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After complete dissolution, 5 g of Pistacia atlantica fruit oil (10%) t-test were performed using GraphPad prism version 5 and P-values. 1995-2014 GraphPad Software, Inc. This is one of three companion guides to GraphPad Prism 6. Why results in Prism 5 and 6 can differ from Prism 4. Buy Graphpad prism online, request quote. GraphPad Prism 9 Price for student license, academic, Corporate - 5 Activations. $1,385.00.

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The package provides various themes, palettes, and other useful functions to customise ggplots and give them the ‘GraphPad Prism’ look.


Install the latest version from CRAN:


Install the development version from GitHub:


How to Use

See the Getting Started page for a quick overview of features. Detailed examples and instructions can be found below and on the website.

library(ggplot2) library(ggprism) tg<-ToothGrowthtg$dose<- as.factor(tg$dose) base<- ggplot(tg, aes(x=dose, y=len)) + geom_violin(aes(colour=dose, fill=dose), trim=FALSE) + geom_boxplot(aes(fill=dose), width=0.2, colour="black") + scale_y_continuous(limits= c(-5, 40)) p_vals<-tibble::tribble( ~group1, ~group2, ~p.adj, ~y.position, "0.5", "1", 8.80e-14, 35, "0.5", "2", 1.27e-7, 39 )
basebase+ scale_color_prism("floral") + scale_fill_prism("floral") + guides(y="prism_offset_minor") + theme_prism(base_size=16) + theme(legend.position="none") + add_pvalue(p_vals, label="p = {p.adj}", tip.length=0, label.size=4)

Feedback and Contributions

Any feedback, questions, and suggestions are welcome and should be shared via GitHub discussions.

Bug reports should be submitted via GitHub issues with a minimal reproducible example, e.g. using the package.

Contributions to are also welcome and pull requires should also be submitted via GitHub issues. Please fork/clone this repository and create a new branch to develop your contribution in. Some ways to contribute might include:

  • Updates and corrections to documentation
  • Examples and vignettes for existing functions
  • Bug fixes
  • New functions with associated documentation, examples, and tests


I would be very grateful if you could cite this package if you use it in your publication:

Charlotte Dawson (2021). ggprism: A ‘ggplot2’ Extension Inspired by ‘GraphPad Prism’. R package version 1.0.3. doi: 10.5281/zenodo.4556067

More Examples

Recreates this figure from the GraphPad Prism website. See this vignette for the source code and step-by-step instructions.

Recreates Figure 2B from Matsushita & Nishimura (2020), which was originally created using GraphPad Prism. See this vignette for the source code and step-by-step instructions.


GraphPad Software

GraphPad Software Inc. is a privately held software development corporation. It was founded in 1989 and operates in California.[1] Its products include the 2D scientific graphing, biostatistics, curve fitting software GraphPad Prism and the free, web-based statistical calculation software, GraphPad QuickCalcs.

GraphPad Prism[edit]

GraphPad Prism is a commercial scientific 2D graphing and statistics software for Windows and Mac OS desktop computers.[citation needed]

Software features include nonlinear regression, with functionalities including the removal of outliers, comparisons of models, comparisons of curves, and interpolation of standard curves. The software allows the automatic updating of results and graphs, and has functionality for displaying error bars.[citation needed]

Alternative graphing and statistical software packages to GraphPad Prism include SciDAVis, SigmaPlot, Origin (data analysis software) and interfaces to R.[citation needed]


Alpha: Prism GraphCITE THIS AS:

Weisstein, Eric W. "Prism Graph." From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource.

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