. To quote this newer analysis:

Patent Trolls Undermine Open Access

This Open Access Week, the global open access community has a lot to celebrate. Hundreds of universities around the world have adopted open access policies asking faculty to publish their research in open access journals or archive them in open repositories. A few years ago, open access publishing was barely recognized on the fringes of science; now, it’s mainstream. Three years after the White House’s groundbreaking open access memo, we may be on the verge of passing an open access law.

Again and again, we’ve seen how making the results of scientific research available to everyone is good for innovation. Innovators should be able to use and build upon the most up-to-date scientific research, regardless of whether they September 5, 2021 - Free Activators the budgets and institutional connections necessary to access expensive journal subscriptions and academic databases—particularly when that research was paid for with public funds.

Shooting the messenger is the tactic used by Bastian Best again. “Another one-sided viewpoint by EFF,” he calls it, which is actually more polite than Watchtroll put it. In this particular case, the EFF agrees with Red Hat, whose “EVP speaks out on patent litigation abuse in EDTX”. To quote Red Hat based on this new article:

Help slow the drag with patent venue reform

As our country and North Carolina look to accelerate the growth of our economy and expand its reach to all citizens, one issue has been a continuing drag: abusive patent litigation.

One prevalent tactic of abusers is to haul companies into virtually any district court in the United States, including those far away and those in locations that have nothing to do with where you do business.

Under current patent law, infringement suits can be brought in courts with no or little connection to the parties in the litigation. “Patent trolls” use this weakness in the system to select the courts well-known for their friendliness to patent suits.

For most of these patent trolls, their court of choice is the Eastern District Court of Texas (EDTX), which has been the No. 1 venue for bringing patent suits for nearly a decade. The EDTX saw 44 percent of all patent infringement cases filed in the entire U.S. in 2015, with one judge overseeing more than a quarter of all cases – twice as many as the next most active patent judge.

As a home-grown, global company headquartered in North Carolina that has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies, Red Hat has repeatedly been forced into court in the EDTX. We have no office there; we do no business from there. The patent litigation abusers have minimal contact there, sometimes just a small office. But they go for a leg up in that district, given its reputation.

Red Hat and other companies have tried to move cases to where we can get a fair hearing, but the rules to change venue don’t easily allow that. We believe patent infringement suits, just as other types of suits, should be heard in judicial districts that have a reasonable connection to the dispute.

They basically strive to limit the ability of trolls to choose Texas. Here is a TC Air Live Drive Pro Crack Law Professor Amicus Brief, submitted by “Mark Lemley, Colleen Chien, Brian Love, and Arti Rai” against such patent trolling (mostly in Texas). To quote Patently-O:

From a policy perspective, the case is seen as a vehicle for defendants who do not like being sued in the Eastern District of Texas and into more venues perceived as more defendant friendly.

A group of 50+ law and economics professors led by Mark Lemley, Colleen Chien, Brian Love, and Arti Rai have filed an important brief in support of the TC Heartland petition that I have copied below. Their position is (1) the Federal Circuit has erred on interpreting the law; and (2) the permissive venue result has fueled many of the problems of our patent system.

Patent trolls don’t make as many headlines as they used to, but when they do, it’s about celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. This too is about Texas and Joe Mullin explains:

It’s getting easier than ever for defendants to win fees in patent cases, especially against “non-practicing entities” with no products. But don’t tell that to pop stars Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

The two celebrities and their respective production companies were sued by an entity called Large Audience Displays Systems, LLC (or LADS for short) back in 2009.

The patent-holder who came after them is Darrell Metcalf, the inventor of US Patent No. 6,669,346, which describes a way of displaying video images on massive, arced screens. Metcalf, who lives in California, set up an East Texas LLC called Large Audience Display Systems (or LADS for short) back in 2009, then sued the pop stars in that venue, along with the LA Lakers and the band Pussycat Dolls.

The case was transferred to California in 2011. The judge promptly put the case on hold at the defendants’ request, while the patents were under reexamination at the US Patent Office. Ultimately, the office rejected all the patent claims.

The USPTO is asleep at the wheel and it was granting software patents almost all the time. No wonder all this chaos has been happening. Trolls depend a great deal on software patents and they prey on software patents; it’s tempting to think that headlines like “Did trolls cost Twitter $3.5bn and its sale?” speak about/allude to patent trolls, but these actually speak of Internet trolls and Twitter happens to be a frequent target of patent trolls, too (patent trolls are a huge problem for them). Professor James Bessen, an academic who writes a lot about the subject, wrote about this new report. “Major breakthrough “Invention” cues new video after you finish another,” he said, in relation to the following news:

These days, it seems like software patents are falling down right and left. Hundreds of them have been invalidated by US federal judges since the Supreme Court’s 2014 Alice Corp v. CLS Bank. decision, and more patent-holders are getting sanctioned for their behavior in court. The economics of the patent-trolling business are changing in fundamental ways, and lawsuits are down.

It’s tempting to think the whole mess is going to dry up and blow away—but the lawsuits coming from companies like Bartonfalls LLC show that some patent lawyers are going to keep on partying like it’s 2009. Bartonfalls is a shell company formed in the patent hotspot of East Texas, and it sued 14 big media companies on October 11 over US Patent No. 7,917,922.

This is a software patent that really ought to be invalidated. Maybe it will.

Speaking of patent trolls that rely on software patents, see this relatively new article from Mother Jones:

Meet America’s Most Prolific Patent Troll


So if you send notifications telling customers that their orders have been filled, S&T will sue you for $25,000. Why? Because they claim to have patented this idea if it’s done via some kind of computer network. In all this time, however, the patent has never been tested in court. It’s never been worth anyone’s time.

This. Is. Ridiculous. If you call your customer on the phone, it’s fine. If you send them an email, you’ll get sued. It’s hard to conceive of anything stupider.

This was also covered by the Wall Street media, under the heading which puts it in perspective (based on one criterion among others):

America’s Biggest Filer of Patent Suits Wants You to Know It Invented Shipping Notification

Like almost every online retailer, Spice Jungle LLC emails Uplay 71.0.5862.0 edition registration code - Free Activators numbers to customers when they place orders. That’s why the small firm was dumbfounded when it received a demand to pay $25,000 for the right to do so.

There are several aspects to some of these latest developments; one major aspect is software patenting and another is patent trolling, both of which are tied together by causality and other correlations which we covered here before.

We are gratified to see that the USPTO and the US patent system (in general) is improving these days, unlike the EPO. █

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FTC Slams Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), Effectively Patent Trolls, Which Are a Growing Problem in Europe

Posted in America, Europe, Patents at 3:43 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Some baseball bats

Summary: A look at remnants of coverage of the recent FTC report as it relates to a new report from European officials

SEVERAL weeks ago the FTC released a very important report that criticised patent trolls, specifically the patent assertion (PAE) type.

Watchtroll protects patent trolls, as usual, saying that this report is “Doing More Harm Than Good”; then again, did we expect anything else from proponents of trolling and their denialists?

Here is the coverage from IP Watch (behind paywall). What this article means by “some” is the patent microcosm, e.g. trolls’ front groups and clients/representatives (patent lawyers).

“The EPO and UPC certainly make the patent trolls lick their lips.”Well, citing this article that we mentioned on Wednesday early in the month, “The behavior of Litigation PAEs is consistent with nuisance litigation” says FTC, according to this tweet.

Carlo Piana (European lawyer, mostly for Free/Open Source projects) says this “means ask settlement money < upfront unrecoverable litigation cost. Experienced that. Parasites.”

The problem is, as we noted in our previous post, that PAEs have come to Europe and this one person says “Patent Assertion Entities (aka patent trolls) in Europe …”

This is actually the report that we wrote about yesterday in relation to Battistelli. It’s a 149-pages long report.

The EPO and UPC certainly make the patent trolls lick their lips. █

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The Patent Trolls Are Moving East as Patents on Software Lose Their Lustre in the United States

Posted in America, Asia, Patents at 3:16 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Migration to Europe and to the Far East?

A compass

Summary: The appeal of patent trolling in the United States has taken a hit and a lot of the litigious abuse is shifting eastwards, to places that previously didn’t have such issues

AS THE EPO emulates the mistakes/errors of the USPTO by ushering in software patents and pursuing the UPC (more attractive to patent trolls) we increasingly worry that the end of an epidemic in the US won’t be its end worldwide.

According to recent figures from Lex Machina (which we wrote about earlier this month), the end of software patents already contributes to the demise of patent litigation there. It’s a very statistically meaningful difference and it is consistent (every month). In the words of Managing IP (MIP):

Managing IP reveals data on US district court patent case filing so far in 2016, as well as the biggest plaintiffs and defendants. Natalie Rahhal talks to patent lawyers to identify the biggest pressures on patent litigation

US patent case filing in US district courts fell in the third quarter, according to figures pulled from the Docket Navigator database. Some 1,130 cases were filed, down 13% from the 1,299 in the second quarter.

However, the third quarter was up 17% on the 965 cases filed in the first quarter. Patent case filing at the beginning of the year was subdued as a result of a rush of filing in November last year ahead of new rules requiring more disclosure in patent infringement complaints.

Well done to the US administration for improving patent policy somewhat, thereby reducing frivolous litigation and shakedowns. Good news for a change. But where does that leave the rest of the world?

“Well done to the US administration for improving patent policy somewhat, thereby reducing frivolous litigation and shakedowns.”Judging by the patent trolls-funded IAM and its many new articles about China [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], it sure looks like China becomes more like the US when it comes to patent litigation. It’s already rather chaotic. See this “sponsored article” (MIP was paid to publish this) about patent changes in China. It’s like opportunists pursue somewhat of a boom there — a boom in litigation. The same is true in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, as we noted several times last month. Also see this article from IAM which says the Head of India’s top patentee wants more patent aggression. Have they learned nothing from the mistakes of the US? Korea, for a change, is at least coming to grips with the bubble of companies/entities that are just a pile of patents, based on IAM’s report about a resignation. Is Korea coming to grips with the threat of patent maximalism at long last? Here is a small sort of comparison between the situation in Korea and in China: “This blog has devoted quite a bit of coverage to one of the major divisions in China’s IP policy environment – what sometimes looks like a power struggle between judicial authorities and administrative ones. An analogous situation seems to be playing out in Korea. Local media reports say the Supreme Court there has floated the idea of abolishing certain administrative procedures related to patent validity and handing over those matters to the courts, which currently only review them at second instance.”

“If IAM has shifted its attention to Asia recently, it’s because a lot of the ruinous action moves to Asian countries.”The reason we link so much to IAM here isn’t that they’re accurate or objective; rather, as a matter of fact, they’re pro trolls and pro litigation. It’s important to know what the “other side” is saying. Speaking of IAM, this Microsoft-centric and Microsoft-powered site is now grooming Microsoft’s people again, even those responsible for patent aggression and extortion against Linux.

What IAM considers to be good business sense and success we should often interpret as the very opposite. If IAM has shifted its attention to Asia recently, it’s because a lot of the ruinous action moves to Asian countries. █

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Courts Are Being Showered With Motions to Invalidate Software Patents, Former USPTO Officials Like Kappos and Stoll in a Panic

Posted in America, Europe, Patents at 2:47 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Officials-turned-lobbyists freak out as courts finally do something to combat USPTO greed

Heritage Foundation and Robert L. Stoll

Summary: Representatives of large corporations’ interests, who used to actually hold key positions at the USPTO, are not particularly happy about the avalanche of software patents (slipping down the cliff)

Another death of software patents (in the US) was recently reported, but not much media attention has been paid to it. That’s pretty much what we expect when the media is controlled or steered by particular interests. Carlson civil suite 2020 should be noted that software patents are dying in bulk in the US and the ‘mess’ this creates (more requests for invalidation) clogs up the system. As Law 360put it the other day:

Three federal judges from California and Delaware speaking Tuesday at a symposium to honor retiring U.S. District Judge Ronald Whyte criticized the U.S. Supreme Court’s Alice ruling, saying it has spurred hundreds of patent invalidity motions in their districts, and its two-part test for analyzing patent validity is too subjective.

As a proponent of software patents put it, “Fed. Judges Report that Their Dockets Are Clogged by 101/Alice; Test Too Subjective to Use…” (that latter part is made up, it’s not even in the headline or the article, at least outside the paywall).

“Don’t think that lobbyists and think tanks of large corporations will just stay idle and watch this without a reaction.”What’s worth emphasising, verbatim from the above, is: “hundreds of patent invalidity motions in their districts” (good news!)

Don’t think that lobbyists and think tanks of large corporations will just stay idle and watch this without a reaction. Watch how in the David Kappos years patent quality in the USPTO sank to gutter level (we wrote about this many times before). This new chart speaks for itself. “In the end,” remarks EarTrumpet Free Download author, “the Patent Office was able to ramp-up production enough to end FY2016 with the most utility patents issued in any fiscal year in history – 304,500 utility patents!”

What they mean by “production” is what Battistelli means by production. It’s a distortion of the whole patent system for the sake of short-term profit gains. Battistelli basically repeats the mistakes of Kappos, who is nowadays a paid lobbyist for software patents. “In Europe” according to IAM, “they have not degraded patents like in the US, says Kappos #LESAM16″

Actually, they are now. Battistelli fancies himself another Kappos. As Benjamin Henrion said in response, “he means corrupt and malicious EPO still grants software patents?”

Well, it has certainly gotten there. Insiders told us this too.

“Don’t let the USPTO decide on patent scope.”So while the US moves away from software patents, having ejected this disaster who was David Kappos, Europe under Battistelli turns patent examination into a production line with minimal quality control — the very thing that the US Government Accountability Office recently warned about.

According to this very recent post, Kappos took his lobbying to AIPLA and “Director Lee is likely nearing the end of her term as USPTO Director.” Here is the part which mentions Kappos: “USPTO Director Michelle Lee offered a set of Remarks at the October 28, 2016 AIPLA Luncheon. As a presidential appointee, Director Lee is likely nearing the end of her term as USPTO Director. Although the likely election of fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton suggests a smooth transition that could extend her term beyond January 2017, I expect that she will step-down prior to that point and that Deputy Director Russ Slifer will step-up as Acting Director.”

According to this post from IAM, the USPTO improves patent quality somewhat (Mayo/Alice) and associated fees go up. A sign of improvement to come? Here is how Patently-Oput it:

From the USPTO: The U.S. Department of Commerce’s United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today announced that as part of its effort to solicit input from the public regarding the legal contours of patent subject matter eligibility, it will be holding two roundtables, one in November and one in December.

“In recent years, the jurisprudence on the very basic issue of what is patent eligible subject matter has been evolving requiring adjustments by innovators, businesses, lower courts and administrative agencies such as the USPTO,” said Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Michelle K. Lee. “Our goal is to minimize any uncertainty in the patent system by ensuring we not only continue to apply the statute and case law in this area as faithfully as possible, but also understand the impact of the jurisprudence on innovation by assessing what, if any, changes might be helpful to further support innovation.”

Don’t let the USPTO decide on patent scope. It’s not their job and they are biased because more patents mean job security for them, at the expense of the public that’s attacked by patent trolls and taxed at every corner by low-quality patents. As a cautionary tale look at the EPO.

Meanwhile, the Advanced systemcare 14 license - Free Activators Street media gives a platform to the former USPTO patent commissioner — a broad platform in which to promote patent maximalism, as usual. Here is what Robert L. Stoll wrote earlier this month:

In conclusion, after a long spell of bad news, Planet Blue—along with decisions like Bascom and Enfish—provides software innovators, applicants and owners with not only increased clarity, but also concrete evidence that the courts are working to address the challenges arising from the Alice test and that we’re not headed for a software patent apocalypse (as some have claimed).

I, for one, remain optimistic that the courts and PTO are fully committed to a healthy patent system and will continue working to resolve the remaining issues around patent eligibility and to ensure that effective patent protection is available to innovations in software (and every other field of technology).

Why does Stoll call the end of software patents “bad news”? Is he — like Kappos — a former USPTO official that’s now de facto lobbyist on patent scope, where the goal is just maximising everything with little or no regard to public interests? See our previous article, the one about Stoll's meddling in policy.

For those who may be wondering about Intellectual Ventures v Symantec, it will be the subject of our next few posts (later tonight). It’s a game changer that may have really heralded the very irreversible death of software patents in the US. █

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An Update on the Apple v Samsung Patent Cases — Cases That Apple Must Lose in Order for Linux to ‘Win’

Posted in Apple, GNU/Linux, Google, Patents, Samsung at 1:53 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Witness those truly innovative things — the work of pure genius! — which are rounded corners!

Apple devices

Summary: A quick roundup of recent articles/reports/analyses about Apple v Samsung, including the impending Supreme Court (SCOTUS) case

APPLE’S longstanding patent war with Samsung (or Android, having started to attack it more than 6 years ago) has become a high profile story and probably the leading example of patent litigation in recent times, with a lot of money at stake.

As expected, patent lawyers go ahead and push forth their fairly tales about patents being surrogates for “innovation” (the 1%’s protectionism), this time in relation to Apple and Samsung. To quote Patent Lawyer Magazine:

The recent and numerous cases opposing companies like Apple and Samsung or Google and Oracle highlight that, today, patents are defensive weapons as well as offensive weapons according to the strategy developed by the holder. Many companies notice lately this functional ambivalence of the patent, just as a patent-related dispute happen, like its violation by a counterfeiter party who reproduces without any authorization the protected invention.

If adopting a strategy of patent application may appear expensive in front of the strategy of the secret which consists in keeping the invention undisclosed, it must be clear that the patents ensure an effective legal protection of the inventions against potential counterfeiters and also permit to the innovative companies recouping their Research & Development costs as a patent owner will be able to negotiate royalties for license agreements signed with firms interested in the use of the patented technology.

That’s a rather misleading framing. If one actually considers which patents Apple is suing with/over, then one hasn’t any doubts; it’s not about innovation at all. Maybe it’s about “first to file” or something along Nexus VST 3.20.3 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2021 lines. We have covered these patents many times over the years.

As should become apparent pretty soon — because certainly corporate media will be all over it — Apple’s patent war against Samsung will be discussed at SCOTUS, with design patenting as a whole coming under scrutiny. Here is an overview of some more cases to be discussed by SCOTUS:

Constitutional Challenge to Inter Partes Review: Although the Constitutional issues in Cooper v. Lee and MCM v. HP were law-professor-interesting, they were not substantial enough for certiorari. The Supreme Court has now denied the Cooper and MCM petitions — leaving the IPR regime unchanged. Although Cooper v. Square is still pending, its chances are slight. The Supreme Court has also denied certiorari in Encyclopaedia Britannica (malpractice), Gnosis (appellate review), and GeoTag (case-or-controversy).

A new 101 Challenge: In its first conference of the term, the Supreme Court denied all of the pending petitions regarding patent eligibility. However, Trading Technologies has filed a new petition asking whether a new card game is categorically unpatentable so long as it uses a standard deck (rather than a novel deck) of cards. My post on the case asks: Does the Patent Statute Cabin-in the Abstract Idea Exception? That question references Section 100 of the Patent Act that expressly allows for the patenting of new use of a known manufacture.

Extra Territoriality of Trade Secrecy Law: On the trade secrecy front, Sino Legend has petitioned to review the Federal Circuit’s affirmance of the International Trade Commision’s ban on Legend’s importation of rubber resins used for tire production. The underlying bad-act was a trade secret misappropriation that occurred in China and the question on appeal asks: Whether Section 337(a)(1)(A) permits the ITC to adjudicate claims regarding trade secret misappropriation alleged to have occurred outside the United States. A Chinese court looked at the same case and found no misappropriation.

Design Patent Damages: Oral arguments were held earlier this week in Samsung v. Apple. During the arguments, all parties agreed that (1) the statute does not allow for apportionment of damages but rather requires profit disgorgement; (2) the article-of-manufacture from which profits can be calculated may be a component of the product sold to consumers; and (3) the determination of what counts as the article-of-manufacture is a question of fact to be determined by the jury. The only dispute then was on the factors that a jury should be considered and when the “inside gears” of a product should ever be included in the calculation.

The fourth paragraph is about Apple (design patents, not software patents) and the second paragraph speaks of a Section 101 challenge, which isn’t yet likely to happen. Alice is likely to stay here for a long time to come. The focus of the above cases, or the framing that Patently-O has chosen, is ITC. The I in ITC stands for “international” — surely a misleading label. It’s like calling the KGB “international” because it goes (or went) abroad in order to get its way for its home country. The ITC is to US corporations what the FSB is to Russia’s government (or the Kremlin) and we should recognise that there’s nothing “international” about it. It’s not the UN. Now that the patent battles target Asian companies like Samsung IAM likes to obsess about the subject. This patent trolls-funded site wishes us to believe that patent tax that makes phones worse (removed features to avert risk of lawsuits) and more expensive is a desirable aspect. Phones from Samsung almost literally explode and all that IAM can think about is patents, patents, and more patents.

Over at MIP there has been more coverage of the above patent case of Apple v Samsung. Florian Müllerforesees more action in this domain (not involving only design patents but much more).

Little attention is being paid to Apple’s practices or tradition of tax evasion with patents as a financial instrument. It continues to happen in Ireland where Apple has a notorious tax-dodging operation and pro-Apple sites touch on the subject yet don’t quite get to the bottom of it (“Apple Moves $9B Worth of iTunes Intellectual Property To Ireland”). Remember what we wrote about Patent Boxes earlier this year.

Joseph Robinson & Robert Schaffer (over at Watchtroll) write about a related case (a different Apple v Samsung). It is apparent that this site is growingly concerned about yet another case reaffirming the death of software patents in the US. Apple has more than one case against Samsung; there are software patents at stake as well, hence the relevance to us. Watchtroll is still opposing patent reform and uses the terminology of anonymous Twitter accounts that taunt us, e.g. “Efficient Infringement”. What a cesspool Watchtroll has become…

Going back to Müller, here is what he recently wrote about both Apple v Samsung cases that are high profile:

Was it just a coincidence that the Federal Circuit made a decision on an Apple petition for a rehearing about eight months after the original decision and just days before the design patents hearing in the top U.S. court? It may very well have been. But when there are already other oddities (such as the decision not to invite further briefing from the parties and hold a rehearing), it’s not impossible that there is a hidden message or agenda.

The Federal Circuit decision certainly gives Apple leverage. Limited leverage, though: the relatively most valuable one of the three patents on which Apple had prevailed at the spring 2014 trial has expired and the most iconic one, slide-to-unlock, is about as valuable in the age of Touch ID and comparable technologies as an ISDN or floppy disk patent.

“Experts Urge Supreme Court To Take A Bite Out Of Apple’s Patent Win Over Samsung,” said this recent report, stating: “As two of the world’s largest consumer electronics companies face off at the Supreme Court Tuesday, experts in legal, patent, technology and consumer advocacy fields are urging the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling in the smartphone war between Apple and Samsung that awarded the iPhone maker the total profit of patent-infringing Galaxy devices.”

Matt Levy wrote about this hd tune pro crack [1, 2]. That was 2.5 weeks ago when he pulished some thoughts about “A Funny Thing [That] Happened on the Way to the Court” and to quote:

A funny thing happened on the way to the Supreme Court in yesterday’s Samsung v. Apple design patent dispute. The high court was expected to review the lower court’s award of the entire profits made for 11 different smartphone models — just under $400 million.


Unexpectedly, some time before the argument Apple had agreed to concede that the “article of manufacture” didn’t have to be the entire product sold. That is, Apple agreed with Samsung and the government that the answer to the question that the Court had agreed to decide is “Yes.”

Will design Nexus VST 3.20.3 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2021 not be challenged even by Samsung after all? IAM (wshfully) thinks there may be alignment on the horizon. To quote: “For the last couple of years it has been apparent that the smartphone wars that have raged in US courts since 2009 have been reaching their final skirmishes. Peace deals between the likes of Microsoft and Google and Apple and Google, have brought many of the battles to an end. Except, that is, for what has probably been the most significant confrontation – Apple v Samsung.”

There’s no “Microsoft and Google” “peace deal”; Microsoft continues to attack Android OEMs with patents and it was Microsoft that initiated antitrust action against Android in Europe. Microsoft is a malicious firm that would lie to anyone, anytime.

Joe Mullin asked: “How much punishment is appropriate when it comes to design patents?”

MIP’s coverage at the time spoke of the arguments and Patently-O offered a “view from magix web designer - Crack Key For U the courtroom”. It said:

At oral argument, Samsung informed the Court that it was dropping its “causation argument” (i.e., that § 289 must be read in light of background causation principles from general tort law) and wanted to focus on its “article of manufacture” argument (i.e., its argument that a successful design patentee should be entitled to the “total profit” from the “article of manufacture” but that the relevant article should be determined mainly by looking at whether the patent claims a whole design or only part).

We eagerly await rulings against Apple in both cases, one involving software patents and another design patents, which in this case closely resemble software patents in multiple ways/aspects. What’s at stake here isn’t just the price of Samsung phones but the financial viability of Android (Linux-based) phones in general. █

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The Importance of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board Proven by the Fact That It’s Under Endless Attacks From the Patent Microcosm

Posted in America, Patents at 12:44 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Patent maximalists just want patents on everything

PTAB impotence

Summary: The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) continues to invalidate patents that should never have been granted in the first place, not slowing down even in the face of greater and louder opposition from reckless patent maximalists

THE SCIENCE-LED PTAB is one of the best aspects of the USPTO. It’s almost like the equivalent of the besieged appeal boards at the EPO and it helps ensure high patent quality.

“The patent microcosm just can’t stand the idea of high-profile patents (with high royalties) being subjected to proper scrutiny.”Don’t assume that PTAB is popular with everyone. Not all people have the same goals; peace, for example, isn’t an objective when you sell weapons. There’s bemoaning of PTAB in IAM ‘magazine’ this month (more of the usual) and MIP writes about Kyle Bass essentially making money out of PTAB. Making money by blowing away bad patents is not an evil thing; in a way, this should be very much encouraged. “The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has invalidated the claims of a patent covering Shire’s Gattex drug,” MIP wrote. Well, good riddance then. Bass does not just go after solid, decent patents. The patent maximalists call him a “troll” (or “reverse troll”) for it. The patent microcosm just can’t stand the idea of high-profile patents (with high royalties) being subjected to proper scrutiny.

In re Aqua, one high profile case involving PTAB, got covered at Patently-O in recent days/weeks [1, 2]. It’s one of those increasingly common cases where a company gets a bogus patent application past careless examiners at the USPTO and then PTAB steps it, threatening to throw it away, whereupon the grantee wants to modify/change the patent (post-grant) for apparent merit. What is this system going to look like if there are post-issuance edits? What are the patent maximalists sinking/stooping down to? To quote Patently-O:

The only pending en banc patent case before the Federal Circuit is In re Aqua Products (Appeal No. 15-1177) involving claim amendments during inter partes review. The Patent Statute contemplates claim amendments as a possibility but not a right — notably, 35 U.S.C. 316(d) states that “the patent owner may file 1 motion to amend the patent” with additional motions to amend permitted in limited situations. The scope of amendment is also limited to (A) cancelling challenged claims and (B) proposing “a reasonable number of substitute claims” that do not “enlarge the scope of the claims of the patent or introduce new matter.”

Another article from Patently-O says that “[i]n a split opinion, the Federal Circuit has affirmed the PTAB’s determination of obviousness. Biota’s patent claims influenza treatment through oral inhalation of zanamivir while the prior art teaches the identical treatment by nasal inhalation. A second prior art reference also suggests that similar compound can be taken via “inhalation” (without the nasal or oral modifier). On appeal, the Federal Circuit affirmed that the general inhalation disclosure “is reasonably understood to disclose inhalation by either the nose alone, mouth alone, or both.””

It sure looks like attacks on the legitimacy of PTAB come from many directions and they usually fall flat on their face. The PTAB Litigation Blog, one or those blogs that are managed or run by the patent ChemDraw 19.1 Crack With Professional Serial Number 2021 Download (Jones Day in this case), has this new article titled “The Equitable Doctrine of Assignor Estoppel Does Not Prevent PTAB from Instituting an IPR”.

“What is this system going to look like if there are post-issuance edits?”It’s all about stopping PTAB, isn’t it? It’s a serial destroyer of software patents, which is a lot more efficient than US courts (more patents invalidated more quickly).

Finnegan et al (other firms that profit from patents) are increasingly afraid of PTAB and do anything within their capacity to politely (more than Watchtroll) delegitimise it. Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP can be seen here poking PTAB again. They just never give up, do they?

Michael Loney, who has done a lot of coverage regarding PTAB this year, has this roundup which includes PTAB news and going back to Patently-O, this one new article is attempting to use any tricks in the book to shoot down PTAB because it invalidates patents and does its job by ensuring high patent quality. To quote one very recent article: “Patent Academic Ray Mercado also took advantage of the request for a responsive brief to file an amicus brief. Mercado argues that patents should be seen as “private rights” and therefore cannot be administratively cancelled. He writes: “Once the Nexus VST 3.20.3 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2021 uniqueness of patent law is taken into account, it is clear that patents are ‘private rights’ for purposes of this Court’s separation of powers jurisprudence, and their validity must be decided by Article III courts.””

“It sure looks like attacks on the legitimacy of PTAB come from many directions and they usually fall flat on their face.”So they try to scrutinise the very existence of PTAB. How predictable. Another new article from Patently-O reveals that large companies are exploring ways to overcome PTAB and maintain their invalid, bogus patents. Here are some of the details: “On rehearing in Medtronic v. Robert Bosch, the Federal Circuit panel has reaffirmed its earlier determining that the PTAB’s vacatur of an IPR institution decision is a decision as to “whether to institute an inter partes review” and therefore is “final and nonappealable.” The original Medtronic decision had been released prior to Cuozzo v. Lee (2016) and the rehearing decision now explains that “nothing in Cuozzo is to the contrary.” [.] An additional difficulty with all of this stems from the pending Ethicon petition and Anticloud Free Download difference between action by the Director and action by the PTAB. The statute separates the roles – indicating that the PTO Director’s role is in determining “whether to institute” an IPR. Under the statute, the PTAB then steps in to conduct the trial. Those separate roles were then combined by PTO regulation which states “The Board institutes the trial on behalf of the Director.” 37 CFR 42.4. A question – unanswered in this case – is whether the Director’s regulatory delegation above should be interpreted to also extend to vacating and terminating petitions. I’m not sure that it does.”

To clarify, IPRs are about invalidation of patents including software patents (killing software patents one at a time, which isn’t optimal/ideal). Anyone in this domain already knows this, yet law firms spin it as “settlement”. That’s highly misleading a characterisation. Watch what Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP is saying: “Through October 1, 2016, the Federal Circuit decided 120 PTAB appeals from IPRs and CBMs. The Federal Circuit affirmed the PTAB on every issue in 95 (79.17%) of the cases, and reversed or vacated the PTAB on every issue in 9 (7.50%) of the cases. A mixed outcome on appeal, where at least one issue was affirmed and at least one issue was vacated or reversed, occurred in 11 (9.17%) of the cases.”

“We expect PTAB to come under plenty of new/fresh attacks, including complaints to politicians, to courts, and misinformation (targeting the public and stakeholders).”No matter how much law firms may attempt to destroy the reality (for profit), there are no effective changes to PTAB. Its large-scale patents invalidation progress is not slowing down, not judging by these latest figures. As MIP put it: “The ability to include testimonial evidence with patent owner preliminary responses in Patent Trial and Appeal Board proceedings has not been much help since it was introduced in May, according to an analysis by Oblon’s Scott McKeown”

We expect PTAB to come under plenty of new/fresh attacks, including complaints to politicians, to courts, and misinformation (targeting the public and stakeholders). We’ll keep a close eye on progress and report on it periodically. █

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Links 30/10/2016: Lenovo Surrenders to Linux, Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Released

Posted in News Roundup at 11:00 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

GNOME bluefish



  • Linux in an Apple and Microsoft World

    Sure, Linux and open source has always been more about substance over style. Raw machine power and reliability are what we want, not necessarily chic design and gorgeousness. I said “necessarily”. But we live in a world where hit records assures rock star status. Likewise, Linux needs a machine that rocks like Sabbath, but looks like Taylor Swift.

  • PlayStation 4 Latest News & Update: Unlicensed Games, Apps Can Run on Hacked Firmware; Linux Threatens Even PS4 Pro

    Unlicensed games and applications can run on PlayStation 4 now that firmware version 4.01 was reported hacked. This situation could lead to potential security failure and possible rooting of even the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro.

    To make the problem worse for Sony’s console is the report that PlayStation 4 hack was done using web browser, an exploit that can easily replicate. This info first surfaced during a geek’s event in China where PlayStation 4 was shown running an unauthorized Linux system. Digital Trends reported that this Linux can be installed using PS4′s built-in web browser.

  • Desktop

    • Lenovo downward dogs with Yoga BIOS update supporting Linux installs

      Following last month’s criticisms, Lenovo has released a BIOS update for its Yoga 900 range of laptops, finally allowing them to support GNU/Linux installations.

      Lenovo directly denied the sensational allegation that it had conspired with Microsoft to lock its laptops to Windows 10 with a BIOS setting locking the SSD to RAID mode.

      Despite stating that “Linux operating system vendors [would be responsible for] releasing new kernel and drivers to support features such as RAID on SSD”, Lenovo has now accepted that other methods of connecting to storage on its machines would be acceptable, if sub-optimal, and has issued a BIOS update for its Yoga 900-13ISK2 models, which will allow GNU/Linux installs.

  • Audiocasts/Shows

    • Cooking With Linux, Episode 6 : Desktop Extravaganza

      Now, on with the show.

      Welcome to “Cooking With Linux”, episode 6, the show that combines wine, food, and free software. It’s all desktops all the time on this episode of “Cooking With Linux”. One question that I get asked regularly is why we have all these distributions. One explanation I give is that it provides a way for people to work they way they want to with an environment that works well for them. But what are these desktop environments? On today’s episode, I’ll take you through a number of different desktop environments and window managers, from slick and modern to just plain strange. Pull up a chair, enjoy a glass of wine, order some food, and enjoy.

  • Kernel Space

    • Linux Kernel 4.8.5 Lands with Numerous CIFS, ARM64, and PowerPC Improvements

      Today, October 28, 2016, renowned Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman informed the community about the immediate availability for download of the Linux 4.8.5 kernel maintenance release.

      Linux kernel 4.8.5 is here less than a week after the announcement of the fourth maintenance update to the Linux 4.8 kernel series, which is currently the most stable and advanced you can get for a GNU/Linux distribution, and, according to the appended shortlog and the diff from the previous release, it’s a pretty big one, changing a total of 152 files, with 1416 insertions and 612 deletions.

    • Linux Kernel 4.4.28 LTS Released with Many Improvements to the CIFS File System

      Immediately after informing us about the availability of Linux kernel 4.8.5, Greg Kroah-Hartman published details about the release of the twenty-eighth maintenance update to the long-term supported Linux 4.4 kernel series.

    • Linux 4.9-rc3

      Releasing rc3 on a Saturday, not to catch any people trying to game
      the rc release timing, but simply because I’ll be traveling for the
      kernel summit tomorrow.

      It turns out that the bug that we thought was due to the new virtually
      mapped stacks during the rc2 release wasn’t due to that at all, but a
      block request queuing race condition. So people who turned off the new
      feature weren’t actually avoiding it at all, but probably the only
      people who hit it were people like DaveJ who are doing stress-testing.
      But it’s all fixed now, and we should be all set.

    • Linus Torvalds Announces Linux Kernel 4.9 RC3, Things Are Getting Bigger Again
    • Linux 4.9-rc3 Kernel Released With Various Fixes
    • Interbench benchmarks for MuQSS 116

      As mentioned in my previous post, I recently upgraded interbench which is a benchmark application I invented/wrote to assess perceptible latency in the setting of various loads. The updates were to make the results meaningful on today’s larger ram/multicore machines where the load scales accordingly.

    • Multiple Queue Skiplist Scheduler version 0.120

      This is to announce the first major ~stable public release of MuQSS (pronounced mux), the Multiple Queue Skiplist Scheduler.

    • Con Kolivas Announces First Major Release Of MuQSS, Successor To BFS

      At the beginning of the month well-known independent kernel contributor Con Kolivas confirmed he was working on a new project called MuQSS as an evolutionary successor to his Brain F*** Scheduler. This Saturday morning he’s now announced the first stable major release of MuQSS.

      MuQSS is short for the Multiple Queue Skiplist Scheduler. MuQSS is a drop-in replacement to the BFS scheduler and continues to cater towards responsiveness and interactivity as primary goals for the scheduler.

    • Interview With Linux Guru Michael Kerrisk

      I first came up with the idea around 2001, and I was in part inspired to do so by previous careers where I’d taught UNIX system programming courses and developed course materials for those courses.

      Back in 2001, there were only two real choices for books related to Linux system programming. The first was Richard Steven’s 1992 book, Advanced Programming in The UNIX Environment, which was (and is) a great book, but back then was a UNIX-generic book with no details about Linux. By quite some margin, the best of the then available Linux-specific books was the first (1998) edition of Eric Troan and Michael K. Johnson’s Linux Application Development. That book had a lot of good Linux-specific detail, but there were also many Linux-specific areas as well as some UNIX-generic areas that it did not cover. So there was obviously a gap in the market.

    • Inside the kernel.
    • bus1 — Kernel Message Bus
    • Bus1 Kernel Message Bus
    • Linux Git Repo – Spring 2005 – October 2016 – Gource, 1 day per second (or two)
    • Graphics world domination may be closer than it appears

      The mainline kernel has support for a wide range of hardware. One place where support has traditionally been lacking, though, is graphics adapters. As a result, a great many people are still using proprietary, out-of-tree GPU drivers. Daniel Vetter went before the crowd at Kernel Recipes 2016 to say that the situation is not as bad as some think; indeed, he said, in this area as well as others, world domination is proceeding according to plan.

    • Automatically detecting kernel interface changes

      ABI changes can be painful for anybody charged with the development and maintenance of software; that can be doubly so when the changes happen inadvertently and take people by surprise. There is tooling out there that can search for and report ABI changes. At Kernel Recipes 2016, Dodji Seketeli presented some early work he has done on a tool that would find unexpected kernel ABI changes and asked what might seem like an obvious question: would this functionality be useful to the development community?

      It is worth noting that he was not talking about the sort of ABI change that kernel developers worry about the most: changes to the user-space ABI. Instead, he is focusing on changes to the loadable-module ABI. At first blush, that might seem like it could reduce the level of interest in his work. As was pointed out in the talk, kernel developers are generally unwilling to talk about the module interface as an ABI at all; at best, it’s a fluid API with no stability guarantees. This interface is explicitly allowed to change, so the number of developers wanting a tool to flag those changes might be thought to be small.

    • Kernel Recipes 2016 – The Linux Driver Model – Greg KH
    • Formatted kernel documentation at

      For the last couple of release cycles, the kernel’s ongoing transition to the Sphinx documentation system has left behind.

    • Graphics Stack

      • Initial Nouveau DRM Changes Queued For Linux 4.10

        With Linux 4.9 there is unfortunately no new feature code for Nouveau due to being late to merge the new functionality, but that work that missed 4.9 is now staged in DRM-Next for merging to mainline when the Linux 4.10 merge window rolls along.

        With this pull over night the code we originally hoped to see in Linux 4.9 for Nouveau. This new material for Linux 4.10 includes the initial boost support for greater performance but disabled by default as some more great work done by Karol Herbst. There are also related volt/clock changes done by Karol while all the re-clocking and boosting must still be done manually. The boost support also isn’t yet optimal but at least will help raise the frame-rates for open-source NVIDIA Linux gamers.

      • Waltham: Generic Wayland-Style Network IPC

        Collabora went public today with their new spin-off project from Wayland: meet Waltham.

        Waltham is developed by Collabora at the request of some of their clients. Waltham is a generic Wayland-style IPC over network and can allow for more Wayland network-friendly applications.

      • X.Org Server 1.19 RC2, Some Prominent XWayland Changes

        X.Org Server 1.19 was supposed to be released last week but that didn’t happen while now available today is the second release candidate.

      • Black Mesa Is Now Available For Linux Gamers

        If you are looking for some Linux gaming this weekend, Black Mesa was recently released in early form for Linux / SteamOS.

      • The Blocker Bugs So Far For Mesa 13.0

        Mesa release manager Emil Velikov has setup a tracker bug to indicate all of the bugs that are blockers for the upcoming Mesa 13.0 release.

    • Benchmarks

      • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 OpenGL/Vulkan/OpenCL Linux Performance

        Earlier this week NVIDIA began shipping the GeForce GTX 1050 graphics cards and our first review is of a Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 Mini. A GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Linux review is still coming up plus some other articles looking at performance-per-Watt and other interesting areas for these low-cost Pascal-based GPUs. Here are results of the latest NVIDIA Linux performance compared to the latest open-source AMD Linux driver with various Radeon GPUs.

      • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Linux Benchmarks

        Yesterday I published the first GeForce GTX 1050 Linux benchmarks with OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulkan coverage. With now having my hands on the EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC GAMING graphics card, here are the first Nexus VST 3.20.3 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2021 benchmarks of the GTX 1050 Ti graphics card that can be fetched for less than $150 USD.

  • Applications

    • Keep An Eye On Your Disks With SpaceView for Ubuntu

      This site seems to have a thing for disk space menu bar apps of late. Joe even misquoted a well-known saying in a recent post, noting that “you wait ages for one disk usage indicator to arrive, and then two come along at once.” Well, you better make that 3, buddy!

    • FFmpeg 3.2 “Hypatia” Open Source Multimedia Framework Officially Released

      A new major version of the powerful, free, cross-platform and open source FFmpeg multimedia framework has been released on October 27, 2016, for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

      Dubbed “Hypatia” and cut from Git master on the 26th of October, 2016, the new FFmpeg 3.2 branch is now considered stable, well-tested, and ready for production. It includes up-to-date library versions like libavutil 55.34.100, libavcodec 57.64.100, libavformat 57.56.100, libavdevice 57.1.100, libavfilter 6.65.100, libavresample 3.1.0, libswscale 4.2.100, libswresample 2.3.100, and libpostproc 54.1.100.

    • HP Linux Imaging & Printing 3.16.10 Adds Support for Ubuntu 16.10 and Debian 8.6

      On October 28, 2016, the team behind the HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging & Printing) project, an HP-developed solution for providing up-to-date drivers for HP Inkjet and Laser-based printers to GNU/Linux distributions was updated to version 3.16.10.

      HP Linux Imaging & Printing (HPLIP) 3.16.10 comes a little over a month after the release of the previous version, 3.16.9, to introduce support for Canonical’s recently released Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) operating system, as well as for the sixth update to the stable Debian GNU/Linux 8 “Jessie” series.

    • Best Linux Video Editing Software 2016

      Ubuntu, and Linux in general, is not known as the go-to platform for multimedia production. Instead, Apple Mac systems are probably the most popular system for graphic designers, video editors, and music production specialists, with Windows PC’s coming a close second. But here are a few Linux video editing software review.

    • drat 0.1.2: Mostly harmless
    • RProtoBuf 0.4.7: Mostly harmless

      CRAN requested a release updating any URLs for Omegahat to the (actually working) URL. The RProtoBuf package had this in one code comment (errr…) and on bibfile entry. Oh well — so that caused this 0.4.7 release which arrived on CRAN today. It contains the requested change, and pretty much nothing else.

    • Obnam 1.20 released

      I have just released version 1.20 of Obnam, my backup program. It’s been nine months since the previous release, and that’s a long time: I’ve had an exciting year, and not entirely in a good way. Unfortuntely that’s eaten up a lot of my free time and enthusiasm for my hobby projects.

    • Term::ANSIColor 4.06
    • live-wrapper 0.4 released!

      live-wrapper is a wrapper around vmdebootstrap for producing bootable live images using Debian GNU/Linux. Accompanied by the live-tasks package in Debian, this provides the toolchain and any video converter ultimate 6.3.8 serial key necessary for building live images using Cinnamon, GNOME, KDE, LXDE, MATE and XFCE. There is also work ongoing to add a GNUstep image to this.

    • Open Source Photography Software “Darktable” 2.0.7 has been Released

      Darktable is an open source photography workflow application and RAW developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to develop raw images and enhance them.

    • 2 Linux clients for Microsoft’s OneDrive. Yes, they work, but…

      The Linux notes from DarkDuck blog has recently published a How-to guide for using cloud storage from the Russian company Yandex with native Linux support: Yandex.Disk.

      Of course, Yandex is not the only company that offers free and subscription-based cloud storage services. There was even a discussion about one of the alternatives in the comments for that article.

      My take on that discussion is that I would not trust my files to a company that only receives revenues from the cloud storage. It is like putting all your eggs in the same basket. That’s why I would recommend you use a company with a diverse set of cash cows. How many of them are there? Not that many, I am afraid.

    • NoNotifications Indicator 0.9 Released With New Features

      NoNotifications is an Ubuntu indicator for temporarily suppressing NotifyOSD (which is used by Unity) notifications. This can be useful for presentations, when working, and so on, to prevent unwanted notifications.

    • SafeEyes Protects You From Eye Strain When Working On The Computer

      SafeEyes is an application that tries to protect your eyes from eye strain (asthenopia) by reminding you to take breaks while you’re working long hours at the computer. It was created as a free and open source Linux alternative for EyeLeo, a Windows-only app.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Install La-Capitaine Icon Theme Inspired from macOS and Google’s Material Design
      • The Linux Foundation and edX announce free DevOps course
      • How To Download Packages Faster In Linux Using APT-FAST Command?
      • Solitaire in a Bash script
      • How to update the software on a Linux VPS
      • 3 Ways to Delete All Files in a Directory Except One or Few Files with Extensions
      • How To Install KDE neon Operating System
      • Install Streamlink (Livestreamer Fork) In Ubuntu Or Linux Mint Via PPA
      • How to Manage Kernel Modules in Linux
      • How to Check Bad Sectors or Bad Blocks on Hard Disk in Linux
      • How Nexus VST 3.20.3 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2021 Install Kernel 4.8.5 on Ubuntu, Photo mechanic 5 - Crack Key For U Mint And Other Ubuntu Derivative Systems
      • Tuple And Pair in C++ APIs?
      • Kernel 4.9 RC3 Has Been Released. Install It On Your Ubuntu System Now
      • 3 Ways to Extract and Copy Files from ISO Image in Linux
      • Offsite Linux backup to Mega with duplicity
      • Pi-Hole: A DNS-based blacklist for ads and tracking for Raspberry Pi
      • The Perfect Server – Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) with Apache, PHP, MySQL, PureFTPD, BIND, Postfix, Dovecot and ISPConfig 3.1
      • How To Install Nginx, MariaDB 10, PHP 7 (LEMP Stack) in 16.10/16.04
      • Adding a signature to PDFs on Linux like in macOS
      • How to Manage Processes in Linux Using Command Line
      • Freeing my tablet (Android hacking, SW and HW)
      • Develop Network Applications for ESP8266 using Mongoose in Linux
      • How to Install and Manage Snap Packages on Ubuntu 16.10
      • How to Install and Configure Apache Tomcat 8.5 on Ubuntu 16.04
      • How to Install Rocket.Chat Server with Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04
      • issue #51: Chaos Monkey, Pi-Hole, tcptop, Varnish, chmod, Linux Internals & more!
      • issue #52: Dtrace, nftables, bashcached, nodejs 7, elastic 5, bfs, varnish & more!
      • How to Install Mattermost with PostgreSQL and Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04
      • How to Use Quota Support on LXC Containers
    • Wine or Emulation

      • The Wine Development Release 1.9.22 Is Now Available

        The Wine team released yesterday another development release of their software. Version 1.9.22 has many small changes including 25 bugfixes.

      • Wine 1.9.22 Lets Linux Users Play Max Payne 2, Might & Magic Heroes IV, Tron 2.0

        A new development release of the popular, open-source and cross-platform Wine free implementation of Windows on Unix solution has been announced on October 28, 2016, versioned 1.9.22.

        Coming two weeks after the release of the previous version, namely Wine 1.9.21, the Wine 1.9.22 update is here to add even more improvements to the upcoming HID support, improve the WebServices implementation, adds experimental bitmap rendering in Direct2D, and adapts the macOS clipboard support to the new design.

      • Wine 1.9.22 Released
    • Games

      • GOL Podcast S01E06: Steam Machines PC or Console, guest starring ‘The Linux Gamer’

        A little reason for the delay on this particular episode: I had planned a trip to my home state back at the beginning of this month, when an opportunity came up. I found out that none other than The Linux Gamer from YouTube lived in the area.

        So we arranged for the recording of this podcast to happen face to face, something of a rarity in our very digital age. So the topic we came to discuss was about Steam Machines and we ask the question: how should they be viewed, as a console or PC? So sit back and enjoy, while we talk about gaming on Linux.

      • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Release on Linux on November 3; Mac Awaits its Turn
      • The developers of Early Access survival sandbox ‘CHKN’ are celebrating a Halloween contest
      • A look at some neat Linux games you can find on the awesome itch store

        The game store can be a bit of a goldmine when it comes to smaller titles, and it’s time to give them a shout out.

        The problem with itch, is that the barrier for entry is really low, so a lot of pure crap ends up on the store. Finding games worth your time and/or money can be problematic.

        Some are free, some are not. Some are also in development, but I found them interesting. I tested them all to make sure they run smoothly on Linux. This is not meant as an in-depth review of each game, but a shout-out to games that work that you may have never heard of. Essentially, it’s games to keep an eye on.

      • Humble “Day of the Devs 2016″ Bundle Has 5 Cool Linux Games, Including Oxenfree

        Dear Linux gamers, a new game bundle from Humble Bundle is up for grabs today, and it looks like it includes five cool, DRM-free games that you’ll be able to play on your Linux-powered computers.

        Dubbed Humble “Day of the Devs 2016″ Bundle, the new game bundle came online just a couple of hours ago, and brings you $129 worth of awesome stuff, but you’ll pay what you want for Broken Age, Lumino City, and Titan Souls. Unfortunately, only Broken Age is supported on Linux, as the latter two are for Windows and Mac.

      • Zombasite, an action RPG set in a zombie apocalypse is now available for Linux DRM free on GOG
      • Natural Selection 2 updated, new game mode available and a free weekend

        Natural Selection 2 [Steam] is the RTS/FPS hybrid that’s pretty damn fun and it has just been updated. You can now get a new game-mode from the Steam Workshop and the entire game is free to try all weekend. Not only is it free all weekend, it’s also on sale at 50% off.

        Thanks to this, the player-count online has spiked quite nicely!

      • This Halloween, become a psycho in ‘Slayaway Camp’, a comically gory puzzler with day-1 Linux support

        Slayaway Camp is an isometric and sadistic puzzler where you play as a deranged psychopath who goes on a rampage at an isolated camp in the woods. It features one of the best trailers I’ve seen recently. I couldn’t stop laughing at the 0:44 part, honestly:

        Although there isn’t an official demo available, you can find the free version of the game on Kongregate. I would’ve liked to write some first impressions of this free version, but unfortunately it requires Flash Player to run. I will try to contact the developers to see if they can upload a HTML5 version.

      • ‘Noct’, the freaky 2D top-down multiplayer survival horror has been revamped in time for Halloween
      • Humble Day of the Devs Bundle 2016 has some nice Linux games going for cheap

        Humble Day of the Devs Bundle 2016 is the latest pay what you want bundle, and it actually has some pretty nice Linux games on offer.

  • Desktop Environments/WMs

    • Desktop Environment Review: Budgie

      Budgie is a new desktop environment created for Solus Operating System, emphasized to be user-friendly. Budgie is not a descendant from any previous VueScan 9.6.44 Crack serial key - Crack Key For U environment, so it’s not a fork of GNOME nor KDE. This review covers some aspects of Budgie at its latest version today (10.2.8). It is my first time to review Budgie Desktop Environment. For Mr. Ikey Doherty, thank you!

    • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

      • Plasma 5.8.2, Applications 16.08.2 and Frameworks 5.27.0 available in Mageia

        Mageia KDE Team just finished to push in Mageia cauldron :
        – Plasma 5.8.2 ( the Plasma LTS version )
        – KDE Applications 16.08.2
        – KDE Frameworks 5.27.0

      • Akonadi EWS Resource – first bugfix release

        In the initial release announcement I have promised to focus on calendar support. Unfortunately I haven’t had that much time for development as I initially anticipated. In the meantime some early adopters have uncovered a number of issues that have since been fixed. In order to deliver those fixes I have decided to issue a bugfix release (0.8.1).

      • Kdenlive packages available for testing

        Getting the correct dependencies and up to date version of required libraries has always been a challenge for Kdenlive users. So we are pleased to announce that we now provide binary packages for download. These packages contain the latest Kdenlive development version (git master), as well as current development versions of MLT, Frei0r, OpenCV. The GPU movit library is not included at this stage. There might be some performance hit due to the nature of the formats, but these packages will be most helpful to debug and test the alpha/beta versions so that we can provide better releases. It will also help to identify issues linked to missing dependencies or outdated libraries on your system.

      • Mobile IMG 20161025-140532
      • GammaRay 2.6.0 – a major new release
      • Global Menu’s Returning!

        With Plasma 5.8 LTS out the door it’s time to look ahead at future Plasma releases. In our first long term support release we introduced “modifier only shortcuts” that allow you to open the application launcher with just the Meta key. Judging from feedback on the Internet this is one of the best features introduced in all of KDE’s history ;) I was quite surprised to find that the global menu is a close second.

      • KStars 2.7.0 is released

        I’m very glad to announce the release of KStars v2.7.0 (Menkab)! This new version brings improvements all over the board, from speed improvements, better cross-platform support, and Android mobile/tablet support is now finally merged into mainline KStars!

      • My QtCon + Akademy 2016

        From August 31th to September 10th I was em Berlin attending two amazing conferences: QtCon and Akademy.

        QtCon brought together five communities to host their respective conferences at a same time and place, creating one big and diverse conference. Those communities were Qt, KDAB, KDE (celebrating 20th birthday), VLC and FSFE (both celebrating 15th birthday).

      • digiKam Recipes 5.0.1 Released and digiKam AppImage Package Coming
      • Your most wanted icon set for KDE
      • KDE Applications 16.12 Schedule finalized

        Dependency freeze is in 2.5 weeks and Feature Little Snitch 5.1.2 Crack + License Key 2021 [Latest Version] in 3.5 weeks, so hurry up!

      • Automotive, what an opportunity for KDE!

        Putting the effort on having KDE well supported in Yocto would provide the project a third life, landing on an industry that is heavily investing in Open Source with a key piece of software, with no clear competitor today in the open.

        It would revamp the interest of many KDE developers in porting their apps to embedded/mobile environments and would bring attention to the project from Qt professionals all over the world. Currently KDE is significantly better than anything else that is open in automotive. It would just require the effort to include it and maintain it in Yocto, which is not small, and adapting Plasma a little initially, not much.

        GENIVI launched a Challenge Grant Program that might help to put some funding in the equation ;-)

    • GNOME Desktop/GTK

      • First GNOME 3.24 Desktop Environment Snapshot Now Ready for Public Testing

        Just a few minutes ago, GNOME developer Javier Jardón informed us about the availability of the GNOME 3.23.1 desktop environment, which is the first development snapshot towards GNOME 3.24, due for release on March 22, 2017.

      • GNOME 3.23.1 Released, First Step Towards GNOME 3.2
      • GNOME Core Apps Hackfest – Sponsors

        As I mentioned in my previous blog post we organized a hackfest to discuss all about the core GNOME experience, with emphasis on core apps and taking into account its impact in 3rd party developers too.

        But you can imagine, bringing together a not small amount of developer, designers and community in a single place involves travel costs, accommodation, an appropiate place where we can gather and discuss with internet and tables… and apart of that, small details that improves the overall experience like snacks and something to distract ourselves after a long journey, like a simple dinner all of us together.

  • Distributions

    • Reviews

      • Solus review – The distro that could not

        Damn. I’m so miffed. I was really hoping to test Solus some more and exploring its capabilities. I wanted to see how Macdrive Pro Crack With Keygen Full Free Download [Latest] 2021 it would handle my smartphones, its performance, I was having high hopes around battery life, and the application stack looks interesting. This was also a first chance for me to check how well Budgie handles real hardware. All that was taken away from me by a silly bootloader error. Yes, the forum mentions it, but why.

        Such a missed opportunity. Solus had a fresh air of originality about it, it had the right dose of good looks, and it seemed to handle the functionality side, too. My final evaluation will have to wait for a future version, as this one is a no-go. I would also have to advise you to be careful with your own testing, as you may not be savvy enough in how to recover from failed boots. Be warned. The live session was top notch, but no grade here, as we didn’t really get to experience Solus. Sigh, Maybe another time.

    • New Releases

      • Maui 2 “Blue Tang” The media manager for serious collectors - Free Activators Still Based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Ships KDE Plasma 5.8.2

        Do you remember Maui? It’s the new name gave by the Netrunner team to their Netrunner Desktop flavor earlier this summer, rebased on KDE Neon and shipping with the latest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) goodies.

        The first Maui release, versioned 1, landed in mid-August, and we’ve just been informed about the general availability of Maui 2, dubbed “Blue Tang,” featuring the recently released KDE Plasma 5.8.2 LTS desktop environment on top of an updated Ubuntu 16.04 LTS base, and, of course, running the long-term supported Linux 4.4 kernel.

    • Gentoo Family

    • OpenSUSE/SUSE

      • The heroes we deserve

        You may be aware that openSUSE Leap 42.2 is now in the release candidate stage, and there’s a lot of activity aimed at squashing those pesky bugs before they hit the final release. One particular bug proved to be quite tough to fix, and it was only solved thanks to the “heroes” mentioned in the title. This is the history of the bug.


        What could I say: upstream-downstream collaboration is truly awesome, and even more so when such a difficult bug is tackled and fixed. The way my fellow KDE team members acted is truly commendable, and so the behavior of upstream KDE (despite the false “they don’t listen” mantra) that helped and offered assistance in getting a proper solution out.

        So if you ever meet Antonio, David, Fabian, and Martin, please offer them a beverage of their choice. They’re the heroes Free Software deserves.

    • Red Hat Family

      • Finance

      • Fedora

        • FEDORA and GNOME at SEISCO 2016

          It is well-known for some people that my heart, head and soul belong to both, the GNOME and FEDORA project, and anytime I have the opportunity to talk about Linux, I bring these ones to the table. So, thanks to the organizers of the event SEISCO 2016 for letting me share more about them!

        • Fedora 25 (Beta)

          Fedora 25 will be coming soon! So I decided to try F25 beta to see if I can hunt some bugs; and even if I can start using it as my primary OS. Specially since it is going to use Wayland by default rather than Xorg for its graphical subsystem, more testing is needed to make sure that final release will have less surprising bugs! I’ve tried Wayland in Fedora 24 and wondershare uniconverter price applications (notably Eclipse) work terrible under Wayland; and I’m installed F25 mainly to see how Eclipse works under Wayland there.

          Fortunately, Eclipse works fine under Wayland in Fedora 25. Even better, Wayland experience under Fedora 25 seems more smooth than that of Fedora 24 using nouveau driver.

        • X.Org Server 1.19 was supposed to be released last week but that didn’t happen while now available today is the second release candidate.
        • Fedora 25 Final blocker status mail #1
    • Debian Family

      • Derivatives

        • KNOPPIX release version 7.7.1
        • Canonical/Ubuntu

          • Ubuntu 16.10 review: Convergence is in a holding pattern; consistency’s here instead

            There’s plenty in Ubuntu 16.10 that makes it worth the upgrade, though nothing about Canonical’s latest release is groundbreaking. This less experimental but worthwhile update continues to refine and bug-fix what at this point has become the fastest, stablest, least-likely-to-completely-change-between-point releases of the three major “modern” Linux desktops.

            Still, while the Unity 7.5 desktop offers stability and speed today, it’s not long for this world. Ubuntu 16.10 is the seventh release since the fabled Unity 8 and its accompanying Mir display server were announced. Yet in Ubuntu 16.10, there’s still no Unity 8 nor Mir.

          • Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak Released (Screenshots) and Download Links

            This time we couldn’t cover new Ubuntu release, few days back Canonical announced the latest version of Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak. It features Linux kernel 4.8, a preview session of Unity 8 desktop environment but Unity 7 is default desktop, Libreoffice 5.2, Gnome 3.20, update manager now shows changelog from PPAs: “Ubuntu 16.10 released with Hybrid Cloud Operations and Unity 8 developer preview, from Canonical, Developer preview of Unity 8 includes desktop, tablet and phone UX convergence. Apps provided by GNOME have been updated to at least 3.20. Many apps have been updated to 3.22 also. Network performance is a primary focus of this release, with updated versions of Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), OpenVSwitch (OVS) and virtualization technologies, all able to handle critical application traffic for lower latency and greater throughput. Ubuntu 16.10 and the corresponding updates to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS further enhance Ubuntu’s position as the leading private cloud infrastructure operating system, with OpenStack Newton, DPDK, enhanced OpenVSwitch and LXD machine containers alongside regular KVM based VM guests. Ubuntu 16.10 previews Canonical’s device convergence vision.” Yakkety Yak final version includes most recent versions of core set of packages, notable changes: Linux kernel 4.8 version, Gnome Software Center 3.20.1, Firefox 49, LibreOffice 5.2.2, Gnome platform 3.20, GNOME Calendar 3.20.x, Thunderbird 45.3, Rhythmbox 3.4.1, Shotwell 0.22.x, Nautilus 3.20.3, GTK+ 3.20, Gnome System Monitor 3.20.x, Gnome Terminal 3.20.2, Gnome Disks 3.22, Totem 3.22, Gedit 3.22, Mesa 12.0.3, Xorg Server 1.18.4, Pulseaudio is updated to 9.0, systemd 231 and latest versions for other applications.

          • Ubuntu 17.04 Unity 8
          • Flavours and Variants

            • Linux Mint 18.1 To Offer a More Useful Screensaver

              Linux Mint is making it lock-screen a little more useful, adding music and volume controls and MPRIS track data.

            • Mint Update Soon, Better Than Ubuntu?

              Clement Lefebvre today blogged of upcoming Mint 18 update, Serena, saying 18.1 should be released in November or December. He also teased users a bit with a few details of coming attractions. Elsewhere, Maui 2 was announced and Fedora-derivative Chapeau was reviewed. Mohd Sohail compared Mint to Ubuntu and delivered his shocking findings and The Document Foundation put out the call for designers. Micheal Larabel checked in on Fedora 25 progress and Dominique Leuenberger posted his weekly review of Tumbleweed changes.

            • Monthly News – October 2016

              Many new features and improvements were developed since the last release. We’re now just days away from feature-freeze, trying to squeeze one last thing here and there, before wrapping things up and focusing on the new release.

            • Linux Mint 18.1 is officially named ‘Serena’

              Linux Mint is a brilliant operating system. Based on Ubuntu, it aims to make Linux accessible to everyone. You know what? It succeeds.

            • Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Officially Released Based on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, Moksha 0.2.1

              Just a few moments ago, Bodhi Linux developer Jeff Hoogland proudly announced the release and general availability of his beautifully crafted, Ubuntu-based Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 distribution.

            • Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Released

              Hot on the heels of the Moksha 0.2.1 desktop release I am happy to announce the stable release of Bodhi 4.0.0. I would like to start by extending a giant thank you to all of the Bodhi Team Members who made the release possible. Stefan, Sef, Charles, Ylee, Okra, Tristram, and all our users taking the time to report issues on the forums – this release would not have happened without all of your help. For those who are more interested in download links than the details here you go:

  • Devices/Embedded

    • Samsung adds first 64-bit and Cortex-M4 based Artik modules

      Samsung extended its Artik line with a Linux-driven Artik 7 COM and dev kit for gateways with 8x Cortex-A53 cores, plus two Cortex-M4 based Artik 0 modules.

    • Terminals

      To implement the terminal you could fix a Raspberry Pi or similar to the back of the screen. Could it be powered by the same PSU as the screen? Perhaps if the screen had a USB port.

    • Phones

      • Smartwatch Market Dropped More than 50% Last Quarter
      • Tizen

      • Android

        • Android 7.0 Nougat update: Download and installation will bring 5 best features into the device.
        • Android 7.0 Nougat News & Latest Updates: Update Rolls Out To Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 5 Before 2016 Ends [VIDEO]
        • Users Of Google Pixel And Nexus Devices Running Android 7.1 Nougat Report Pairing Issues With Bluetooth In Cars
        • Google celebrates Halloween with ghosts, ghouls, witches, pumpkins, and more in Android Pay
        • Android 7.0 Nougat Update: Latest OS to become available for Moto E3 Power soon?
        • Android 7.0 Nougat Update For Galaxy Note 5 And Galaxy S7: Here Are The Latest Rumors
        • Action Launcher makes Quickcuts free, implements more of the Pixel and Android 7.1′s features
        • It’s official: Oracle will appeal its “fair use” loss against Google

          The massive Oracle v. Google litigation has entered a new phase, as Oracle filed papers (PDF) yesterday saying it will appeal its loss on “fair use” grounds to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

          For a brief recap of the case: after Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems and acquired the rights to Java, it sued Google in 2010, saying that Google infringed copyrights and patents related to Java. The case went to trial in 2012. Oracle initially lost but had part of its case revived on appeal. The sole issue in the second trial was whether Google infringed the APIs in Java, which the appeals court held are copyrighted. In May, a jury found in Google’s favor after a second trial, stating that Google’s use of the APIs was protected by “fair use.”

        • BlackBerry signs its most crucial licence deal yet – and there’s not a patent in sight

          Though it is manufactured under contract by China’s TCL, the DTEK60 is designed, distributed and marketed by BlackBerry. This is a typical arrangement in the consumer electronics world, where brand-name companies will typically outsource much of the manufacturing and assembly to dedicated OEMs and other contractors.

        • The 2016 Big Android BBQ, in photos
        • How to enroll in the Android Beta Program
        • Google Assistant in Allo: Everything you need to know
        • BBM for Android receives update with new features and bug fixes
        • Android phones gave away Maoists location
        • Android phones gave away Maoists’ location?

          The CPI (Maoist) leaders and cadres have adopted the available technology, from making rocket launchers to using laptops for their strategy planning, and the mobile phones with android system are no exception. There are also reports of the underground cadre enjoying the entertainment available on their mobiles and taking selfies.


          Their fancy for a selfie resulted in the police getting their latest photos.

        • DoubleTwist Player update brings a fresh UI and support for Chromecast, Android Wear, and Android Auto
        • PlayStation Vue now on Android TV
        • ‘The Quest’ Finally Releases on Android After All These Years
        • The Best Android 7.1 Features for Nexus Owners
        • Android 7.0 Nougat Update for LG, HTC, Nexus, Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola and More! Check Out Schedules!
        • Android Circuit: Note 7 Horror Damages Galaxy S8, Pixel XL Secrets, Apple Messages For Android
        • Best Android phones

          Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

          Cnet rating: 5 stars out of 5

          The good: The Edge has a gorgeous larger curved screen and larger battery than the otherwise identical standard S7. It really is something special. The extra navigation tools can be useful when used judiciously.

          The bad: When you pile on these extra tools, they slow you down rather than speed you up. It’s pricier than other good phones.

          The cost: $600 (refurbished) to $780

          The bottom line: The gorgeous Galaxy S7 Edge makes the best Hd tune pro crack phone that much better.

        • Polar M600 review: For Android users who want to be more connected during workouts

          There’s no shortage of Android Wear watches to choose from. Companies including Huawei, LG, Casio, and Fossil all have smartwatches that run on Google’s wearable operating system, and all of them can use Google Fit’s activity tracking. Now, the fitness company Polar is getting into the mix with the M600 Android Wear-based fitness watch, which is the first device that integrates Polar’s existing exercise software with Android Wear.

          The M600 wants to appeal to a specific kind of user: one who is into fitness and wants a heart rate monitor and onboard GPS in their tracker, but who also cares about getting wrist notifications and using wearable apps. But at $329, Polar’s device is right up there with the Apple Watch in price, and that might be too steep for some consumers, considering the experience it offers is much different.

Free Software/Open Source

  • What you can learn from GitHub’s top 10 open source projects

    Open source dominates big data. So much so, in fact, that Cloudera co-founder Mike Olson has declared, “No dominant platform-level software infrastructure has emerged in the last ten years in closed-source, proprietary form.” He’s right, as the vast majority of our best big data infrastructure (Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, MongoDB, etc.) is open source.

  • Nine in ten companies use open source

    It’s not surprising that businesses are feeling jittery about cybersecurity, especially after last week’s news that a botnet had used Internet of Things devices to hack into platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Spotify. And this week, a new report from Rackspace, the managed cloud company, has revealed that while many companies are now using open source – a type of software that makes the original source code freely available – they still harbour security concerns.

    The report, which surveyed 300 large organisations in the UK, found that 90% of companies are using open source coding, despite 54% associating it with security threats. And while 25% of companies are fully using open source, of the companies that aren’t fully using it, 49% saw closed source technologies as more secure.

  • Why Professional Open Source Management is Critical for your Business

    In his Open Source Landscape keynote at LinuxCon Japan earlier this year, Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation said that the trend toward corporate-sponsored open source projects is one of the most important developments in the open source ecosystem. The jobs report released by the Linux Foundation earlier this year found that open source professionals are in high demand. The report was followed by the announcement that TODOGroup, a collaboration project for open source professionals who run corporate open source program offices, was joining the Linux Foundation. Open source is no longer exclusively a pursuit of the weekend hobbyist. Professional open source management is a growing field, and it’s critical to the success of your technology strategy.

  • Ignite UI Is Now Open Source!

    For a while now, Ignite UI has been the choice for large enterprises to create beautiful and powerful modern web UIs on top of their enterprise data. We (Infragistics) are now making this product available to everyone. We want to open up the most powerful and easy-to-use UI framework for Modern Web Applications to everyone. In order to do this, we’ve made the majority of the line of business Ignite UI controls and components open source, and available on GitHub to everyone to grab! The open source part of Ignite UI is licensed under Apache 2.0.

  • Increasing Diversity is not Just the Duty of the Marginalized

    Often women are presented with a “Prove it again” bias in the workplace, in which they must repeatedly demonstrate their competence just to be taken seriously. As a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee for the past four years, Anne Gentle has encountered her fair share of these biases. Gentle shared her experience on today’s episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, recorded at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona this week.

  • Microservices Ecosystem Transit Map

    Microservices architecture has reached a tipping point where its broad adoption is now pretty much guaranteed. According to a survey by NGINX, nearly a third of companies have deployed microservices in production, and another third are either using microservices in development or considering them. Furthermore, there is fairly even distribution of microservices adoption across small (36%), medium (50%), and large companies (44%), indicating that the approach has merit regardless of how many developers you have in your organization.

  • Free Dev Tools for Running or Creating a Site

    Are you involved in DevOps and web development, or are you aiming to be? If so, you’re probably very aware of many of the tools from the open standards and open source arenas that can make your work easier. Still, these are always spreading out at a fast clip and there are some applications and tools that are rarely discussed. Here at OStatic, we try to regularly update our collections focused on them. In this post, you’ll find numerous free resources for web development that range from complete online courses available for free to unsung applications.

  • Collaboration yields open source technology for computational science

    The gap between the computational science and open source software communities just got smaller – thanks to an international collaboration among national laboratories, universities and industry.

    The Eclipse Science Working Group (SWG), a global community for individuals and organizations who collaborate on commercially-friendly open source software, recently released five projects aimed at expediting scientific breakthroughs by simplifying and streamlining computational science workflows.

  • Open source data sharing software takes aim at cancer
  • Open source oncology software from Pitt, UPMC to speed genomic data sharing

    TCGA Expedition, a new new tool developed by the University of Pittsburgh, UPMC and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, can help cancer investigators wade through huge amounts of genomic data.

    The open-source technology, which manages data from The Cancer Genome Atlas project, continuously downloads, processes and manages TCGA data, allowing researchers to choose specific tools as they work toward better treatments.

    “Starting with TCGA, our goal is to make large data sets available to the average researcher who would not otherwise be able to access this information,” said Rebecca Jacobson, MD, professor of biomedical informatics and chief information officer at Pitt’s School of Medicine, in a statement.

  • Pittsburgh researchers team up to offer open-source genomic software

    Several Pittsburgh-based genetic research organizations have released to the public an open-source software tool that aims to make researchers’ work easier while handing massive amounts of genomic data across disparate data sources.

    The three participants in the software development project, called TCGA Expedition, are the University of Pittsburgh, the UPMC health system and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. The 30-year-old center is a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.

    The genetic database known as the Cancer Genome Atlas is, for now, the focus of the Pittsburgh developers’ attention. It is a joint project of the National Cancer Institute and the National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health.

  • Open source is all about pay it forward

    When a bunch of open source devotees get together, the results can be quite astounding. In eight short years, Cloudera has become number five on the Forbes Cloud 100 list. As for the “pay it forward” reference – see the comments at the end.

  • Mitchell Hashimoto Talks About His Superpower and Why You Should Find Yours

    As the co-founder of HashiCorp, Mitchell Hashimoto is credited with being the creator of Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Consul, Vault and other DevOps tools. In addition, he’s an O’Reilly author and a top GitHub user, whether guaged by followers, activity or contributions. That’s quite a set of accomplishments for a young man who’s still on the younger side of 30.

  • Events

    • Winners of NZ Open Source Awards revealed

      The winners of the 2016 New Zealand Open Source Awards have been announced.

      Jason Ryan, chair of the judging panel said the winners constituted an impressive list of New Zealand’s Open Source community, and represented a cross-section of a thriving technical, social and creative sector.

      “The calibre of the nominations meant that there were strong contenders in every category. And while all of the finalists were worthy of recognition, the judges unanimously agreed that the winners in each category were those most deserving of recognition for their contributions”, Ryan said.

      The Awards aim to raise awareness of the free and open source advantage for New Zealand by “telling powerful success stories based on real achievements that are already making a difference for our country,” according to the award web site.

    • Winners of the 2016 New Zealand Open Source Awards Announced [Ed: same as below]
    • Winners of the 2016 New Zealand Open Source Awards Announced
    • Tizen DevLab Coming to Bangalore India – 4 November 2016
    • OpenStack Summit Barcelona Presentation

      Yesterday I conducted my talk at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona. You can find the presentation here: “Vanilla or Distributions: How Do They Differentiate?” and the video from the session on the OpenStack Foundation youtube channel.

    • CppCon Special Report

      KDAB has long supported the C++ community, as C++ is the backbone of Qt and up-to-date knowledge of its changes keeps us on the leading edge in the Qt world.

      Later this year we shall be supporting Europe’s Meeting C++ in Berlin, but now that this year’s talks have been released we felt it was time for a Special Report on CppCon which ran from September 17th-23rd this autumn in Bellevue, WA.

      KDAB’s Kévin Ottens was on the program committee and reviewed the talks at this year’s show, while Giuseppe D’Angelo (Peppe) contributed a day’s training on Programming with Qt Widgets, and two Lightning Talks on Qt (see them here and here), as well as attending the rest of the event.

    • GStreamer Conference 2016: Holographic Telecommunication in the Age of Free Software
    • Sysdig Camp-Con-World-Fest-Summit
  • Web Browsers

    • Mozilla

      • A Quantum Leap for the Web

        Over the past year, our top priority for Firefox was the Electrolysis project to deliver a multi-process browsing experience to users. Running Firefox in multiple processes greatly improves security and performance. This is the largest change we’ve ever made to Firefox, and we’ll be rolling out the first stage of Electrolysis to 100% of Firefox desktop users over the next few months.

        But, that doesn’t mean we’re all out of ideas in terms of how to improve performance and security. In fact, Electrolysis has just set us up to do something we think will be really big.

      • Mozilla Quantum: New Browser Engine Based On Servo/Rust For Firefox

        Mozilla’s latest secret project to go public is Quantum, a new browser engine for Firefox. But before wondering what happened to Servo, don’t worry, Quantum makes use of Servo and Rust.

      • Porting a few C functions to Rust

        Last time I showed you my beginnings of porting parts of Librsvg to Rust. In this post I’ll do an annotated porting of a few functions.

        Disclaimers: I’m learning Rust as I go. I don’t know all the borrowing/lending rules; “Rust means never having to close a socket” is a very enlightening article, although it doesn’t tell the whole story. I don’t know Rust idioms that would make my code prettier. I am trying to refactor things to be prettier after a the initial pass of C-to-Rust. If you know an idiom that would be useful, please mail me!

  • SaaS/Back End


Compare Packages Between Distributions

Comparing package versions between two distributions
Often times it is useful to be able to compare the versions of different packages between two distributions. This can let us know which distribution is more up to date, or if a feature has been introduced into one distribution but not the other.

This page enables us to quickly perform a side-by-side comparison of the packages available in two different distributions, or in two different versions of the same distribution. In this way we can not only compare two competing projects, but also track the progress of distributions as they adopt newer versions of software.

Please select two distributions and then a specific version of each distribution to compare.

  • Complete summaries of the Gentoo Linux and Xubuntu projects are available.

  • Note: In case where multiple versions of a package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. For indication about the GNOME version, please check the "nautilus" and "gnome-shell" packages. The apache web server is listed as "httpd" and the Linux kernel is listed as "linux". The KDE desktop is represented by the "kde-workspace" and "plasma-desktop" packages and the Xfce desktop by the "xfdesktop" package.

  • A complete package list for further comparison is available.
  • PackageGentoo Linux unstable Xubuntu 21.10 impish
    abiword (3.0.5)3.0.5--
    alsa-lib (
    ati-driver (20.45)----
    bash (5.1.8)5.15.1
    bind (9.16.23)9.16.22--
    chromium (96.0.4664.45)97.0.4692.8--
    cups (2.3.3)2.3.3p22.3.3
    dhcp (4.4.2-P1)--4.4.1
    e2fsprogs (1.46.4)
    firefox (94.0.2)
    freetype (2.11.0)
    gcc (11.2.0)11.2.0--
    gimp (2.10.28)
    glibc (2.34)2.342.34
    gnome-shell (41.1)41.1--
    gnucash (4.8)4.8--
    gnumeric (1.12.50)1.12.50--
    grub (2.06)2.062.04
    gtk (4.4.1)
    httpd (2.4.51)2.4.51--
    inkscape (1.1.1)1.1--
    k3b (21.08.3)21.08.3--
    kmod (29)2928
    krita (4.4.8)4.4.8--
    libreoffice (7.2.2)
    linux (5.15.3)
    PackageGentoo Linux unstable Xubuntu 21.10 impish

    Raspberry Pi OS Software Packages

    Lib Packages

    raspberryLibraries and Plugins

    To install Raspberry Pi OS software on a Raspberry Pi

    Packages are installed using Terminal. First get an updated package list by entering the following command in to terminal if this has not been done today
    Then install your chosen package with the command Find out more with the Guide to installing software with the apt command

    WWW: Please Note: each listing has a www link to a related webpage, the links are supplied by the author. I can not guarantee thay are all active and related to the listed package.

    Distro Version:

    The latest Distro for Raspberry Pi OS is Buster, the previouse version was Stretch. Next to each package is the version available for each distro.

    Buster(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Buster
    Stretch(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Stretch
    Buster & Stretch(#) = same version for both.
    If only one Distro is listed then the package is only available on that distribution.

    Jump to section A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V X Y Z


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(Trial) DRPU Back Link Checker [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] (Trial) DRPU Barcode Label Maker Software - Professional [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] (Demo) DRPU Business Card Maker Software [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF] (Demo) Drupal 8 staat centraal tijdens DrupalCon Amsterdam DS CPU Monitor (Freeware) DSF/MFT Viewer 1.3.0 (Freeware) DSLstats (formerly rs-w) 5.1 / 5.1.2 Pre-release (GPL) DTK ANPR SDK 2.0.148 (Demo) DTK Image Free chm creator - Free Activators 3.1 Build 16 (Shareware) DTM Data Editor 1.04.04 (Demo) DTM Data Generator 1.55.01 (Demo) DTM Data Generator Enterprise 1.55.00 (Demo) DTM Data Generator Enterprise 1.55.01 (Demo) DTM Data Generator for Excel 1.01.00 (Demo) DTM Data Generator for JSON 1.00.05 (Demo) DTM Data Generator Professional 1.55.00 (Demo) DTM Data Generator Professional 1.55.01 (Demo) DTM Data Scrubber 1.15.01 (Demo) DTM Database Content Analyzer 1.00.07 (Demo) DTM Flat File Generator 2.01.00 (Demo) DTM Flat File Generator 2.02.01 (Demo) DTM Flat File Generator 2.04.00 (Demo) DTM ODBC DSN List 2014 (Freeware) DTM Query Reporter 1.25.05 (Demo) DTM Query Reporter 1.26.02 (Demo) DTM Test XML Generator 1.10.05 (Demo) DtSQL 3.8.1 Build 20140928 (Trial) DtSQL 3.9.1 Build 20141102 (Trial) DtSQL Portable 3.8.1 Build 20140928 (Trial) DtSQL Portable 3.9.1 Build 20141015 (Trial) Dublin Dup Scout Server 6.8.14 (Trial) Dup Scout Ultimate 6.8.14 (Trial) DV Scheduler 5.84 (Freeware) DV Scheduler 5.85 (Freeware) DVBLink for IPTV 5.0.0 Build 10157 (Trial) DVD Converter Ultimate (Demo) DVD-Ranger CinEx HD (Trial) DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter (Trial) DVDFab 3D Video Toolkit (Trial) DVDFab 3D Video Toolkit (Trial) DVDFab Blu-ray Copy (Trial) DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and Blu-ray Ripper (Trial) DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and Blu-ray Ripper (Trial) DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper (Trial) DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter (Trial) DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD Converter (Trial) DVDFab Blu-ray Toolkit (Trial) DVDFab Blu-ray Toolkit (Trial) DVDFab Copy Suite Pro (Trial) DVDFab DVD Copy and DVD Ripper (Trial) DVDFab DVD Copy and DVD Ripper (Trial) DVDFab DVD Creator (Trial) DVDFab File Transfer (Freeware) DVDFab Passkey for DVD (Trial) DVDFab Passkey Lite (Freeware) DVDFab Ripper Suite (Trial) DVDFab Ripper Suite (Trial) DVDStyler 2.8 / 2.9 Beta 2 (Ad-supported) DWG to PDF .NET DLL [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] 1.0 (Shareware) DWR 2.0.11 / 3.0 RC2 (Apache License 2.0) Dyn Updater 5.2.0 (Freeware) Dynamic Audio Normalizer 2.06-6 / 2.07-1 Testing (GPL) e-Chamber 10-05-2014 (Trial) e-Paint 5.0a Revision 3 (Trial) E-Plus Gruppe Becomes First European Retailer to Transform the Customer Experience by Merging the Physical and Digital Stores via OneView Commerce Store for hybris E-Z Contact Book (Freeware) e.Digital Reports Second Quarter Results Eagle Mode 0.86.0 (GPL) EagleGet (Freeware) Earth Alerts 2014.1.194 (Freeware) Earth Alerts 2014.1.198 (Freeware) Earthport and Ripple Labs Announce Global Partnership to Improve the Efficiency and Speed of Cross-Border Payments EaseUS Todo Backup Free Build 20140814 (Freeware) EaseUS Todo PCTrans 8.0 (Demo) EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free 8.0 (Freeware) EassosRecovery Free 3.7.5 (Demo) Easy Access 2.1 (Freeware) Easy Beat Calculator 1.1.2 (Freeware) Easy Code for GoAsm (Freeware) Easy Code for MASM (Freeware) Easy Disc Burner (Freeware) Easy Disc Burner (Freeware) Easy Disc Burner (Freeware) Easy Disk Catalog Maker (Demo) Easy Duplicate Finder (Demo) Easy Guitar Tuner 1.0 (Freeware) Easy HDTV 1.5.16 (Trial) Easy Translator 9.7 (Trial) Easy Translator (Trial) Easy Video Maker 2.30 (Demo) Easy Video Maker 3.15 (Demo) Easy WebCam Recording 2.5 (Ad-supported) Easy Yahoo Maps Downloader 6.205 (Demo) Easy2Sync for Files 7.01 (Demo) EasyBilling 4.3.0 b516 (Demo) EasyBilling 4.3.1 b525 (Demo) Easyboost PhotoPrint (Trial) EasyMCC 1.3.1 (Freeware) EasyPlanEx HOME 2.6.1 (Freeware) EasyTAG 2.3.1 (GPL) EazyFlixPix 3.11 (Trial) EazyFlixPix 3.12 (Trial) eBay and Amazon eBook Converter Bundle 3.12.1126.354 (Trial) eCAL 2.000 (Trial) Echoworx Leads in Recognizing the Consumerization of Email Encryption by Introducing Open Authentication Through Gmail and LinkedIn Ecsow Dialer for Skype (Demo) Ecsow Dialer for Skype (Demo) EDC Finances USD 850 M to Vodafone to Help Connect More Canadian Suppliers to Telecom Giant EDFbrowser 1.54 (GPL) EdgeWave Adds Former Navy Intelligence Officer to Lead Cyber Operations EDMI EDRM Publishes eDiscovery Maturity Self-Assessment Test edtFTPnet/PRO 8.6.2 (Trial) Effectopedia 0.9.43 Alpha (GPL) Efficient Diary 3.80 Build 375 (Freeware) Efficient Diary Pro [DISCOUNT: 60% OFF!] 3.71 Build 371 (Trial) Efficient Notes [DISCOUNT: 60% OFF!] 3.71 Build 371 (Trial) Efficient Password Manager Network Edition [DISCOUNT: 60% OFF!] 3.71 Build 371 (Trial) Efficient Sticky Notes Pro [DISCOUNT: 60% OFF!] 3.71 Build 371 (Trial) Effortless Omnichannel Experiences Efftec International EFT Canada Approves Shareholder Rights Plan eGain and Nuance Share Stage at eGain World to Demonstrate More Intelligent eGain Announces Fiscal 2015 First Quarter Financial Results eGain Appoints Rex Dorricott as GM for EMEA EggLib 2.1.8 (GPL) eHealth eHealth Identifies Five Big Changes That Health Insurance Shoppers Should Know About for the 2015 Open Enrollment Period ehealth Releases Top Five Reasons Why Currently-Insured Consumers Should Reshop for Health Insurance During Open Enrollment Eisenkraut 1.0 Beta (GPL) eJuice Me Up 14.4 (Freeware) ELAN 4.7.3 / 4.8.0 Beta (GPL) Elasticsearch and Logstash Each Snag an Infoworld Bossie Award Elite ISI Elite People Search 4.5 (GPL) eM Client 6.0.20968.0 (Demo) eMagMaker PDF Editor (Demo) Email Mailbox Verification and Property Info Emailchemy 12.1.10 (Demo) Embarcadero Technologies Adds iOS 8 Support to RAD Studio XE7 and Appmethod September 2014 Release Embarcadero Unveils Upgrade Program to Help VCL Developers Become Current and Modernize Existing Windows Applications Embedded and Semi-Custom Business EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional (Trial) EMDB 2.14 (Donationware) EMDB 2.15 (Donationware) EmEditor Professional 14.7.0 (Trial) Emerge.MD to Deliver Video-Enhanced Telehealth Polycom Ready Solution to Enhance Patient Care EML To MSG Converter Software 7.0 (Demo) EMS SQL Manager Lite for InterBase and Firebird (Freeware) Emsisoft Anti-Malware (Trial) Emsisoft Internet Security (Trial) Emsisoft Internet Security (Trial) en especial para las aplicaciones de seguridad y protección Enacomm Inks Deal With SafeAmerica Credit Union to Provide a Customer Self and Assisted-Service Solution EnCalcE 6.4 (Freeware) Encoding Decoding Free 3.4.2 (Ad-supported) Endorfyn Enhanced Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell Enhanso Free 1.1.2 (Freeware) Enlarge Multiple Images Software 7.0 (Demo) Enlighted Partners to Create New Market Entercom Communications Selects RAMP for Online Audio and Video Platform Enterprise-Ready OpenStack Database as a Service Announced by Tesora Enters Social Media Security and Compliance Market Enthought Canopy (formerly EPD Free) (Freeware) Entity Developer 5.7.441 (Trial) Entity Developer 5.7.480 (Trial) Entity Developer Express Edition 5.7.461 (Freeware) Entity Developer Express Edition 5.7.471 (Freeware) Envelope Printer 1.5.2 (Freeware) Envelope Printer 1.7.1 (Freeware) EON Realitys Chairman Announces the KnowledgeBit(TM) Initiative at UNIDO ISID Forum Nov. 4-5 to Promote Global Learning and Skills Training Epazz Applied for Uplisting to the OTCQB Epazz Files First-Quarter 10-Q: Reports 21 Percent Increase in Revenues for First Quarter of 2014; Second-Quarter 10-Q in Process of Being Finalized epCheck 1.1.5 Build 1 (Freeware) Epicor Completes Acquisition of QuantiSense Epicor to Acquire Industry Leading Cloud Retail Analytics Solutions Provider -- QuantiSense EPUB To DjVu Converter Software 7.0 (Demo) Epubor EPUB to Kindle Converter (Trial) Epubor Nook DRM Removal (Trial) EQ Inc. Reports Third Quarter Results Equifax Equipment Rental Tracker Plus 3.2 (Trial) ERD Concepts 7.0.0 (Trial) Ericom AccessNow 3.4.5 (Trial) ES Image Printer Driver 1.6.3 (Demo) ESET NOD32 Antivirus [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] 8.0.304.0 (Trial) Espera 2.10.0 (MIT License) Espera 2.10.2 ABBYY FineReader 14.5.155 Full Download - Free Activators License) Espera 2.10.4 (MIT License) Espera 2.7.0 (MIT License) Espera 2.9.3 (MIT License) Espera Portable 2.10.0 (MIT License) Espera Portable 2.10.2 (MIT License) Espera Portable 2.10.4 (MIT License) Espera Portable 2.7.0 (MIT License) Espera Portable 2.9.3 (MIT License) Espresso ELN 6.3.1 (Demo) EssentialPIM Pro [DISCOUNT: 10% OFF!] 6.0 (Trial) Estimator (Freeware) Estimator (Freeware) Estimator (Freeware) Estimator (Freeware) Estudio de vídeo revela patrones de cambio en consumidores mientras que el consumo en TV se fragmenta en Smartphones Ethos Cataloger 1.4 (Freeware) ETL-Tools QlikView Connector (Trial) ETU SQL for DB2 7.0.0 (Trial) ETU SQL for MS SQL 6.2.0 (Freeware) ETU SQL for Oracle 6.2.1 (Trial) Euler Math Toolbox 2014-10-21 (GPL) Europäische Konferenz von Elemica über Lieferkette war ein großer Erfolg Eusing Maze Lock 3.2 Build 20141215 (Freeware) EVACopy 7.2 (GPL) Evaer (Demo) Evaer (Demo) EventSentry Light 3.0.1 Build 128 (Freeware) EventSentry Light 3.0.1 Build 134 (Freeware) EventTracker Announces 7.6 With Smart Search Launches New Release of Security Platform -- Delivers Best Security Practices to AWS Customers Throughout Entire Cloud Infrastructure Evollve Inc. Announces $2 Million in Funding From Series A Round Evolving Systems Reports Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results EWDraw 3D ActiveX Professional Edition 12.5.6 (Demo) EWDraw 3D ActiveX Professional Edition 12.6.1 (Trial) EWDraw 3D ActiveX Ultimate Edition 12.6.1 (Trial) ExCalendar (Demo) ExCalendar (Demo) Excel Server 2010 Standard Edition 9.4 (Trial) Excel Split Names and Phone Numbers Software 7.0 (Shareware) Excel XLS To XLSX Converter Software 7.0 (Demo) ExcelPipe 6.6 (Trial) ExcelPipe 6.7 (Trial) EXE Slide 1.710 (Freeware) EXEONE System Navigator 2014 (Trial) EXEONE System Navigator 2014 (Trial) Exhibitor and Silver Sponsor at the 2014 Penn State Natural Gas Utilization Conference ExifTool 9.77 (Freeware) ExifTool 9.78 (Freeware) EximiousSoft Business Card Designer 5.00 (Demo) Exlade Cryptic Disk Professional (Trial) Exoprise Extends Application Monitoring to the Public Cloud Expanding Its Presence in Canada ExpanDrive 4.1.9 (Trial) Expects to Help 500 000 Students this Year Expert Lotto 5.7 Build 141021 (Demo) Expert Lotto Portable 5.7 Build 141021 (Demo) ExpertGPS 5.22 (Trial) Explzh 7.22 (Freeware) Export List 3.3.0 (Trial) Exportizer (Freeware) Exportizer (Freeware) Exportizer Pro [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF] (Trial) Exportizer Pro (Trial) ExpPrint (Shareware) Express Points Presentation Software 1.13 (Freeware) Express Project 1.12 Beta (Freeware) Exterminate It! [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] (Demo) Exterminate It! [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] (Demo) Exterminate It! [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] (Demo) Exterminate It! [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] (Demo) ExtraHop Takes Gold in Seattle Business Magazines 2014 Tech Impact Awards EZ CD Audio Converter 2.2.2 (Trial) EZ CD Audio Converter 2.3.4 (Trial) EZ CD Audio Converter 2.4 (Trial) ez1099 3.2.1 (Demo) EzBacktest 1.9.6 (Freeware) EZserver 10.0.003 (Demo) EZserver 10.1.001 (Demo) EZserver 10.2.001 (Demo) ezW2 2014 7.1.2 (Demo) F-Engrave 1.42 (GPL) F-Engrave 1.44 (GPL) F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations 11.60 Build 284 (Trial) F-Secure Client Security 11.60 Build 284 (Trial) F-Secure Virus Definitions October 2 F-Secure Virus Definitions October 8 F-Secure Virus Definitions September 22 F-Secure Virus Definitions September 29 Facade Signage (Trial) Face Off Max (Demo) Facebook History Spy 2.0 (Ad-supported) Facebook Password Decryptor 6.8 (Ad-supported) Facebook Password Remover 2.0 (Ad-supported) Facebook Video Downloader 3.8.12 (Trial) Facebook Video Downloader 3.8.14 (Trial) Facebook Video Downloader 3.8.16 (Trial) Facebook Video Downloader 3.8.5 (Trial) Facebook Video Downloader 3.8.7 (Trial) Facebook Video Downloader 3.8.9 (Trial) Facebooks First Employee Makes Significant Investment in Real Estate App FADEL Joins the International Press Telecommunications Council to Help Drive Standards FADEL Named One of 100 Most Promising Oracle Solutions Providers 2014 FairBot 3.55 (Trial) FairStars MP3 Recorder 2.50 (Demo) Falco GIF Animator 4.3 (Ad-supported) FamilyDiary 9.14.0 (Trial) FanFictionDownloader 0.8.11 (Freeware) Fangxun audio cutter (Demo) Fangxun audio cutter (Demo) Far Manager 3.0 Build 4040 Stable / 3.0 Build 4131 Beta (BSD License) Far Manager 3.0 Build 4040 Stable / 3.0 Build 4176 Beta (BSD License) Far Manager 3.0 Build 4040 Stable / 3.0 Build 4203 Beta (BSD License) Far Manager 3.0 Build 4040 Stable / 3.0 Build 4205 Beta (BSD License) Far Manager 3.0 Build 4040 Stable / 3.0 Build 4206 Beta (BSD License) Far Manager 3.0 Build 4040 Stable / 3.0 Build 4207 Beta (BSD License) Far Manager 3.0 Build 4040 Stable / 3.0 Build 4210 Beta (BSD License) Far Manager 3.0 Build 4040 Stable / 3.0 Build 4211 Beta (BSD License) Far Manager 3.0 Build 4040 Stable / 3.0 Build 4214 Beta (BSD License) Far Manager 3.0 Build 4040 Stable / 3.0 Build 4218 Beta (BSD License) Fast Documentation Platform Fast Duplicate File Finder (Demo) Fast RM to MP3 Converter [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!] 4.2 (Demo) FastCube 2.2.0 (Shareware) FastGlacier 2.5.5 (Freeware) FastGlacier 2.5.7 (Freeware) fastJSON 2.1.6 (Apache License 2.0) FastKeys 2.19 (Trial) FastReport FMX 2.2.0 (Demo) FastReport.Mono 2014.1.14 (Trial) FaxMail 14.10.01 (Demo) FB TraceManager (Trial) FBCacheView 1.05 (Freeware) FBCacheView 1.06 (Freeware) FEBE 8.0.5 (Mozilla Public License) Federal Circuit Court Reverses District Court on e.Digitals Collateral Estoppel Appeal FET 5.23.3 (GPL) Fidelis Care Expands Online Tool to Help Seniors Choose Medicare Coverage Fifty Best iPhone Custom Development Firms Revealed in December 2014 by Fifty Best Reputation Management Firms Announced in December 2014 by File Processor System (Trial) Filecats Professional 2.2.0019 (Trial) Filecats Professional 2.2.0020 (Trial) Filecats Standard 2.2.0011 (Trial) FileLocator Lite 2014 Build 825 (Freeware) FileLocator Pro 7.5 Build 2064 (Trial) FileLocator Pro 7.5 Build 2067 (Trial) FileLocator Pro 7.5 Build 2071 (Trial) FileLocator Pro 7.5 Build 2074 (Trial) FileLocator Pro Portable 7.5 Build 2064 (Trial) FileLocator Pro Portable 7.5 Build 2067 (Trial) FileLocator Pro Portable 7.5 Build 2071 (Trial) FileLocator Pro Portable 7.5 Build 2074 (Trial) Files 2 Folder 1.1.4 Build 1 (Freeware) Files 2 Folder 1.1.5 Build 1 (Freeware) Files 2 Folder 1.1.7 Build 1 (Freeware) FileWall 0.3.6 / 0.4.1 Beta (Demo) Filey (Freeware) FileZilla Server 0.9.47 Beta (GPL) Financement de 850 M USD dEDC à Vodafone pour aider plus de fournisseurs canadiens à se connecter au géant des télécommunications Announces Winners of the Second Annual FinancialForce 360s Customer Excellence Awards Find And Replace Words (Freeware) Find It EZ 14.1.8 (Trial) Findly Breaks New Ground With Cutting Edge Mobile Apply Solution FinFET-Ready Design-for-Yield Solutions Finisars 5.0% Convertible Senior Note Holders Elect to Convert Outstanding $40 Million of Notes Into Shares of Common Stock Prior to Redemption Date FireAlpaca 1.1.8 (Ad-supported) Firebird PHP Generator (Freeware) FireEye Announces Participation in Upcoming Investment Conferences FireEye Reports Record Billings and Revenue for Third Quarter 2014 Firefox 32.0 / 33.0b3 Beta / 34.0a2 Aurora / 35.0a1 Nightly (Mozilla Public License) Firefox 32.0.2 Firefox 33.0.3 / 33.1 RC 2 / 34.0b7 Beta / 35.0a2 Aurora / 36.0a1 Nightly (Mozilla Public License) Firefox 33.1.1 / 34.0.5 RC 1 / 36.0a2 Developer / 37.0a2 Nightly (Mozilla Public License) Firefox 34.0.5 / 36.0a2 Developer / 37.0a1 Nightly (Mozilla Public License) FireMon to Participate at Palo Alto Networks Americas Partner Conference FirePasswordViewer 5.6 (Ad-supported) First Derivatives Secures a Majority Shareholding in Kx Systems in Transformational Deal First PDF 3.0.10 (Demo) First to Add Internet-of-Things Analytics FIS Global Senior Vice President of Money Movement Solutions Fitness Manager (Demo) Fitness Manager (Demo) Fitness Manager (Demo) Five Wholesale VoIP Providers With Excellent VoIP Services Fix My Browsers 2.0 (Freeware) Flagfox 5.0.10 (Freeware) Flash Builder 1.09 (Freeware) FlashFXP [SOFTPEDIA EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] 5.0.0 Build 3799 (Trial) FlashGot (GPL) FlatIconMaker 1.3.5 (Demo) FleetLogic(TM) App Highlighted by Construction Sectors Standard Defining Publication Fleksy Keyboard Brings Next Generation Typing to iPhone Fleksy-Tastatur bietet Schreibanwendung der nächsten Generation für iPhone und iPad FlexCell Grid Control for .NET 3.0 3.4.2 (Trial) FlexPaper Desktop Publisher 2.2.7 (Demo) FlightGear 3.0.0 / 3.0.2 RC 2 (LGPL) Flip Multiple AVI Files Software 7.0 (Demo) FlipViewer (Freeware) Florida FlowHeater 3.5.1 (Demo) FlowPlay Ups the Ante With BetZone FlowStone 3.0.6 PEBBLE (Trial) FluentPS 2.3 (Ms-PL) Fluid Mask 3.3.10 (Trial) Flying Logic Professional 2.2.10 (Trial) FMOD Studio 1.05.05 (Freeware) FmPro Migrator 7.36 (Demo) FMS File Catalog 3.4.8 (Trial) Focus Magic 4.02 (Trial) Folder Protector 6.35 (Demo) FolderHighlight 2.5.17 (Trial) FolderMatch 3.7.2 (Trial) FoldersPopup 3.3 (Freeware) FoldersPopup 3.3.1 (Freeware) FolderTimeUpdate 1.16 (Freeware) FollowAnalytics Launches Industrys First Mobile Brand Scorecard FollowAnalytics Redefines Mobile Customer Engagement Marketing FollowAnalytics to Conduct Free Mobile App Marketing Clinics at Dreamforce 2014 fondateur du projet Open DNS Resolver Font Wrangler 5.0a Revision 2 (Trial) Foobar2000 1.3.4 beta 3 FootageStudio 1.0.73 (Demo) Football Scoreboard Pro (Demo) Forex Strategy Builder Professional (Trial) Forex Strategy Builder Professional (Trial) FormatFactory 3.5.0 (Ad-supported) Former Sr. Solutions Architect at Panasonic Communications Solutions of North America Formerly LocalResponse FormReturn 1.5 (Trial) FormScanner 0.9.1 (GPL) Forrest Norrod Joins AMD as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Forte Agent 7.20 Build 32.1218 (Trial) Fortinet Reports Strong Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results Fortinets Bryan Wood Named Top 50 Midmarket IT Vendor Executive for 2014 by Midsize Enterprise Summit Fortissimo 1.0 Release Build 5.0 (Demo) Fortissimo 1.0 Release Build 5.2 (Demo) Fortres 101 7.0 build 5537 (Trial) Fortres 101 7.0 build 5538 (Trial) FORTRUST Data Center Marks 13 Years of Continuous Uptime Foxit PDF IFilter Server (Trial) Foxit PhantomPDF Business (Trial) Fractal Zoomer (Freeware) Frameless 1.1.6 Build 1 (Freeware) fre:ac 1.0.23 / 20141005 Snapshot (GPL) Free 2D Barcode Generator (Freeware) Free Audio Converter 6.2.6 (Ad-supported) Free Convert FLAC To MP3 3.1 (Ad-supported) Free File Camouflage 1.25 (Donationware) FREE FTP (formerly FTP FREE) 3.0 (Ad-supported) Free IP Switcher 2.6 Build 20141121 (Donationware) Free MIDI Player (Ad-supported) Free MP3 Cutter and Editor 2.6.0 Build 2736 (Ad-supported) Free Musepack To MP3 Converter 3.1 (Ad-supported) Free Photo Mosaic Maker (Freeware) Free Ringtone Maker (Ad-supported) Free SQL Formatter 0.03-141-g94f5a5f (LGPL) Free TTF to EOT Converter (Freeware) Free TvDB 5.20 (Donationware) Free WMA Cutter and Editor (Ad-supported) Free YouTube Downloader Converter 5.8 Build 20140902 (Shareware) Free42 1.5.5 (GPL) FreeFileSync 6.12 (Ad-supported) FreeFotoWorks 14.0.3 (Freeware) FreeMacroPlayer 7.6.6 (Freeware) Freemake Audio Converter (Ad-supported) Freemake Music Box (Ad-supported) FreeMoneyGuard 2.3 (Freeware) FreeSQL 2.14.10 (Freeware) FreeWorship (Freeware) FreeWorship Portable (Freeware) FrostWire 5.7.7 Build 1 (Ad-supported) FrostWire 6.0.3 FRSLinkCheck 4.0.4 (Trial) FSS Audio Converter (Donationware) FSS YouTube MP3 Converter (Freeware) FTP Script! (Demo) FTPShell Server 6.36 (Trial) Fuels Growth With $8M Functy 0.31.0 (MIT License) FurMark 1.15.1 (Freeware) Fusion 2.7.8 (Demo) FusionInventory Agent (GPL) FX ChemStruct 2.002.0 (Trial) FX Equation 5.003.6 (Trial) FX Equation 5.004.0 (Trial) FX Graph 5.007.0 (Trial) fxCalc 3.8.2 (Freeware) fxCalc 3.8.3 (Freeware) fypio fypio for Realtors Debuts at Real Estate Mastery Event G DATA AntiVirus [DISCOUNT: 15% OFF] (Trial) G-Force 5.4 (Freeware) G-Lock EasyMail 7.4.0 Build 450 (Trial) Gainsight 2.0 Ushers in New Era of People-First Customer Success Technology Game-Changing Investigative Genetics Technology Helps Apprehend Criminals GameSwift (Ad-supported) GameSwift (Ad-supported) GameSwift (Ad-supported) GameSwift (Ad-supported) GameSwift (Ad-supported) Gantt Chart 3.8 (Trial) Gartner Positions Automation Anywhere in the "Niche" Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites Gartner Positions EPiServer in the Visionaries Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management Gartner Positions Troux as a Leader in the 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools Gartner Recognizes FishNet Security for Computer-Based Security Awareness Training Gazelle 12.32 Build 006282 (Freeware) GBDeflickerApp (Demo) GcMail (Trial) Gecode 4.3.2 (MIT License) GenX 2.3.5 (GPL) GeoDLL 14.70 (Trial) GeoGebra Stable / Test (GPL) GeoGebra (GPL) GeoGebra (GPL) GeoGebra (GPL) GeoGebra (GPL) GeoGebra Portable / Test (GPL) GeoGebra Portable (GPL) GeoGebra Portable (GPL) Geographic Imager for Adobe Photoshop 4.5 (Trial) GeographicLib 1.38 (MIT License) Georgia Health Connect Launches as Regional Health Information Exchange Geospatial Corporation Affiliate Geotag 0.095 (GPL) GeoTools 12.0 (LGPL) GeoTools 12.1 (LGPL) GetFLV (Trial) GetFLV (Trial) GetNZB 1.320 (Demo) GetNZB 1.340 (Demo) GetRadio [DISCOUNT: 50% OFF!] 4.5.4 (Demo) GFtbox 2014109-v5112 (Freeware) GFXplorer (Freeware) Ghostery for Firefox 5.4.1 (Freeware) Gif Recorder (Demo) Gif Recorder 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Expands Industry Leadership for Systems Security and Management PROMISE Technology Debuts New Thunderbolt 2 Storage Solutions at WFX 2014 Proofpoint Announces Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results Proofpoint Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Nexgate Propelics Helps Organizations Kickstart Their Wearables Initiatives ProSelect 2014r1.7 / 2014r1.8 Beta 1 (Trial) ProSelect 2014r1.7 / 2014r1.9 Beta 6 (Trial) ProSelect 2014r1.9 / 2015r1 Beta 1 (Trial) ProSelect 2014r1.9 / 2015r1 Beta 2 (Trial) Protea AntiVirus Tools ProtectX Office (Shareware) Protegrity Selected as Featured Presenter at Teradata Partners Conference Protext Mobility Developing Distracted Driving Application for iPhone 6 Protext Mobility Expands Partnerships With Auto-Dealerships Selling Distracted Driving Solution Provenir Doubles Agency Partner Base Provenir Spins Off Kitewheel After Landmark Year Proxy Log Explorer Professional Edition 3.62 Build 0369 (Trial) Proxy Log Explorer Standard Edition 3.62 Build 0369 (Trial) Proxy Mask (Freeware) Proxy Switcher Standard 5.11.2 Build 6956 (Trial) PRTG Network Monitor (Freeware) Psi+ 0.16.361 / 0.16.406 Nightly (GPL) PSP VintageWarmer 2.6.0 (Trial) Psycle Modular Music Creation Studio 1.12.0 (GPL) PTC System Strengthens Commitment to Customers and Vendors With Tenfold Increase in Paid-Up Capital to S$2M Public / Private Sector Collaboration Pays Off PumpBase (Trial) PuppetConf 2014 PureBasic 5.31 (Demo) PWGen 2.5.0 (GPL) PWGen Portable 2.5.0 (GPL) pyo 0.7.3 (GPL) PyPy 2.3.1 / 2.4 Beta 1 (MIT License) PyPy 2.4.0 (MIT License) pysmb 1.1.13 (Freeware) Q Light Controller Plus 4.8.1 (GPL) Q-Dir 5.99.9 (Freeware) Q-Dir Portable 5.99.9 (Freeware) Q-Eye QlikView Data File Editor (Freeware) Q3 Global Video Index von Ooyala: Mobilisierung des Fernsehkonsums mit unterschiedlichen Tageszeitenpeaks QardioArm Is the First Medical Device With Health Support Available on Apples App Store QCAD Professional 3.7.0 (Demo) QIF2QBO Converter 6.0.00 (Demo) QMPlay2 Build 14.10.07 (LGPL) qomp 0.7 Beta (GPL) Qoobar 1.6.6 (GPL) qPCR Ninja 0.9.0 Beta (GPL) QR Code Generator Plugin for Adobe Photoshop 2.2.1 (Demo) Qt Creator 3.3.0 (LGPL) QT TabBar 514 / 1024 Beta 2 (Freeware) QtitanDataGrid 3.4.0 (Trial) QTranslate 5.3.3 (Freeware) QTranslate 5.4.0 (Freeware) QtRPT Designer 1.4.3 (Freeware) Qualia Quality of Experience Drives Adoption of PeerApp Solutions Qualys Announces Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results Qualys to Present at Upcoming Investor Conference Quanticate Hosts Indian Programming Competition With a Cash Prize of Rupee 10 Lakhs Quantum Computing Firm D-Wave Systems Appoints Bill Blake as Executive VP of Research and Development Quantum GIS 2.6.1 (GPL) Quassel 0.11.0 (GPL) QueekyPaint 2.12.1 (Freeware) Quelea 2014.1 (GPL) QueueMonitor Alpha (Trial) QueueMonitor Alpha (Trial) QueueMonitor Alpha (Trial) Quick Heal Virus Database 16.00 (12 December 2014) (Freeware) Quick Heal Virus Database 16.00 (15 December 2014) (Freeware) Quick Heal Virus Database 16.00 (9 December 2014) (Freeware) Quick n Easy Web Builder 2.3.1 (Trial) Quick n Easy Web Builder 2.3.2 (Trial) Quick n Easy Web Builder 2.3.3 (Trial) QuickDeal 2.06 (Freeware) QuickHelp 4.0.3 (Demo) QuickMon 3.27.1020.2014 (Freeware) QuickMon 3.28.1128.2014 (Freeware) QuickMove (Demo) QuickTextPaste 2.67 (Freeware) QuickTime Converter 3.6 (Demo) QuikSnap (Freeware) QuiteRSS 0.17.1 (GPL) QuiteRSS Portable 0.17.1 (GPL) QuizMaker Pro 2014r3 (Trial) QupZilla 1.8.5 (GPL) Quri Modernizes Retail Industry With IMPACT Qustodio Professional (Trial) QVibeplot 0.15.2 Beta (BSD License) QXmlEdit 0.8.12 (GPL) QXRD 0.8.4 / 0.11.6 Experimental (GPL) R-Drive Image 6.0 Build 6003 (Trial) R-Studio Agent Portable 7.3 Build 1108 (Shareware) R128Gain 1.0.10 (GPL) RaceRender (Demo) Rackspace Founder and Chairman Purchases Company Stock Worth $2.5 Million -- Files a 10b5-1 Plan for Additional Purchases up to $2.5 Million RACO Launches Cloud-Based SaaS Solution for OPC Connectivity RadarCube Windows Forms Desktop OLAP (Shareware) Radiola 2.0.1 (Freeware) Railo Server (LGPL) RainTree Oncology Services Named a Business Technology Leader by Ventana Research Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Funding Raize Components 6.1.10 (Trial) RAMExpert (Freeware) RAMP to Speak at SPTechCon - The SharePoint Technology Conference in Boston Rand Group Employees Join the Movember Movement Random Tone Generator Software 7.0 (Shareware) Rank Tracker 6.14.8 (Demo) Rank Tracker 6.15.1 (Demo) Ranked by Ranked by Rant Rapid Environment Editor 8.0 Build 924 (Freeware) RapidFire Tools Wins Revenue Generator Award at GFI MAX RapidMiner Appoints Analytics Executive and Thought Leader Michele Chambers as President and Chief Operating Officer RapidTyping 4.6.6 / Beta (Freeware) Rapla 1.7.7 / 1.8 RC 1 (GPL) RAPPEL/Avis aux médias : M. Denis Coderre et M. Régis Labeaume sont les invités dhonneur de la conférence Ville Intelligente présentée par Les Affaires RationalPlan Multi Project 4.10.0 (Demo) rattleCAD (GPL) RawDigger (Trial) RawDigger (Trial) RawImageAnalyser 0.97 / 1.2 Alpha (Freeware) Raylectron 4.31 (Demo) Raylectron 4.37 (Demo) Raylectron 4.40 (Demo) RBS Partners With Taulia to Offer Dynamic Discounting With e-Invoicing to Corporate Customers RC PaymentsTracker 1.2.1 (Demo) Real Cut 1D with angles (Trial) RealPopup 2.7.4 (Trial) RealScout Announces Partnerships With Leading Brokerages in California RealScout Raises $6 Million Series A to Reinvent Real Estate Search by Empowering Agents and Their Clients Realtors(R) Applaud Presidents Call for Strict Net Neutrality Rule REAPER 4.75 Rev 5cd45f / 4.76 RC 1 Rev 724eb3 (Trial) recALL 14.11 (Freeware) ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery Build 1638 (Freeware) Recognising the Best Places to Work in the UK for 2015 Recognizing the Best Places to Work for 2015 reçoit le prix J.D. Falk du M3AAWG pour lidentification de systèmes à risque Recommind Appoints Technology and Banking Veteran Bernard Huger as Chief Financial Officer RecordEditor 0.95 / 0.96f Test (GPL) reCsv Editor 0.96e (GPL) Redline Equalizer 1.0.5 (Trial) RedPoint Global Takes the Stage to Launch Modern Marketing Architecture at DMA 2014 ReDynaMix 1.2 (Demo) Ref Scheduler 4.92 (Demo) Reflector 1.5.0 (Demo) Regex Auto Builder Standard Edition 1.0.1 (Trial) RegexBuddy 4.2.1 (Trial) RegexSearch 3.4 (GPL) Registry Backup 1.10.0 (Freeware) Registry Backup 1.10.1 (Freeware) Registry Finder (Freeware) Registry Finder (Freeware) Registry First Aid 10.0.0 Build 2277 (Demo) Registry Healer 5.4.1 Build 540 (Demo) Registry Healer Portable 5.4.1 Build 540 (Trial) RegScanner 2.05 (Freeware) Regular Expression Find 2.68 (Freeware) ReiBoot Build 1887 (Freeware) Reject Calls for Title II Reclassification of Broadband relax 3.3.2 (GPL) relax 3.3.4 (GPL) ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook 3.5.0 (Demo) ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook 3.6.0 (Demo) ReliefJet Quicks for Outlook 1.0.0 (Demo) RElim 4.10 (Freeware) Relyco Announces New Comprehensive Line of Premium Inkjet Compatible Paper Media Products REMINDER: Hireology CEO to Share Hiring and Selection Insight at 17th Digital Dealer Conference REMINDER: MEDIA ALERT: Carbon Design Systems to Exhibit at ARM TechCon REMINDER: MEDIA ALERT: Kilopass to Present "Enabling Anti-Fuse OTP NVM IP in FinFET TSMC 16nm Process Technology" at TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum REMINDER: MEDIA ALERT: OneSpin Solutions to Demonstrate Formal Verification Solutions at Design Solution Forum in Japan REMINDER: MEDIA ALERT: Oski Technology to Exhibit at Synopsys User Group Austin Designer Community Expo REMINDER: MEDIA ALERT: Uniquify to Exhibit at TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum Pavilion REMINDER: MEDIA ALERT: Uniquify Will Demonstrate Fastest DDR4 Memory IP at ARM TechCon Remote Administrator Control Client 4.0.6 (Freeware) Remote Administrator Control Client Lite 4.0.6 (Freeware) Remote Administrator Control Server 4.0.6 (Trial) Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition / Beta (Trial) Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition / Beta (Trial) Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition / Beta (Trial) Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition / Beta (Trial) Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition (Trial) RemotelyAnywhere 11.3.2821 (Trial) RemoteSdrClient 1.06 (Freeware) RemoteSdrClient 1.07 (Freeware) Remotix 3.0.0 Build 2656 (Trial) RemoveIT Pro SE 30.9.2014 (Freeware) RentBoss 4.25 (Trial) RentHop Brings More Online Listings to Renters Across the US With AppFolio Reor 1.3.0 Build 20141116 (LGPL) Replicon Recognized Again as One of the Worlds Top Software Companies Reports Record Q3 Performance Research Assistant R503 (Freeware) Researchers From Panorama Education and Harvards Graduate School of Education Develop Tool That Boosts Teacher-Student Connectedness and Students Academic Performance Reset Windows Password 5.0 (Demo) Resource Tuner Console 2.01 (Trial) Restore Desktop Icon Layouts 1.4 (Freeware) Review Assistant 2.6.379 (Demo) RICS Software Ranked Among Americas Fastest-Growing Private Companies on Inc. Magazines Inc. 5000 Rip and Unprotect 8.0.4 (Trial) Rising Antivirus Free Edition (Freeware) RJ Tools 0.55 Beta (Freeware) Robert Geoffrey Gordon Files Early Warning Report RoboMail Mass Mail Software 3.7.7 b285 (Trial) Robot Benri 3.6.23 (Trial) Rocket Monkeys and If I Had Wings Capture the Tenth Annual Shaw Rocket Prize Rocket Monkeys et If I Had Wings remportent le dixième Prix annuel Shaw-Rocket Rocrail Revision 8032 (GPL) Rocrail Revision 8093 (GPL) Rodney Thompson Files Early Warning Report RogueKiller (Freeware) Rons Renamer 2014.11.23.1422 (Trial) Root Genius 1.8.7 (Freeware) RootsMagic Essentials (Demo) RootsMagic Essentials (Demo) Roselt Web Browser 1.2.1 (Freeware) Router Password Decryptor 2.1 (Ad-supported) Roxio Creator NXT [DISCOUNT: 10% OFF!] 2 (Commercialware) RRAV Antivirus 1.4 (Freeware) RRAV Antivirus Plus 2.0 (Freeware) rsclib 0.41 (LGPL) RSS Guard (GPL) RSSamantha 0.806 (GPLv3) RStudio 0.98.1083 (GPL) RStudio 0.98.1087 (GPL) RStudio 0.98.1091 (GPL) RTextDoc 2.0 Beta (Demo) RTF-to-HTML DLL .Net (Demo) RTI Presents "Four Keys to Securing Distributed Control Systems and the Industrial IoT" Complimentary Webinar RubyMine 6.3.3 Build 135.1104 / 7.0 Build 138.2332 EAP (Trial) RubyMine 7.0.1 Build 139.631 (Trial) Rufus 1.4.12 Build 535 (GPL) Rumpus 7.2.26 (Trial) Runabc 1.914 (GPL) S7 AWL simulator 0.31 (GPL) S7 AWL simulator 0.33 (GPL) S7 AWL simulator 0.35 (GPL) Saba Saba Wins Social Learning Excellence Award From Chief Learning Officer Magazine SABnzbd 0.7.20 (GPL) Safe 1.4 (GPL) Safe Startup (formerly Startup Guard) 4.00 (Demo) Saffron Launches Industrys First Artificial Intelligent/Cognitive Computing Platform Built for The Internet of Things Sage Encourages Woman-Owned Businesses to #believeinyou at WomanCon 2014 Sage Leaders Recognized by Top Accounting Publications Sage North America Announces Sage Payroll Solutions SageThumbs (GPL) SampleDecks (Demo) Sandboxie 4.12 / 4.13.6 Beta (Trial) Sandboxie 4.14 / 4.15.6 Beta (Trial) Sangoma Reports Results for First Quarter of Fiscal 2015 Santas Letter Creator 2.2 (Demo) Sante CT Viewer 1.0.8 (Demo) Sante DICOM Viewer 8.0.6 (Demo) Sante DICOM Viewer 8.0.8 (Demo) Sante DICOM Viewer 8.0.9 (Demo) SAPPHIRE TriXX 4.8.6 (Freeware) SARDU / Beta 3 (Ad-supported) SARDU / Beta 8 (Ad-supported) SARDU / Beta 8a (Ad-supported) Sarnia Police Service Unveils Enhanced 911 Services SASfit 0.94.5 (GPL) Satellite Restriction Tracker 1.0 (Freeware) Sauce Labs Named as One of the San Francisco Business Times Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Bay Area Save-o-gram Instagram Downloader 2.6 (Trial) save2pc 5.41 Build 1501 (Demo) Scalable SCALABLE Joins Wi-Fi Alliance SCALABLE Names Christopher Hawkins Director of Business Development SCALABLE Updates QualNet and EXata Network Design and Analysis Products Scan Redirector RDP Edition 1.7.3 (Trial) Scanitto Pro 3.3 (Trial) Scanner for Remote Desktop 1.4.9 (Trial) ScanPapyrus 14.2 (Trial) ScanSpeeder 1.3.16 (Trial) SCaVis 2.0 (Freeware) Scenery Config Editor 1.1.3 Beta (GPL) sCheckbook 1.1.3 Build 1 (Freeware) sChecklist 1.0.8 Build 1 (Freeware) SchoolDir 1.7 (Demo) Scid 4.5.2 / 4.6.0 Beta 2 (GPL) ScienceLogic Appoints IT Management Veteran Don Pyle as Chief Operating Officer ScopeDSP 5.0 Build 506 (Trial) ScopeIIR 5.0 Build 506 (Trial) Screen Capture + Print 1.18 (Freeware) Screen Monkey 3.7 (Demo) ScreenCamera.Net SDK [DISCOUNT: 60% OFF!] (Trial) ScreenConnect 4.4.7175.5302 / 5.0.7891.5423 Pre-Release (Trial) ScreenTabs 1.0 (Trial) ScreenTabs Free Edition 1.0 (Freeware) Scribbleton 1.2.0 (Shareware) Scribe Software Appoints Shawn McGowan as CEO ScriptCase 8.00.0011 (Trial) ScriptCase 8.00.0014 (Trial) ScrnSnap (Freeware) SD-TOOLKIT Barcode Reader SDK (Trial) SD-TOOLKIT Barcode Reader SDK (Trial) SDExplorer Advanced (Trial) SDExplorer Base (Freeware) Seafile 3.1.11 / 4.0.1 Beta (Freeware) Seal Report 1.5 (GPL) SeaMonkey 2.30 / 2.31b2 Beta (Mozilla Public License) Search Assistant (Trial) SearchGUI 1.20.8 (Apache License 2.0) SEB Acquires 50% of Banyan and Adds Disability Management Expertise SEB Announces $3.5 Million Financing SEB Announces Technology Partnership with SecureKey Secret Shield Encryption Pro (Trial) SECUDEs Halocore 2.1 for SAP NetWeaver(R) Is Certified as Powered by SAP NetWeaver(R) Secure Data Manager 2.4 (Apache License 2.0) Secure Lockdown - Multi Application Edition 2.0 Build 2.00.108 (Trial) Secure Lockdown Chrome Edition 2.0 Build 2.00.108 (Trial) SecureBlackbox (.NET) 12.0.261 (Demo) SecureBlackbox (VCL) 12.0.261 (Demo) SecureBridge 6.4.6 (Trial) SecureCRT 7.3.1 Build 685 (Trial) SecureFX 7.3.1 Build 685 (Trial) Seeloz Revolutionizes Offline Coupons Through Hyper-Local Sees 326 Percent Revenue Increase SegDSee 3.0 Beta 6 (Freeware) SegDSee 3.0 Beta 7 (Freeware) Selectica Announces 2nd Quarter Fiscal 2015 Financial Results SEO SpyGlass 5.14.8 (Demo) SEO SpyGlass 5.15.1 (Demo) September 18 September 30 Sequent 1.4.1 (Demo) Serial Port Monitor (Freeware) Serial Printer Logger 3.1.5 Build 1020 (Trial) Serial Printer Logger 3.1.6 Build 1114 (Trial) SerialVault 1.0.1 (Freeware) Series Organizer 3.5.2 (Freeware) Serlog 10.0 (Trial) Service Protector (Trial) SevOne Honored as Bronze Stevie(R) Award Winner in 2014 American Business Awards(SM) SewCat (Trial) SewCat (Trial) SEWP Solutions LLC SewWhat-Pro 3.8.2 (Trial) SewWhat-Pro 3.8.4 (Trial) SewWhat-Pro 3.8.8 (Trial) SewWrite 1.3.0 (Trial) SGI Awarded Contract to Advance Department of Defense Supercomputing Capabilities SGI Reports Financial Results for First Quarter of Fiscal 2015 shadowsocks GUI 0.6.2 (Freeware) ShaleNavigator ShapeChef (Trial) Shareaza Shareaza r9499 (GPL) Shareaza r9520 (GPL) Shared Folder Protector 5.51 (Trial) SharePoint Social Aggregator Web Part 1.0.0 (Trial) SharePointOrgChart 4.1 (Trial) ShareX 9.4.1 (GPL) ShareX Portable 9.4.1 (GPL) Shaw Go WiFi Guest Network Opened for All Residents and Visitors to Calgary During Downtown Power Outage ShellBrowser Components Delphi Edition 9.2.0 (Demo) ShelXle 1.0 Revision 676 (LGPL) ShelXle 1.0 Revision 685 (LGPL) Shingler 3.0 (Freeware) Shipwire Opens Australia to Global E-Commerce With State-of-the-Art Sydney Warehouse Shop Direct to Use DecisionMetrics Multi-Bureau Decisioning Solution ShopperTrak Expects Increased Conversion Rates for the 2014 Holiday Account Creator Bot (Freeware) Showcasing New Carbon System Exchange Web Portal Shows Siaras Unveils cloudScape Sibling Group Holdings SidewinderPhotoColourBalancer F2-C17 (Freeware) Sighthound Video 2.3.1 Build 14659 (Demo) SigmaXL Inc. Bundles Version 7 With DiscoverSim Signal CTO Eric Lunt Named "Technologist of the Year" by Illinois Technology Association Silicon Valley Company PayNearMe Hires Former NAACP Senior Advisor to Lead Government Affairs SILKYPIX Developer Studio (Trial) Silvaco Joins SIP Next Generation Power Electronics Project "Research and Development on Fundamental Technologies of Gallium Oxide Power Devices" Simavita Releases Materials for 2014 Annual General and Special Meeting SimGlycan 5.1 Build 510001 (Demo) Similarity 1.9.1 Build 1901 / 1.9.2 Build 1902 (Demo) Similarity 1.9.2 Build 1940 (Demo) Simox 2.3.5 Beta (LGPL) Simple Data Backup 7.6 (Freeware) Simple Injector 2.6 (MIT License) Simple IP Config 2.3 / 2.5 Beta 1 (GPLv3) Simple Photo Booth for Windows 8.1 (Freeware) Simple Sheets 1.2.0 (Trial) Simple Shop (Shareware) Simple System Tweaker 2.1.0 (Freeware) Simple Words 1.2.0 (Trial) Simple x264 Launcher 2.42.884 / 2.43.888 Testing (GPL) SimpleECM Adds Full Capture Automation to Industrys First WidgetBased Mobile Document Capture SDK Simplessus Files 3.8.0 (Trial) SimpleTAG 1.5.10 (GPL) SimplexNumerica (Freeware) Simply Calenders 5.4.1445 (Demo) Simply HDR (Demo) Simply Text for Windows 8.1 (Trial) SimplyHTML 0.16.09 (GPL) SimSail 2.2 (GPLv3) SimSail 2.3 (GPLv3) SingleHop Honored by Inc. Magazine for Fifth Year in a Row SingleHop Named to Inaugural CRN Cloud Partner Program Guide SingleStone Announces "Agile Development in the Cloud" Solution SIP Inspector Pro 3.24 (Shareware) SIPPI 1.03 (GPLv3) Sisma 5.1 (Freeware) Sismics Reader 1.4 (GPL) SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2015.01.21.12 (Freeware) SiteKiosk 8.9 Build 2817 (Demo) SIW 2014 4.9.0904k (Trial) SIW 2014 4.9.0904m (Trial) Skater Game Brings Iconic Street Spots to Your iPhone Skelion 5.1.5 (Trial) Skipper (Trial) Skitch (Freeware) Sky I.T. Group Joins Skytap TapIn Partner Program SkyKick Expands Leadership Team; Adds Three Executives Slalom Achieves 6X Revenue Growth Running Changepoint PSA Sleipnir (Freeware) SlickEdit 2013 (Trial) SlickRun (Freeware) SlideProof / Frontier (Demo) SlimBrowser [Softpedia Edition] 7.00 Build 111 (Freeware) Slimjet (Freeware) Slimjet (Freeware) Slimjet (Freeware) SliQ Invoicing Plus (Trial) SlyNFO Viewer (Freeware) Smack 4.0.4 (Apache License 2.0) Smack 4.0.5 (Apache License 2.0) Smart Action Pro 1.25.18 (Trial) Smart Chinese Reader 1.1 (Trial) Smart Cutter for DV and DVB 1.9.0 (Demo) Smart Employee Benefits Inc. Reports Financial Results for the Quarter Ending August 31 Smart Import Pro 1.9.6 (Trial) Smart List Pro 1.23.21 (Trial) SMART Modular Expands to DDR4 With Its Ultra High Reliability Enterprise Memory(TM) Product Offering SMART Modular kündigt M.2 SATA mit SafeDATA(TM)-Technologie an SMART Modular Technologies (Global) Smart Shooter 3.1 (Trial) Smart Suggestor for Internet Explorer (Freeware) Smart System Repair 1.1 (GPLv3) Smart System Repair 1.3 (GPLv3) SmartDVB / RC (Freeware) SmarterMail Free Edition 13.1.5451 (Demo) SmarterStats Free Edition 10.0.5420 (Freeware) SmartFTP 6.0.2073.0 (Trial) SmartFTP 6.0.2097.0 (Trial) SmartFTP 6.0.2098.0 (Trial) SmartFTP 6.0.2099.0 (Trial) SmartFTP 6.0.2100.0 (Trial) SmartFTP 6.0.2101.0 (Trial) SmartFTP 6.0.2102.0 (Trial) SmartFTP 6.0.2103.0 (Trial) SmartFTP 6.0.2104.0 (Trial) SmartFTP FTP Library 4.0.442.0 (Trial) SmartFTP FTP Library 4.0.444.0 (Trial) SmartGit/Hg 6.0.6 / 6.5 Preview 2 (Freeware) SmartGit/Hg 6.0.6 / 6.5 Preview 5 (Freeware) SmartMetric Says the Day of the Password Is Numbered -- JP Morgan Chase Data Breach Shows the Failure of Passwords SMARTRAC SmartRecruiters Reinvents Job Advertising to Find and Hire Great People SmartSynchronize 3.4 (Trial) SMBChanger 1.0.2 (Freeware) Smith Micro Software Reports Improved 2014 Third Quarter Financial Results SmoothDocs 2.31 (Demo) Smoother Browsing With ASUS Tablets Powered by Intel SMPlayer 14.9.0 / Unstable (GPL) SMPlayer 14.9.0 / Unstable (GPL) SMS Deliverer Enterprise 2.6.1 (Demo) SMS Deliverer Standard 2.6.1 (Demo) SMS Management System 2.5.5013.28178 (Trial) SMTP Mailer (Trial) SNAP 0.15.4 / 1.0 Beta 12 (Apache License 2.0) SNAP 0.15.4 / 1.0 Beta 15 (Apache License 2.0) Snappy Fax (Trial) Snappy Fax (Trial) Snappy Fax Lite (Trial) Snappy Fax Lite (Trial) Snappy Fax Lite (Trial) Snappy Fax Network Server (Trial) SNIA Releases New Version of the Cloud Data Management Interface With Expanded Functionality Snooper 1.44.7 (Trial) Snowbound Software and Alfresco Form Technology Partnership SnowFox Total Video Converter (Demo) snpEff 4.0 (Freeware) Social Fixer for Firefox 10.6 (Mozilla Public License) Social Network Visualizer (SocNetV) 1.4 (GPL) SOCXS Launches Social Brand Platform for Sports and Entertainment With the Release of 32 National Football League Fansites Soft Machines Unveils VISC(TM) Microprocessor Architecture Breakthrough; Revives Performance-per-Watt Scaling Soft4Boost AMPlayer (Freeware) Soft4Boost AMPlayer (Freeware) Soft4Boost Any Audio Record (Freeware) Soft4Boost Audio Mixer (Trial) Soft4Boost Audio Studio (Trial) Soft4Boost Burning Studio (Demo) Soft4Boost Device Uploader (Freeware) Soft4Boost Device Uploader (Freeware) Soft4Boost Disk Cleaner (Freeware) Soft4Boost Document Converter (Freeware) Soft4Boost Dup File Finder (Freeware) Soft4Boost Dup File Finder (Freeware) Soft4Boost DVD Cloner (Demo) Soft4Boost DVD Cloner (Demo) Soft4Boost DVD Cloner (Demo) Soft4Boost Image Converter (Demo) Soft4Boost Photo Studio (Demo) Soft4Boost Ringtone Creator (Demo) Soft4Boost Secure Eraser (Freeware) Soft4Boost Secure Eraser (Freeware) Soft4Boost Suite 2.1.5 (Demo) Soft4Boost Update Checker (Freeware) Soft4Boost Video Capture (Demo) Soft4Boost Video to Device (Demo) SoftColor Automata (Trial) SoftComfort Calls Recorder (Freeware) SoftEther VPN 4.08 Build 9449 RTM / 4.10 Build 9505 Beta (GPL) SoftNAS Bolsters Management Team to Meet Growing Demand for Secure SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager 3.0.9 (Trial) SoftPerfect Network Scanner 6.0.1 (Freeware) SoftPerfect Network Scanner 6.0.2 (Freeware) Softros LAN Messenger 6.3.2 (Trial) Software Ideas Modeler 7.71.5405.32588 (Freeware) SOFTWARE ONLINE Software Update (Freeware) Software-Defined Cloud Storage Solar Accounts 3.9.3 (Trial) Solar Accounts 3.9.4 (Trial) Solar Accounts 3.9.7 (Trial) Solarflare Intelligent Network I/O Platform Powers SBI Japannext WorldClass Trading System SolarWinds Announces Third Quarter 2014 Results Solid Beat Free Edition (Freeware) SolidFire All-Flash Arrays Fuel Australias Only White-Label Desktop-as-aService Provider SolidFire All-Flash Arrays Fuel Cloud Hosting Provider ServInts Revolutionary Site Performance Guarantee SolidFire Launches SSA Native Integration With VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Sollic Image Resizer 1.11 (Freeware) Soluciones de VCE entran en la siguiente fase de crecimiento e innovación como parte de la empresa EMC Solvium Image Optimizer 1.2.0 (Commercialware) SongBase (formerly Song Builder) 2.3.6 (GPL) SongKong 3.1 Build 1039 (Demo) SongKong 3.2 Build 1040 (Demo) SongKong 3.4 Build 1042 (Demo) Songsheet Generator (Freeware) Sonic Visualiser 2.4.1 (GPL) SonicDICOM (Demo) Sonos 4 6.2.5 (Freeware) Sony PC Companion 2.10.226 (Freeware) SOS Online Backup Announces Scan-to-Cloud for Physical Photos SOTI IObit Driver Booster Crack & Activation Key Free Download 2021 of Sales Charlie Grieco Named a Top 50 Midmarket IT Vendor Executive for 2014 by Midsize Enterprise Summit SOTI Wins Leadership Award From Australian Logistics Association for Its Enterprise Mobility Management Solution SoulseekQt Build 2014.11.30 (Freeware) SoundStepper (Freeware) South River Technologies Adds Google Docs Support to WebDrive: Enables Editing of Google Docs From Any Device SPAMfighter Exchange Module (Trial) Spamihilator (Freeware) Spark Browser 33.9.1000.57 (Freeware) Spark Networks(R) Reports Third Quarter Financial Results Spartan 10.30 (Trial) Spartan 10.42 (Trial) Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard 10.40 (Freeware) Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard 10.43 (Freeware) Spartan Portable 10.42 (Demo) Spartan Portable Lite Multi Clipboard 10.21 (Freeware) Spartan Portable Lite Multi Clipboard 10.43 (Freeware) SPB Wallet 2.1.2 Build 12118 (Trial) Speakers Announced for Government IT Sales Summit SpectorSoft Server Manager (Trial) Speed Dial 14.10.01 (Demo) SpeedUpMyPC 2014 (Demo) Spiceworks Desktop 7.2.00532 (Ad-supported) Spiceworks Desktop 7.2.00534 (Ad-supported) Spireon SPLOT 7.03.1U (Trial) SpotAuditor 4.9.8 (Demo) Spotify (Ad-supported) Spotify Spotify (Ad-supported) SpReader (Freeware) Spy Emergency 14.0.305.0 (Trial) SpyAgent 8.40.14 (Demo) Spybot Search and Destroy Detection Update 2014-09-24 (Updater) Spyder 2.3.2 (MIT License) Spyome 2.15 (Trial) SPYWAREfighter 4.5.146 (Trial) SpyWishDefender! 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    d of the removal of other local coinages. The ending of British coinage after the Roman conquest may perhaps occasion no surprise, but the ending of coinage in Mauretania or Lycia would not seem to be a necessary or natural consequence of the suppression of the Mauretanian kingdom and Lycian League. We might con­ sider the possibility that the changes took place only in the west because bronze from the mint of Rome circulated only in the west; perhaps it was thought to diminish the emperor’s prestige if all the coinage did not follow the pat­ tern of his coinage from Rome, just as, in an extreme instance, the circulation of coins of Caligula could be found offensive. Thus when the mint at Lugdunum re-opened again under Nero, its products were copies of Rome. On this line of thinking the cessation of local coinage in the west can be seen as a ‘political’ phenomenon. Civic prestige, in the context of coinage, would have become transformed by the citizens themselves into imperial prestige, and that prestige would have outweighed profit.

    Regional survey of bronze issues Spain The bronze currency of Republican Spain had consisted of a mixture of Spanish and Roman Republican bronzes.71 In 69. D. N ashop. cit. (n. 4), p. 26; R. K enyon, in N. C ru m m yColchester Archaeological Report 4 (1987), p p. 24-6. 70. W. E ck, in F. M illa r a n d E. S egal, Caesar A ugustus. Seven Aspectsp p. 129-60. 71. P. P. R ipollès, C M T Mpp. 331-512.


    the war between Caesar and Pompey bronzes with essen­ tially traditional Roman designs (Janus/prow) were produ­ ced in Spain, and similar pieces were also made under Sextus Pompey, though most of his coinage was produced in Sicily (485-6, 671). Under the Empire, coinage was made in two principal areas: in the north along the Ebro valley, and in the south in Baetica (under Augustus), with a few issues in southern Lusitania. The principle coinages in the north were from Caesaraugusta, Calagurris, Emporiae, Lepida/Celsa, Tar­ raco, Bilbilis and Turiaso. The coins were produced in all denominations, from the semis up to the sestertius, accord­ ing to various differing denominational patterns (see p. 64). The most popular denomination was the as, though smaller and larger denominations were also produced, for instance at Gades, which issued only dupondii, tresses (?) and sestertii. In addition to the regular city coinage, there were two other coinages which seem clearly to have been produced by the Roman authorities. One is the coinage of orichalcum dupondii and copper asses made at Emerita by the legate Carisius in c. 23 b c (RIC 11-25; not included in this cata­ logue). The other was made at about the same time, or perhaps slightly earlier at one (or two) mint(s) in north­ western Spain (1-4), possibly in connection with the Can­ tabrian Wars. Substantial issues of coinage were produced under Augustus and Tiberius. Only eight cities, however, produ­ ced coinage for Caligula;72 under Claudius a single mint made coins, the island of Ebusus (482). Thereafter the coinage of Spain consisted of Roman coins. The Pobla de Mafumet hoard demonstrates that Claudian coins were directly supplied to Spain from Rome, since it contained die-linked sestertii and dupondii still in the rolls in which they had been sent out by the mint.73 This supply of coinage from Rome was supplemented by locally produced imitations of Claudian coins, as elsewhere in the western Empire. Such imitations probably came to an end with the opening of Nero’s mint at Lugdunum, which became the principal supplier of base metal coinage to Spain.74 In the civil wars of 68-9, it seems that base metal coinage was also produced in Spain under Vitellius.75

    Gaul Most of the Celtic bronze coinages from Gaul have not been included in this catalogue, though they continued to be produced at least down to the reign of Augustus, if not Tiberius.76 They continued in circulation until the Flavian period. They were accompanied by more Romanised issues; in the thirties b c a number of such issues were produced by Octavian at Lugdunum, Vienna and Narbonne. Similar issues were made at Nemausus and Arausio (?); of these 72. M o stly in the n o rth : A cci, C a rth a g o N ova, E rcav ica, B ilbilis, C ae sa ra u g u sta, O sca, S egobriga a n d E b u su s. 73. M. C am p oJ .-C. R ic h a rd a n d H .-M. von K aen el, E l Tesoro de L a Pobla de M a fu m et (1981). 74. C f. G. B oon, in ed. J. C asey a n d R. R eece, Coins and the Archaeologistpp. 102-6. 75- r u e 3 9-46. 76. N ashop. cit. (n. 69), p. 23. C raw fo rdC M R Rp. 216.

    only the coinage of the colony of Nemausus continued, until the end of the reign of Augustus. Though overtly the civic coinage of a colony, the enor­ mous output of Nemausus leaves little doubt that it was manipulated by the Romans for their own ends, and so was rightly categorised by Grant as one of the Six Main Aes Coinages of Augustus. The coinage of Lugdunum from c. 10-7 BC to early in the reign of Tiberius77 is another instance, though this is usually regarded as a ‘state’ rather than a civic coinage, mainly because of the gold and silver mint which was also operating at Lugdunum. Yet in form it is just like the coinage of Nemausus. The altar and legend ROM ET AVG indicate its civic origins in the same way as the crocodile and palm tree with COL NEM did at Nemausus. The absence of an ethnic is not particularly signihcant, any more than it was for the similar earlier coinages of Narbonne and Arausio. The two coinages of Nemausus and Lugdunum provided the principal source of new bronze coinage for Gaul under Augustus, but they ceased either at the end of the reign (Nemausus) or shortly after (Lugdunum). Bronze for Gaul was subsequently sup­ plied from Rome under Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius, until the opening of Nero’s new ‘Roman style’ mint at Lugdunum. The same sources accounted for the bronzes arriving in Britain under Claudius and Nero; in both areas, as is well known, the currency was greatly augmented by the large number of contemporary imitations produced, especially of coins of Claudius. 8 The legal basis (or otherwise) of these imitations has been mentioned above (pp. 18-19).

    Italy and Sicily In Italy, since the Hannibalic War, the bronze currency had been almost exclusively provided by the mint of Rome. Even in the late Republican civil wars, only a few additional issues were made, most notably the large DIVOS IVLIVS issue from an uncertain mint in c. 38 b c. There had been little civic coinage in Italy during the second century b cand less still in the first century b c : perhaps only at Velia and Paestum.79 Only the coinage of Paestum continued into the imperial period; there are some issues probably from the reign of Augustus, and a substantial coinage of semisses under Tiberius. This cannot be dated more closely, but seems to have continued well into the reign. Even so, Paestan coinage formed only a tiny percentage of the coins circulating in Italy, the rest of which came from Rome. As elsewhere in the western Empire, imitations were also pro­ duced, at least under Claudius, though on a smaller scale than outside Italy. In Sicily, a certain amount of coinage had been made by the cities during the civil wars, though these were on a tiny scale compared with the huge issue of bronze made by Sextus Pompey (671). Under Augustus, the largest coinages 77. J. B. G ia rdL e M onnayage de l ’Atelier de Lyonpp. 47, V ; n o t in cluded in this catalogue. 78. B oon, op. c i t K enyon, op. cit. (n. 69), D. R. W alker, in B. C unliffe, The Temple o f Suits M inerva at B a thp. 285. 79. Μ. H. C raw ford, C M R Rp. 71.

    were made at Agrigentum and, especially, Panormus. Panormus continued to produce coinage into the reign of Tiberius, striking two ‘issues’ in his reign. A further, unsigned, issue may also be Tiberian (670), though it has been suggested that it, too, was made at Panormus. At any rate, no more than two cities produced coinage after the reign of Augustus. The coins of laiton, sometimes assigned to the reign of Tiberius (646—7) were surely earlier. It is clear, therefore, that in Sicily coinage ended well before its cessation in Spain. The local coinage of Sicily consisted mostly of asses and semisses, if their denominations have been correctly identi­ fied (see pp. 34, 165). These were supplemented by Roman sestertii and dupondii from Rome, some of which were countermarked, presumably to validate their issue by the cities. This may not, however, be the full story, as it seems that some of these dupondii, at any rate, may have been imitations (see p. 165) produced, presumably, in Sicily.

    Africa In Africa there had been little civic coinage before the reign of Augustus, but in his reign some fourteen cities produced coinage, and eight of these continued under Tiberius. The two biggest African coinages were both struck under Tiberius, at Utica and Oea. Otherwise, large coinages were made, under Augustus, at Carthage, Hadrumetum, Sabratha, Oea and Lepcis Magna; and, under Tiberius, at Carthage, ‘Paterna’ and Lepcis Magna. T h e m o s t a b u n d a n tly p r o d u c e d d e n o m in a tio n w a s th e as, th o u g h s m a lle r a n d la r g e r d e n o m in a tio n s w e re a lso p r o ­ d u c e din c lu d in g th e r e m a r k a b le d o u b le -s e s te rtiu s fro m H a d r u m e tu m (7 7 7 ). T h e o n ly s im ila r p r o v in c ia l c o in s w e re p r o d u c e d a t G a d e s (7 7 -9 7 )w h ic h p e r h a p s sy m b o lise th e s im ila ritie s b e tw e e n th e c o in a g e s o f A fric a a n d S p a inw h ic h a r e v e ry a lik e a s r e g a rd s th e ir d e n o m in a tio n sm e ta lssize a n d w e ig h t.

    The ending of coinage in Africa has been discussed above in the context of cessation of local coinage in the western Empire. Here it can be observed that the African coinage continued throughout most of Tiberius’s reign, though there is no coinage datable after 30. The large issues of Utica, Oea and Lepcis, however, show that there was a very substantial amount of coinage produced down to that date, if from a reduced number of cities. T iberian coinage in Africa City

    Latest issue

    H ippo U tica Carthage ‘P aterna’ T hapsus Sabratha O ea Lepcis Tingi

    20/1 30 c. 20 23 c. 20 ? (two pairs of magistrates) a large coinage, all later than 22/3 21/30 23/9

    It is not necessarily clear from this table that African coinage ceased before that of Spain. Though there are no

    Production and circulation of coinage issues of Caligula 3D Software - Crack All Windows/Mac OS Software Full Version Claudius: the alleged issue from Hippo has been re-attributed to Sinope: 2135), reason 11 crack - Activators Patch may just be because there were fewer mints operating in Africa than in Spain. After the cessation of local coinage, bronze was supplied from Rome. As elsewhere in the western Empire, it seems that imitations circulated under Claudius.80

    Cyrenaica The local coinage of Cyrenaica seems to have been produ­ ced by the Roman authorities rather than the cities. The coinage does not make much reference to the cities (and none at all under Augustus and Tiberius), but rather prominently displays the name of the Roman governor. Most imperial Cyrenaican coinage was minted under Augustus. There was in addition a single issue under Tiberius, in c. a d 23. Thus coinage ended in Cyrenaica at much the same time as in the western Empire (though it was briefly revived by Trajan).

    Crete In Crete, city coinage was effectively confined to that of the colony of Cnossus, which minted regularly throughout the period. Otherwise, there is only an ephemeral issue from Lappa and a reasonably plentiful coinage from Cydonia under Augustus and Tiberius. In addition, there were bronze (as well as silver) issues made federally. At first, under Caligula, this was organised, like the silver, so that the same types were struck at a number of different mints (Gortyn, Hierapytna, Lato, Lyttos and Polyrhenium). The style of these issues is very similar, and it may be that the dies were engraved centrally; striking, however, seems to have been localised, since, e.g., the flans of the coins of Polyrhenium are very different from the others. Like the silver, the production of bronze was subsequently centralised under Claudius into a single issue, presumably minted at Gortyn, and all reference to the cities was dropped.

    Achaea A number of different Achaean cities minted bronze coins in the first century b c. According to J. Warren,81 the following Peloponnesian mints struck coins between 146 and c. 27 b c : Aegira, Aegium, Dyme, Patras, Sicyon, Corinth, Elis, Cephallenia?, Zacynthus, Ithaca, Cythera, Messene?, Sparta, Argos ?, Epidaurus ?, Megalopolis ?, Pheneus and Tegea. Of these, only the coinage of Corinth (after its re­ foundation as a Roman colony in 44 b c ) was large. Further north a similar picture obtains, with coins probably struck at a number of cities (e.g., 1338, of Opus), but only that of 80. T h is rem ark is b ased on tw o specim ens seen in tra d e from Africa. 81. N C 1984, p. 21.


    Athens was on a large scale. Even its circulation, however, was restricted to. Attica and Athens itself.82 Achaea seems to have included two mints of Antony’s ‘fleet’ coinage (the other was in Syria, or perhaps Cyprus). These coins perhaps represent an early or partial example of an attempt to impose a uniform coinage throughout the Empire. In the early imperial period, three coinages that were presumably produced in large quantities stand out: Cor­ inth, Patras and the Thessalian League. The coinages of Patras and the Thessalian League, however, were produced intermittently and on a much smaller scale than the large coinage of Corinth, for which more than 2500 clear speci­ mens survive from the period covered in this catalogue, struck from an observed total of 406 obverse dies (and a calculated total of 451, with a 90% confidence range).83 Yet even the coinage of Corinth was not continuously produced (only three pairs of duoviri minted in Tiberius’s reign), and its total output is not of very great economic significance (see above, p. 16). Most of the other civic coinages produ­ ced in Achaea are very rare, and were produced in only small numbers at irregular intervals. Nero’s visit to Greece prompted several Achaean cities (Patras, Corinth, Sicyon, Nicopolis, Phoenice and, perhaps, the Thessalian League) to produce coinage referring to his visit and his proclamation of the freedom of Greece. His death, a year later, had an equally clear effect. Some attempt was made to erase his name from the coins of Patras. Galba, and perhaps Otho, appear on the suddenly revived coinages of Thebes and Opus (Locri). The uncertainties of 68-9 can be seen most clearly at Corinth, where the coinage of Galba is at first accompanied by one for the Senate and one for Roma (ROMAE ET IMPERIO); subsequently all types were dropped in favour of the safe NEPTVNO. The same explanation can perhaps be given for the heavy representation of ‘pseudo-auto­ nomous’ types at Thebes or of Eirene on the coinage of the Thessalian League. The most dramatic effect on the coinage of Achaea, however, took place at the very end of the period covered by this catalogue. It is noticeable that there is not a single city coinage from Achaea struck for Vespasian. Some reasonably regular coinages stop with Nero or Galba, notably those of Patras, the Thessalian League and Corinth. In the case of Corinth the way the coinage stopped dead after the Neptune issue strongly sug­ gests political rather than economic interference, and it seems likely that the removal of the freedom which Nero had granted to the Greeks had, as one of its consequences, the cessation of coinage there. Some confirmation of this can be seen at Corinth, when coinage resumed under Domitian with the formulae PERM IMP, or at Patras, with Moneta inpetrata indulgentiae Aug.&i During the period the most commonly produced denomi­ nation seems to have been the as,85 though larger pieces were produced from time to time (e.g., Nicopolis 1363), and 82. A. W alk er, A Chronological Study o f the Greek Im perial Coinage o f A thens (U n iv ersity o f P en n sy lv an ia d isserta tio n1980), p p. 135fr., 145. 83. See n ote 51. 84. B. E. Levy, in M élanges Bastien, ed. H. H u v elinM. C h risto l a n d G. G au tier, p p. 39-4 9especially 4 2 -3. 85. I f th e re co n stru c tio n o f d en o m in atio n s in C h a p te r 3 is correct.

    the production of larger coins by the Thessalian League under Nero illustrates the shift to larger denominations detectable elsewhere at the end of the Julio-Claudian period (see p. 37). For connections with the coinage of Macedonia, see below.

    Macedonia Very little bronze coinage was produced in Macedonia between the formation of the Roman province and the reign of Augustus. A certain amount of coinage was produced in the period of the civil wars: issues can definitely be identi­ fied at Philippi, Thessalonica, Cassandrea, Cassandrea/Pella and Pella. Some of these were produced on a large scale, to judge from their survival today. Several com­ munities produced coinage under Augustus (Apollonia, Philippi, Thessalonica, Edessa, Amphipolis, Pella and Dium): a few for Tiberius (Thessalonica, Edessa, Amphipolis and Dium) and Caligula (Thessalonica and Amphipolis), and most of those communities (except Edessa) which produced any coinage during this period also coined for Claudius and Nero. The largest coinages were those from Thessalonica and Amphipolis, and, if the ‘colonists’ type has been correctly attributed to Philippi (1656-61), then it, too, was one of the largest coinages in the region. The semisses that were definitely minted at Philippi (1651) seem also to be one of the most abundant provincial coinages to survive from the period. There is no obvious specific occasion or reason for most of these issues, although we may suspect that some of the Neronian ones were connected with his visit to Greece: at any rate this seems to be the likely interpretation of the radiate crown used at Cassandrea or the figure of Apollo playing the lyre at Thessalonica. Finally, there is a single issue for Vitellius, by the Macedonian Koinon, minted probably at Thessalonica. As elsewhere in the Empire, larger denominations began to appear towards the end of the period (e.g., Thessalonica, Macedonian Koinon). The as and the semis seem, however, the most commonly produced denominations.86 There are a number of links between the coinages of Achaea and Macedonia. These links can be seen most clearly in the denominations (see Chapter 3), and particu­ larly in the fabric of some of the coins. These are the only areas where copper coins the size of Roman asses are found, at Patras, Sparta and Nicopolis in Achaea and at Thes­ salonica and Philippi in Macedonia. Macedonia and Achaea, too, seem to be linked by the way in which their coinages reflect the visit of Nero to Greece in 66/7. This was the first time that a historical event had such a systematic effect on the civic bronze coinage of the Empire; while this is remarkable enough in Achaea, it is even more surprising in Macedonia, though the echoes of the visit are, of course, fainter there.

    86. See n o te 85.

    Thrace and Moesia The coinage produced in the northern Balkans is very dif­ ferent from those of Achaea or Macedonia. Though the coinage produced by the cities in these provinces was not extensive, it is something of a mixture of shapes, sizes and metals, making generalisation difficult. In general, however, the coinage looks eastwards to Asia Minor; this is not surprising in view of the location of some Thracian cities on the coast directly opposite Asia (e.g., ByzantiumCalchedon, and Sestos-Abydos) but can also be seen, e.g., in the use of orichalcum at Tomi and Perinthus, or the Bithynian denominational system used at Perinthus. A large regal coinage was also produced by some of the Thracian kings until the annexation of their kingdom in 46. Roman coins also played an important role in both Moesia and Thrace. In the case of Moesia, Roman coins accounted for virtually all the coinage in circulation, as the few civic issues are either hardly attested or very rare. In Thrace, it seems that ‘Roman’ coins circulated and were even also produced there, though only in small quantities, as at Perinthus under Nero (1758-62), and possibly elsewhere in Thrace at the end of Claudius’s reign (see p. 311). These coinages may well be the Thracian predecessors of the Flavian Roman-style coinage of Bithynia (or Thrace?).87

    Bithynia and Pontus Only a relatively small quantity of coinage was produced in the province of Bithynia and Pontus, and it effectively falls into two halves, corresponding to the two parts of the prov­ ince. The principal mints in Bithynia were Nicaea and Nicomedia, though even their output was not large. Their coins are very like those of Perinthus in Thrace, as already noted, and are marked by a clear uniformity of style, both in the style of engraving and in the content of the coins, which have very full obverse legends, a wide representation of members of the imperial family, and reverse legends refer­ ring to proconsuls. In addition, the metallic composition of the coins is very similar, most of them being made of orichalcum, at least for Claudius and Nero. The influence of Roman denominations is very strong, as the sestertius seems to have been the principal denomination under Claudius and Nero, though the denominational system seems to have been different from the one in use at Rome (see p. 338). There are, of course, exceptions to the uniform appearance of the coinage in the province, such as the coinage of Calchedon, whose links lay with Thrace and especially Byzantium. Nevertheless, the cohesion of Bithynian coinage is neatly demonstrated by the need to rely on the form of the legends or countermarks for the attribution of coins lacking an ethnic to particular cities. The proconsul’s name appears in the nominative at Nicaea and in the genitive with ΕΠΙ at Nicomedia; this can sometimes help with attributions (e.g., 2075). Indeed, ifit is correct to attribute 2060-1 to Nicaea and 2084 to 87.

    See H .A. C a h nI N J 1984-5, pp. 14-26.

    P roduction an d circulation o f coinage

    Nicomedia (the two principal mints of the area), it is salu­ tary to remember that they were previously regarded as the products of a single mint. The coinage of the Pontic part of the province is for the most part small: only Amisus and, particularly, Sinope pro­ duced coinage on any scale. Even at Sinope, however, the actual quantity of coinage produced is quite small: although a large number of different varieties were made, most are known from only two-three specimens. The influence of Roman denominations is apparent, however, as in Bithynia, with the production of large sestertius-sized coins at Amisus and Sinope. As such coins appear as early as Tiberius’s reign, and are made from bronze rather than brass, it looks as if they are the result of direct Roman influence (e.g., the CA coinage of Asia) rather than the result of the influence of Bithynian practice.

    Asia In Asia, there were two coinages made by the Roman authorities. One was the silver cistophori (see above), and the other was the enigmatic bronze CA coinage, produced in the twenties b c. Its puzzle is twofold: what do the letters CA mean and why was it produced? The ytd 6.4.10 crack - Crack Key For U of the letters is discussed elsewhere (see p. 380). The reason for its issue is not easy to understand. It was produced on a large scale and is well represented in finds throughout the prov­ ince, and indeed in Syria; it was produced on a new denominational system, which foreshadowed that intro­ duced in the west by several years. Was it a coinage produ­ ced, like the Augustan cistophori, in connection with preparations for the later Roman campaign against Armenia?88 Was it an attempt to impose a uniform coinage over the east, or at least Asia? In our view, the second alternative seems more likely, though this is far from certain. It is very hard to make generalisations about the city coinage produced in the province of Asia; it was minted on a large scale for such a relatively small area (over 1000 varieties from over 100 cities). The largest coinage, to judge from the coins that survive today, Nexus VST 3.20.3 Crack + Serial Key Free Download 2021 that of Smyrna; the other cities with the largest outputs were Pergamum, Ephesus, Hierapolis, Laodicea, Aezani and Rhodes. Other large coinages were produced at Ilium, Magnesia-adSipylum, Tralles and Aphrodisias. In some areas coinage was on a very small scale, such as in the northwest of the province: in the conventus of Adramyteum and Cyzicus, very little coinage was produced, and only the cities of Cyzicus and Ilium produced substantial issues. The greatest bulk of the coinage naturally came from the same areas where the principal mints and the other most numerous mints were located: the middle coastal areas, from Pergamum to Ephesus, and the upper Maeander valley. The coinage was very varied, though some geographical patterns can be seen, especially in two areas. The first is the northwest (the conventus of Adramyteum and Cyzicus, or 88. N C 1982, pp- i ff., M. H. C raw ford, C M R Rp. 266.


    T r o a s a n d p a r t o f M y s ia ). H e r ea s n o te dc o in a g e w as o n a fa irly sm a ll sc a lea n d c o m p ris e dg e n e ra lly sp e a k in gco in s o f a v e ry sm a ll size a n d o fte n r a t h e r c r u d e ly e n g ra v e d ( th o u g h th e re a r e e x c e p tio n s: I liu m p r o d u c e d la rg e co in s fro m th e re ig n o f C a lig u law h ile th e co in s o f L a m p s a c u s a n d C y z ic u s h a v e a b e t te r sty le ). T h e s e c o n d a r e a is th e s o u th w e s t, th e s o u th w e s t p a r t o f C a r i a o r th e w e s te rn p a r t o f th e c o n v e n tu s o f A la b a n d aw h e r e a n u m b e r o f v e ry r o u g h ly p r o d u c e d a n d c ru d e ly e n g ra v e d co in s w e re p r o d u ­ ced. I t is a lso h a r d to see h o w th e s e la t t e r iss u e s fit in to th e d e n o m in a tio n a l p a t t e r n d e te c te d e lse w h e re (see p. 3 74), a n d th e o v e rw h e lm in g im p r e s s io n is t h a t th is a r e a w a s a b a c k w a te r c u t o ff fro m d e v e lo p m e n ts in th e r e s t o f A sia. I n a d d itio n to th e s e tw o a r e a sth e r e a r e a lso so m e in d iv id u a l citie s w h o se c o in a g e s ta n d s o u t s u i gen eris', th e b iz a r re c o in a g e o f C ib y rath o u g h th is is p e r h a p s n o t so s u r p ris in g a s (e v e n i f it w a s in th e p ro v in c e o f A sia ) it w a s g e o g r a p h i­ c a lly v e ry is o la te d a n d its c r u d e c o in a g e h a s m o re affin ities w ith t h a t o f th e n e ig h b o u rin g c itie s o f n o r th e r n L y c ia ; th e c o in a g e o f M y tile n e w h ic h h a s lin k s w ith th e c o in a g e o f B ith y n iae s p e c ia lly in its m e tro lo g y a n d c h o ic e o f R o m a n ty p e s; o r th e c o in a g e s o f C h io s a n d R h o d e se a c h v e ry m u c h u n lik e th e ty p ic a l c o n te m p o r a r y c o in a g e s o f A sia .

    Elsewhere there seems to be a consistent pattern to the coinage, both in terms of metrology and denominations (see p. 35) and also in the general appearance of the coins. Brief (sometimes too brief) inscriptions identify the plain portrait on the obverse which is bare-headed or laureate, and only occasionally has any accoutrements. On the reverse a leng­ thy inscription refers to the city and usually a magistrate; sometimes this or the ethnic is omitted from smaller denominations, presumably for lack of space: e.g., Ulead GIF Animator Free Activate, Apamea. The reverse design was generally drawn from the traditional repertory of the city or had some other local reference. Asia, too, shows a clear preference to use the different members of the imperial family on the obverse to denote denominations; this is perhaps most obvious with Agrippina I I and Claudius or Nero. Hence a large number of members of the imperial family appear on the coinage in Asia. T h e g r e a te s t c o n c e n tra tio n o f c o in a g e e m a n a te d fro m s o u th - c e n tr a l A siar o u g h ly th e a r e a o f th e u p p e r M a e a n d e r a n d th e H e r m u s a n d C a y s te r v a lle y sa n d it w a s p re c ise ly th is a r e a t h a t w a s d e v a s ta te d b y th e e a r th q u a k e o f a d 1 7 ; th is is o n e o f th e few e v e n ts to h a v e h a d a n o tic e a b le effect o n th e c o in a g e o f th e a r e a. M a n y o f th e c itie s re fe r d ire c tly o r in d ir e c tly (b y th e c h a n g e o f n a m e ) to th is e a r th q u a k ea n d th e r e is a c le a r te n d e n c y fo r th e w e ig h t o f th e ir c o in a g e s to b e r e d u c e d in its im m e d ia te a f te r m a thp e r h a p s a sig n o f e c o n o m ic d ifficu lties.

    Lycia and Pamphylia City coinage from the province of Lycia and Pamphylia was very restricted, confined to a few cities in northern Lycia and a handful along the Pamphylian coast. The number of different issues struck is very small, and all are known today from very few specimens.

    These city coinages are surprisingly different from that produced by the Lycian League, both during its period of independence and after the loss of its freedom under Claudius. In addition to the League’s traditional type of coinage, it produced a remarkable series of silver drachms and large bronzes with the emperor’s portrait in the twen­ ties B C. The bronzes are fairly close copies of the CA coinage of Asia, especially the sestertii, just as the silver drachms look as if they were meant to be a local version of denarii. It is tempting to think that this change and its rapid abandon­ ment may be connected with the reasons which brought about the adoption and cessation of the CA coinage. There was, however, a rather feeble recrudescence of the system under Claudius when silver and large bronzes were once again produced, feeble in the sense of greatly reduced weight standard (the sestertii down from a Roman standard of 25 g to only 15 g, the drachms down from 3.5 g to 2.75 g), perhaps suggesting that Lycia may have been, at this time, a closed currency area like Mauretania. The bronzes recall the coins of Bithynia, both from their general appearance and from their use of long obverse legends for the emperor. From Claudius, no coinage was produced again in Lycia until the reign of Gordian III.

    Galatia The huge province of Galatia defies generalisation, largely because it was an enormous area with relatively little coinage. In the south a certain amount of coinage was pro­ duced in Pisidia. Some of it, e.g., from Apollonia, has affi­ nities with the adjoining province of Asia, and some, e.g., Amasea has affinities with near-by Pontus. The coinages of Cremna, Isinda, Ariassus and Termessus were quite similar to each other and look just like typical Hellenistic issues. The coins produced at Antioch in Pisidia look like Syrian coins (weights, flan shape, thickness), as does the western coinage of Lycaonia, struck for Antiochus IV perhaps at Laranda, and some of the more northerly coinages from Galatia proper, though most of these (particularly under Nero) look north to Bithynia, in terms of size and denomination.

    Syria The vast Roman province of Syria included many different city coin issues. These coins are physically dissimilar from the products of Asia, usually being larger and struck on rather rougher flans and from dies whose standard of engraving was much lower: but for the Syrian habit of placing dates on their coinages, it would often have been impossible to decide which emperor was depicted. The principal coinage of Syria was that of Antioch. The bronze coinage of Antioch was diverse in nature. It ranged from small bronzes referring explicitly to the city to the large coins with a prominent SC in a wreath as the reverse type, and with Latin legends on the obverse. Similar coins were also made with longer legends (in Greek) in the

    wreath on the reverse. These coins seem therefore to range from purely civic local issues to ones produced under the Roman administration of the province, for which a military function has been deduced from the legionary countermarks that they bear, unlike most other Syrian coinages. The rest of the coinage from the province falls into three main groups. The coinage of eastern Cilicia has a character­ istic appearance. The flans were generally thinner and wider than those of Syria, and the obverses were often engraved in a similar localised style. These Cilician coina­ ges were produced at only a few cities along the coast or up the river valleys which formed the principal features of the region. All these coinages are very rare: none is known today from more than a handful of specimens, though new varieties are turning up more frequently for this than for any other part of the Empire. The bulk of the coinage from the province comes from the second main area, of Seleucis and Phoenicia. The coins were made principally at coastal cities, though there were also coinages from inland (e.g., Apamea). There seems to have been a much greater proportion of ‘pseudo-auto­ nomous’ coinage in Syria than other regions. This is clear not just from the late date at which the imperial portrait was adopted in Syria (p. 40), but also (e.g.) from the con­ siderations that most of the coinage of Apamea and all the coinage of Tyre lacked the imperial portrait. ‘Pseudo-auto­ nomous’ types account, too, for a very large proportion of the coinages of most of the other cities in the region, e.g., Laodicea or Sidon. The coinage reflects the changing political circumstances of the area. Many of the eras by which the coinages were dated changed at the beginning of the period; Caesarian eras are known from Antioch and Laodicea. The civil wars find a reflection sometimes in the changing titles of the cities (e.g., Apamea, Laodicea, Balanea) and dramatically in the portraits of Antony which are found at Antioch, Balanea, Aradus, Marathus, Ptolemais and Tripolis; after the Ptolemaic kingdom of Syria was restored to Cleopatra in 37 her portrait, too, appeared at a number of cities in her new kingdom, though these issues enfocus pitstop license manager all rare. The third area of Syrian coinage concerns the Jewish kingdom(s) in the south, for much of the period in question formally independent of the Empire. But in addition to the royal and tetrarchic issues, a number of other coinages were made. One was struck by the Roman procurators, presum­ ably at Jerusalem, and there were also a number of civic issues. Such civic issues (e.g., Gaba?) seem mostly to have been made at times when the area was not under the auth­ ority of the Jewish rulers, and most of them fall at the end of Nero’s reign (see p. 585). In addition, there are several slightly unusual issues, such as those from Caesarea Maritima and particularly Caesarea Paneas. These tend to dwell on the imperial family and often have Latin legends.

    Egypt Bronze coinage had been revived in Egypt, after a long gap, by Cleopatra, and her coinage of bronze 80- and 40-

    P roduction an d circulation o f coinage

    drachma pieces was continued by Octavian (though he dis­ continued the silver). Bronze coinage, which was confined to the single mint at Alexandria for the whole province, seems to have been produced on a large scale under Augustus. There were a number of issues, but it is difficult to establish their chronology until, by the last decade of the reign, the habit of adding a regnal date was adopted. This was to become normal for all later issues. The large scale of bronze production was not continued after Augustus’s death; hardly any was produced in the reigns of Tiberius and Caligula. Bronze was, however, minted on a large scale under Claudius, and on a substantial if reduced scale under Nero and in 68—9. For the reign of Nero, when bronze was


    only produced on a reasonably large scale in years 8 and 14, we have the die counts made by Christiansen,89 who found a relatively small number of reverse dies. The reign of Nero also saw the introduction of larger bronze denominations (see p. 37). Throughout the period, the bronze coinage of Alexandria was characterised by an extraordinary (for the period) diversity of designs, quite unlike that found on the Ptolemaic coinage. This, too, is a feature of media player classic download - Crack Key For U silver coinage, at any rate from the reign of Claudius. The explanation of this diversity is not clear. 89. C h ristian senop. cit. (n. 42), p p. 108—9.

    C H


    P T E



    DENOMINATIONS The metrology of the coins included in this catalogue is generally discussed in the relevant mint introductions, and general surveys are provided in the introduction to each province or region, with suggestions about the denomi­ nations used. The purpose of this chapter is to examine what general conclusions can be drawn for the whole Empire from this evidence; it should be read in conjunction with the introductions to each province.

    Gold During the period covered by this catalogue only one sort of gold coin was used in the Empire, the gold aureus of 25 denarii (an equivalence which presumably existed from the inauguration of a regular gold coinage under Caesar), which was current throughout all the provinces, perhaps even including Egypt (see p. 13)· A few gold coins were also made in client kingdoms, in Bosporus and Mauretania, but their circulation seems to have been restricted to their own kingdoms, and it is not clear that they necessarily had any formal relationship with the Roman aureus (at any rate, their weight standards seem to have differed). Pre-Roman gold coins continued to circulate in parts of Britain after the conquest of a d 43, but perhaps only in ‘client-kingdoms’. For their monetary system(s) we have no information, though assimilation to the Roman one seems a likely guess.

    Silver The position with silver was more complicated, reflecting the greater variety of silver coins produced and circulating throughout the Empire. With the possible exception of Egypt, however, it seems that all imperial provincial silver coins were or could be related to or tariffed in terms of the Roman denarius.12This emerges from epigraphic evidence, such as the Messene tax inscriptions or the Salutaris inscriptions from Ephesus, and from literary and Talmudic references, such as the use of coins in the Bible or in novels like the Golden Ass? This is confirmed by the coins them­ selves, which sometimes have value marks such as AC IT IB or AC IT ΚΔ (12 or 24 ‘Italian asses’: 3635-6, 3643), sometimes circulate together with denarii3 and most of all 1. See th e discussion by C .J. H ow gego, G ICp p. 52—3. 2. F o r th e inscriptions a n d th e B ible, see belownotes 10, 33 a n d 37. F o r the Golden A ss, see F. M illar, J R S 1981, p p. 63-75. 3. E.g., th e Le M a n s or S heikler h o ard s, p p. 288, 550.

    by their metrology. The systematic study of the relationship between Roman and provincial silver from this point of view was inaugurated by D. R. Walker, Metrology I, a work which remains the starting point for all modern investiga­ tions. Walker systematically analysed the silver hneness of many provincial silver coinages, Studio 3T 2020 License Key Crack+Free Download compared the results, together with data about weight standards, with the coina­ ges produced at Rome (or, during much of this period, Lugdunum). Discussions of the nature of local silver coins and their denominations can be found in the introductions to each province; here a summary is provided on the basis of those discussions. Spain

    There was a single Iberian denarius issue from Osca in 39 RRC 532). Iberian denarii continued to circulate, to a small extent, until the reign of Augustus, when they disap­ peared from circulation (see p. 9). There seems no real doubt that Iberian denarii were intended to pass in Spain as equivalent to the Roman denarius. Roman denarii had been made in Spain in the civil wars of the forties b c ( RRC 446-7, 468-70, 477). Silver denarii were also produced by the legate Carisius at Emerita in the twenties b c ( RIC 1—25); the principal mints for Augustus’s gold and silver coinage of c. 19-16 b c are often placed in Spain at ‘Colonia Patricia’ and ‘Caesaraugusta’ (RIC 26-49, 50—153), but this is uncertain. Spain once more became a mint for denarii during the civil wars of 68-9 (see RIC). BC (

    Gaul and Britain

    Roman silver arrived in Gaul (even Narbonensis) only after about 50 b c. 4 There was a preference for silver quinarii, which is reflected in the production of such coins at a num­ ber of places in Gaul. There is no metrological information about their hneness, but they presumably passed as quinarii, like the more Romanised products of Lugdunum for Antony.5 There were, in addition, smaller silver denomi­ nations (derived from the tradition of Massalia) minted at Nemausus and Cabellio; metrologically, these would seem to be equivalent to a quarter and an eighth of a denarius. The ‘Spanish’ mints of Augustus, operating between 19 4. M .H. C raw fo rdC M R Rp. 331. 5. 5 12-13: D .R. W alk er, in ed. D. M. M e tc a lf a n d W .A. O d d yM etallurgy in N um ism atics I, 1980, ta b le on p. 69; for th e G allic issues in g en e ra l, see, e.g., D. N ashin ed. R. A. G. C arso n a n d C. M. K raayScripta N um m aria Romana. E ssays presented to H. Sutherlandp. 24.

    D enom inations

    and 16 b c (see above), may, for all we know, have been in Gaul. In addition, Lugdunum became the principal gold and silver mint for the Empire from 15 b c until late in the Julio-Claudian period. Its products, and the altar bronze produced under Augustus and Tiberius, lie outside the scope of the catalogue. In Britain, Roman denarii entered the province after the conquest of 43; in some areas (Norfolk and south of the Thames) the earlier native silver continued to circulate with them, but perhaps only in areas of ‘client-kingdoms’ (see above on gold) and was presumably assimilated to the Roman system. Italy, Sardinia and Sicily

    Only Roman denarii circulated, and some were made out­ side Rome during the civil wars (e.g., in Sicily, RRC 457 and 511). The Tauromenium inscriptions6 show that, from the time of Sextus Pompey, the denarius (νόμος) was used as a unit of account, together with the traditional units of the (Sicilian) talent and the litra (see also, below, on bronze). Africa

    Since the conquest of 146 b cPunic silver had been replaced by Roman denarii. During the Pompeian civil war, some Roman silver was produced in Africa (RRC 458—62, 509), and, in addition, some was minted for the same reason in the kingdoms of Numidia and Mauretania: denarii, quinarii and sestertii of Roman weight were struck by Juba I of Numidia (60—46 b c ) and denarii of Roman weight by Bogud of Mauretania (49-38 b c ). The re-establishment of the kingdom of Mauretania under Juba II (25 b c - a d 23) and Ptolemaeus ( a d 20-40) saw the production on a large scale of silver coins. Although these coins look like denarii and were presumably intended to pass as such, they were lighter in weight and lower in fineness; their circulation was confined to Mauretania, and they represented the currency of a closed currency system, though one presumably linked to the Roman system.7 In addition, there is a surprising issue of Auslogics Anti-Malware Download - Crack Key For U from the city of Lepcis (847), made perhaps during the middle of Augustus’s reign. This has not been analysed, but its low weight seems to suggest a similarity with Juba I I ’s silver, though why this should be so is unclear. Crete and Cyrenaica

    (a) Cyrenaica. There is no good evidence for the silver cur­ rency and denominations use in Cyrenaica (though see NC 1944, p. 105 for some Republican denarii). Denarii were made there at the end of the civil wars by Pinarius Scarpus (RRC 546); he continued to produce coins there immedi6. See m o st recently G. M a n g a n a roin D. K noepfler, Comptes et Inventaires dans la C ité Grecque, p p. 159-90, especially 184-7. 7. H o a rd s o f this p eriod are exclusively o f M a u re ta n ia n d en a rii; th e re a re no m ixed h o ard s w ith R o m a n d en a rii (see I G C H 2307-9). C onversely, silver o f J u b a I I a n d P tolem aeus is n o t found outside M a u re ta n iain c o n tra st w ith the silver o f J u b a I ( C R W L Rp. 177 a n d note 48).


    ately after Actium, when, as well as denarii, aurei (one unique specimen known) and silver quinarii were also made (.RIC 531-5). Opinions vary as to the implication of these issues for the prevalence or otherwise of the denarius in Cyrenaica.8 (b) Crete. In the late Republic, the silver currency was com­ posed of a mixture of issues from Crete, Asia and Athens; in addition ‘cistophori’ were made at Cnossus in c. 43 b c (926: 11.64 g), though it is not clear how to reconcile this piece with the tradition of Attic weight coins in use. No denarii, Republican or imperial, seem to be known from the island, which seems to have become a closed currency area. In the early Empire silver was struck under Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero at a consistent fineness of 95% silver. There were three denominations, called the tetradrachm, tridrachm and drachm. They were made at the following weights: 4-dr

    Tiberius Caligula Claudius Nero (early) (late) average (excluding late Nero






    9 -5 9 9 -9 3

    7-55 7-43

    8.46 9.70 (18)


    2.40 2.27 2.30

    7 -5 1



    2 -3 9

    (5 3 )


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    – Day/Night mode
    – Wire Models
    – Crosshair
    Download (SOH) CS1.6 Hack v1
    Downloaded 94.140 times

    Super Simple Wallhack v7.3

    Released: Feb 2, 2012 – Unknown

    Perfect Depthrange Style Walls
    NoAds (Banners Above Scoreboard & Banners On Walls)
    F8 (Toggle Crosshair On/Off)
    F9 (Toggle Walls DR/ASUS/Off)
    F10 (Toggle NoSky On/Off)
    F11 (Toggle NoFlash On/Off)
    F12 (Toggle Lambert On/Off)
    Works In All Games On The HL1 Engine.
    Download Super Simple Wallhack v7.3
    Downloaded 1.005.006 times

    Cs 1.6 Wallhack 7.2

    Super Simple Wall v7.2

    Released: Dec 27, 2011 – Detected

    Perfect Depthrange Style Walls
    NoAds (Banners Above Scoreboard & Banners On Walls)
    F8 (Toggle Crosshair On/Off)
    F9 (Toggle Walls DR/ASUS/Off)
    F10 (Toggle NoSky On/Off)
    F11 (Toggle NoFlash On/Off)
    F12 (Toggle Lambert On/Off)
    Works In All Games On The HL1 Engine.
    Download Super Simple Wall v7.2
    Downloaded 197.370 times

    Download Wallhack Cs 1.6 F11 Download

    Super Simple Wall v7.1

    Released: Nov 12, 2011 – Detected

    Perfect Depthrange Style Walls
    NoAds (Banners Above Scoreboard & Banners On Walls)
    F8 (Toggle Crosshair On/Off)
    F9 (Toggle Walls DR/ASUS/Off)
    F10 (Toggle NoSky On/Off)
    F11 (Toggle NoFlash On/Off)
    F12 (Toggle Lambert On/Off)
    Works In All Games On The HL1 Engine.
    Download Super Simple Wall v7.1
    Downloaded 209.296 times

    Counter:Strike 1.6 Wallhack Hook
    Download T-ManBlueSea v1.0
    Downloaded 114.747 times

    EnhancedAim Cracked CS1.6

    Released: Jun 22, 2011 – Unknown

    – Aimbot
    Auto Shoot
    NonSticky Aim
    Aim Mode
    Aim FOV
    No recoil
    – ESP hack
    Weapon ESP
    Name ESP
    Cross ESP
    Box ESP
    Distance ESP
    Ballhack ESP
    Nadeglow ESP
    Health ESP
    – Visuals
    No Sky
    Glow Models
    Flash Warning
    Entity wallhack
    Flash Alpa
    – Misc
    Auto Pistol
    Panic key
    No SlowHack
    Anti HL-Guard
    Download EnhancedAim Cracked CS1.6
    Downloaded 439.550 times


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    If you have ever wondered how it feels to use aimbot, wallhack, esp hack, noclip, speedhack or even god mode in CS:GO, you now have the chance! These console commands works for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and will give you just that. While it might be a stretch to call them hacks, it will certainly feel like how some hacks work.

    The way the hacks work is with console commands and they are not real CS:GO hacks or cheats. However, they imitate how hacks usually work, for example by giving you the ability to see enemies through walls.

    We hope that by trying these kinds of hacks, you will stay away from using actual hacks in CS:GO.

    The hacks work by typing console commands into the developer console. Therefore, they do NOT work in competitive mode or other multiplayer game modes. They only work in offline games with bots, or in community servers where you are the admin. Before you get started, you need to activate the developer console + activate cheats in the game/server. If you are new to configs and console commands, you might want to read our CS:GO config and autoexec guide.

    Activate the developer console in CS:GO

    If your developer console is not already activated, you will need to to this.

    This is simple:

    1. Go to game settings
    2. Set “Enable Developer Console (~)” to YES.

    When you have enabled the developer console, you can open the console by pressing the tilde key (~) on your keyboard.

    You might have another key binding, you can check which key opens the console in your keybind settings.

    More info: how to enable developer console in CS:GO.

    Activate sv_cheats: sv_cheats 1

    Before you can use any of the hacks and cheats in this guide, you will need to activate cheats (sv_cheats).

    In the event of termination, and without limiting any other remedies which may be available against you, you must immediately return the font software to House Industries and certify that no copies remain in your possession or exist on the originally licensed site.9. Without limiting the aforementioned, House Industries shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, including damages from loss of business profits, business interruption, and loss of business information, arising out of the use or inability to use the product.10. Any violation by licensee of this agreement shall cause this license to be terminated. Neutraface 2 font free download. House Industries makes no warranties express or implied as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise. Multi-device License Upgrade Schedule:House Industries software is automatically licensed for use on a maximum of six rasterizing devices connected to the same local area network.

    How to activate sv_cheats:

    • Open the developer console (~)
    • Type: sv_cheats 1
    • Hit enter

    You are done, sv_cheats have been activated and you can use all the hack commands.

    For more sv_cheats 1 commands, read our sv_cheats 1 guide.

    Can I get VAC banned for using sv_cheats 1 commands?

    NO, you can NOT get banned or VAC banned for using the commands in this guide, or sv_cheats 1 commands in general.

    These commands only work in offline games or in community servers where you are the admin. They will not work in official CS:GO competitive, causal, wingman, demolition and so on.

    You can therefore safely use all of these commands. They are meant for developers to test the game.

    Now that this is out of the way, let’s see the “hack” commands available in CS:GO.

    Wallhack commands

    There are several commands for enabling wallhack and esp hack in CS:GO. Here are most of them.

    r_drawothermodels 2

    Download Wallhack F1

    This command will render all player models in wireframe, which will enable you to see teammates and enemies through walls.


    • 0: OFF – You will not see any models
    • 1: ON – default value
    • 2: ON – player models with wireframe wallhack

    mat_wireframe 2

    Download Wallhack For Cs Go

    This is another wireframe wallhack, but instead of only displaying models as wireframe, it will also display some of the environment as a wireframe.

    You can choose between the values 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. The default value is 0 (off).

    enable_skeleton_draw 1

    This “wallhack” will enable you to see the “skeleton” of player models through the walls.

    Values can be 0 (off) or 1 (on). The default value is 0.

    mat_proxy 2

    This is like a “traditional” wallhack, where you can straight-up see the enemies through the walls. However, it will fade in and out, so in the end, the command is not that useful.

    Values can be 0 (off), 1, 2 or 3. The default value is 0.

    mat_fillrate 1

    This command will also give you wallhack, but at the same time your screen will become red. Mat_fillrate 1 also prevents you from being flashed.

    No Recoil and No Spread

    These console commands will enable no recoil and no spread. This means that you will have 100% accuracy all the time without any randomness, also while running.

    Turn on no spread:

    weapon_accuracy_nospread 1

    Use this command to enable no spread – disable weapon inaccuracy spread.

    Turn off (enable spread):

    weapon_accuracy_nospread 0

    Turn on no recoil:

    weapon_recoil_scale 0

    This command will enable no recoil. The default value is 2. The higher value, the higher recoil. If you use a negative value, the recoil pattern will invert.

    Turn off no recoil (default recoil):

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    weapon_recoil_scale 2

    Aimbot commands

    It is actually possible to get aimbot in CS:GO with cheat commands.

    Csgo Wallhacks Download Free

    Aimbot on bots

    Turn on:

    ent_fire cs_bot AddOutput “ModelScale 0”

    Use this command to turn aimbot on for all bots.

    Turn off:

    ent_fire cs_bot AddOutput “ModelScale 1”

    Use this command to turn off aimbot for bots.

    Aimbot on players

    Turn on:

    ent_fire player AddOutput “ModelScale 0”

    Use this command to turn on aimbot for players.

    Turn off:

    ent_fire player AddOutput “ModelScale 1”

    Use this command to turn off aimbot for players.

    Aimbot on specific player or bot

    Turn on:

    ent_fire !picker addoutput “ModelScale 0”

    You need to aim at the specific player or bot when you use this command.

    Turn off:

    ent_fire !picker addoutput “ModelScale 1”


    Again, you will need to aim at the specific player or bot when you use the command.

    Aimbot on yourself

    Turn on:

    ent_fire !self AddOutput “ModelScale 0”

    Turn off:

    ent_fire !self AddOutput “ModelScale 1”

    God mode command

    With the god mode command, you will become invincible and take no damage from bullets or grenades.



    To turn god mode off again, just type god in console again.

    Noclip command

    Noclip mode (also known as “noclipping”) gives you the ability to fly through walls and around the map.



    To turn on and off, type noclip in console.

    Unlimited ammo – Infinite ammo command

    This command will give you an unlimited amount of ammunition for all your guns.

    Infinite ammo without reload:

    sv_infinite_ammo 1

    Infinite ammo with reloading:

    sv_infinite_ammo 2

    Turn off infinite ammo:

    Download Wallhack F1 For Cs 1 6 Warzone

    sv_infinite_ammo 0

    Full brightness – Fullbright command

    This command works in different ways. In general, the command will provide more brightness and remove details from objects.

    mat_fullbright 3

    Select a value between 0-4. Tumbi tronik vst free download. The default value is 0 (off).

    No flash command

    With mat_fillrate, your screen will not become white whenever someone throws a flashbang grenade. The command will also enable you to see players through walls (wallhack).


    mat_fillrate 1

    To turn it off again, use the command mat_fillrate 0. The default value is 0.

    Wallhack Cs Go Download

    No smoke command

    This command will hide the smoke from smoke grenades. If you stand inside the smoke, you will still see smoke.

    Enable no smoke:

    r_drawparticles 0

    Disable no smoke:

    r_drawparticles 1

    The default value is 1.

    Speedhack & slow-motion commands

    There are two commands that you can use for either speed hack or slowmotion.

    Both commands will affect everyone that is in the server.

    host_timescale (value)

    Official description: Prescale the clock by this amount.

    Replace (value) with a number. The default value is 1.

    • Anything below 1: Slow-motion
    • 1: Default value
    • Anything above 1: Speedhack.

    If you set the value to 2, you will move with twice the speed.

    If you set the value to 0.5, you will move with half the speed.

    host_framerate (value)

    Official description: Set to lock per-frame time elapse.

    Replace (value) with a number. The default value is 0.

    This command works relatively to your FPS (frames per second). You can control your maximum FPS with the fps_max (value) command.

    Download Wallhack F1 For Cs 1.6

    If you have max fps of 100, and the lock the host_framerate to a lower value, let’s say 50 (speedhack), you will move twice as fast.

    If you instead set the host_framerate to 200, you will move twice as slow (slow-motion).


    fps_max 100


    host_framerate 50


    host_framerate 200

    With all these commands available in CS:GO, you can get the feeling of what hackers can archive with external programs. While they do not work in official servers, you can use the console commands to play around with bots, or have fun with your friends. If there is a command we forgot in this article, feel free to leave a comment and let us know.